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Originally posted by bhasha9

Nice and different story...how can rivals kidnap geet with security nd maan claims to live geet then how come he was kissing natasha??.was he really or misunderstanding by geet?? Would love to read more ...send me pms...nice nd different...Update soon...
Thnx 4 ur comment
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Posted: 2016-05-16T09:49:50Z
Originally posted by Drashtilove

Nice update looks like some misunderstanding between them
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Originally posted by nihatri

Obsessive love
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Originally posted by Geetdrashti

Nice part
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Originally posted by angeldream14

intriguing Maan is a dangerous man Geet loves him but trust is d factor they lack will she believe him n their love both their parents r mad
Thnx 4 ur comment
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Posted: 2016-05-16T21:57:05Z
interesting and different concept
read all the parts in one go
superb updates ...
maan's father wanted to kill geet ..just becoz their enemy Mafia gang kidnapped her ..
dev give idea to maan and geet was saved ...but she want to die
it seems geet is misunderstanding maan
so she accused him being a cheater
let's see what happen next
continue soon..
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Posted: 2016-05-18T23:54:24Z
PART 4 - "i will kill your family and i dont think you have any doubt about me and my killing skill , right doll..." yes she knows him well thats why believe him at once ... This ruthless killer can do anything to keep his property or say his possession ... " Why you want to keep me why ?" Geet asked almost pleadingly... " there will be plenty of women for you . You can marry again who wont mind about sharing you with your mistress . Your life would be easier... then why Maan why you are caging me in your life ...?" ...

This life would never give her happiness . If She even try to run she can't ... because they are very powerful they will find her at any cost and then the punishment would be worse than death no matter what she can't escape this cruel world other than death ... and also dying is easier than living with this man who broke her trust ...

" Everyday your presence will remind me of your betrayal . I have to share bed with you knowing that you were with someone else . I know its mean nothing for you but i can't bear this Maan... " tears of helplessness flowing from her eyes "Are you punishing me for that slap?" ...

Geet suddenly understand why he is so eager to keep her that night she slapped him and no one dare to raise hand to MSK... or he just want to keep his good reputation . As a made men their first job is to control their women and here Maan is not just a made men he is the future head of Dark Dragon. He will rule this familia...Everybody will bow down infront of him . He have to prove that no matter what he knows how to control his wife . His wife is a puppet of his hand or else people would say our chief can't control his own f**king woman how can he will rule this big mafia gang... 'he doesn't want to keep you Geet he just want to save his position' Geet thought painfully...

" I want to keep you because no one can be like my Geet , because my life is nothing without you . You are the sun of this dark life Geet. I was with plenty of women before marriage but i never with anyone after you came in my life . I never disrespect our marriage vows Geet. I don't want to give you any punishment rather it would be punishment for me to live a life without you... " Maan said so sincerely that Geet thought to believe him but she remembered that day when she found her husband in a bed with that witch and looked away ...

. Maan saw the disgust look on her face it pained his heart a lot . He is a killer he that look is common for him but first time he couldn't bear someone's disgust for him ...

"i ... Lo..." Maan so much want to confess but he knows no use he already did that and its clear she didn't believe his words . He so much want to kill that Natasha but he planned more painful punishment for that bitch now she will never mess with him again he kissed her hand one last time and left ...

Geet kept looking at the door thinking about their past...Edited by Keepdreaming - 2016-08-09T07:06:18Z
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Posted: 2016-05-18T23:56:30Z
Updated . These 4 parts is present next parts will be past actually whole story will be past . Thanks for likes and comments enjoy (guys i update from phone so cant send the exact story link in pms but if u guys still want pm then mention it in your comment )Edited by Keepdreaming - 2016-05-19T20:20:47Z
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