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Originally posted by anu5

Shocking update dear
Loved it!!
Maan's mom was soft towards geet and was concerned abt her too
Geet snapped at maan's Mom after listening abt her son
She abruptly stopped her
Y can't people listen to other's talks fully instead of snapping at them or to cut their words at middle
Geet was frustrated with turn of events
Geet came to neha's rescue seeing neha's husband forcing himself on Neha
Geet tried to talk to him but he was not in his sense
Geet shot neha's husband
Now what will happen !!? Hope Neha doesn't blame Geet now
Geet u should have shot Natasha too as u have already shot one !!

oops tum aur sanjana di toh Natasha ko marba kar hi choroge... Wink inti nafrat for that poor soul Sleepy
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Originally posted by anu5

Thanks for the pm
Will be waiting for the next update

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Originally posted by sanum23

maan enjoying dancing with Natasha geet was upset seeing this she heard Neha voice hr husband forcing hr geet try to stop him but he was too drank and he is behaving like his wife is his property geet warn him and wen he not stops geet shot him

thnx for reading
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Originally posted by happydays30

Waiting for updte

will soon
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thnx for your likes n comments
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Waiting  For update 
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Originally posted by varthyadi000

Waiting For update

will soon
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            Part 21 -

              " What the hell were you thinking...? how could you shoot John ? do know what have you done ? for God sake Geet I'm talking to you ..look at me ..."

              but I'm too scared and shocked to say anything... feel like what happened one hour ago just a dream ..

                 I killed john I killed that monster ..I stood rooted in place come back in sense when Neha hugged me tightly . Within a second saw Maan there ..first he looked at John's dead body then at my hand totally horrified but recovered quickly ...he push Neha away snatch the gun from my hand and called Dev urgently... After few minuets Dev came...

                 " bro what's so urgent ..you didn't even let me danc...What the ...? bro you killed..."

               " I didn't..." Maan answered quietly

             " you didn't then who ?" he looked at Maan suspiciously then at Me and Neha who is standing in a corner .." don't tell me ..." Maan only glared he shut his mouth... he checked John's body ...

             " dead at spot... bro have to say bhabhi is quiet good in killing..."

               " shut up " Maan stop him angrily " there is no time for joke ..." Dev hold up his hand in surrender

                     " now listen to me carefully no one I mean no one should know what happened here..Dev do anything and take this body from here ..make it looks like our rival killed him ..." Dev nodded his head ...

                 Maan turn to Neha and told sternly.." look just go back to party and act as nothing happened.. if someone asked you about your husband just tell them you didn't see him for while ..and go back to house normally.. no one should know about this ..do you get me " Neha didn't say anything ...

              " do you get me or not ? " Maan almost shouted and Neha took a step back in fear..

                 " y es.."

              " good now go washroom make yourself presentable and go back to party ...I'm warning you last time no one should know about it..."

                   Then he looked at Dev who is busy in phone calling someone " I'm taking Geet home ..you call me after finishing this "

               " OK bro "

              I was not in sense to react or say ..I only looked at Neha last time who muttered Thank you with a smile as tears falling from her eyes...


               " how could you kill that man he was dad's special man...one of best shooter..."

              that's it I can't keep quiet and listen that man praising " he was just a monster nothing else ...and I don't regret killing that animal "

            Maan looked at me for sometime then asked in quiet dangerous tone...

               " did he try to misbehave with you ...tell me Geet ...that bas***d I will..." ..

              " he didn't do anything... to me but to Neha ...he was forcing her abusing her "...

                   Maan took a breath feeling relieved but then said angrily ..." John was with his wife... he was doing that with his own Wife ...why the f**k you shoot him dead ...what gotten into you ? what's wrong with you ? ..."

                    ...I looked at him surprised is he really saying that monster was doing right ..." what's wrong with me ! what's wrong with you ? he is her husband but that doesn't give him right to treat her like a wh**e ...I did right that don't deserve to live he should root in hell...even you too who think that he was doing right " I get up feeling angry to sit here but Maan held my hand

             " Geet calm down ...I am not saying he was right but it is not the way to deal with situation... you can't kill a person just because he was misbehaving with his own f**king wife ...you could have handle that situation more sensibly...I didn't expect this fro..."

            I come out from his grip at once he try to held me but I took a step back ..." you right I should have handle that nicely like letting that monster raped my friend at the name of wife in front of me ...I should have stand there and enjoy that scene right " he again tried to held me ...

               " don't ...how long will you guys keep throwing shit to us in name of husband ...and we have to dance in every tone why ..."

               " Geet ssh relax " he hugged me as tears falling continuously ..." why this world so mean to us why ...? " he rubbed my back to sooth me ... but I pushed him realising our position...

             " I did what should have happened pretty much earlier ...I save my friend and I don't feel ashamed of it ..."

            Maan laughed a little at my words " save really do you really think you saved her ...do you know what will happen if she open her mouth and told everything... hell he was Dad's special one Dad won't keep quiet till he go deep in this matter ...you just put your life in danger also her..."

             " she won't tell anyone " ...

          " how do you know she won't ...she now can easily put all blame on you to get out from this matter ...Geet don't behave like an emotional fool think wisely... I'm not saying John was right what he trying to do with Neha but your action only make things worse ...your one action now can take your life ...don't you get it " Maan shouted looking utterly frustrated ..just then his phone ring ...

            " yes Dev ...so done...? " ...

          " good now do one thing ...tell your men to follow Neha till her home ...trace her phone mobile everything... see if she is trying to talk or meet someone from her family or friend and if you find something suspicious..." he looked at me before saying last word ..." just KILL her " ...

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