OS : Give Me Space

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               " He cheats me because he hates me i read chapter five but he put questions from chapter six that's not fair ".

                  Geet hell angry on her teacher Mr. Muschanda aka silent battery " i will sue him , i will kill him" Geet kept shouting and her all friends kept mum because they know if they say something it would be their end .

               They reached at canteen but Geet is still fuming " i will make chatni of him and eat with this barger " .

            "common Geet its not sir's fault " finally Neeti said couldn't bear her favourite teacher aka crush to abuse like this " he said he would take mid test from two chapters , who said u to read just one " .

               " what did you say? " Geet asked gritting her tooth "tu meri dost hoke us silent battery ka side le raha hai" seeing Geet's angry face Neeti mumbled slowly

               " agar kal raat ko tu kal ho na ho dekh ke time waste nehi karti then you would have read and today your mid test wouldn't went bad " .

                    Pari understood situation can get worse "guys guys its just a mid forget it lets order cold drinks". But Geet get up..

                    " no i don't want to eat anything . Amir Khan said right in 3 idiots dost jab fail hota hai toh dookh hota hai, par wohi dost jab first aata hain toh jayada dookh hota hai. Last semester i came first that's why you all are jealous . I don't want to talk with you all " . saying this she left angrily . As expected no one went behind her because they know she will forget all this after she cool down .

                 "God knows how Mr. Khurana handle her "

                  Pari said looking at her back and all agreed with her.

             Mr. Khurana aka Maan Singh Khurana Geet's boyfriend urf fiance. They both love each other but Geet is 8 years younger than him , parents ki ladli and very immature . As soon as she reached her house Maan called her

                     "baby how was your exam?" this exam word blow up her anger

              " go hell with exam that silent battery conspired against me " .

              " Geet clam down , its just a mid test and stop abusing that poor teacher , if you study hard instead of drooling over SRK last night than it wouldn't happen" .

                    That's it first her friends and now her boyfriend also taking side of that teacher Geet couldn't take anymore ..

                  "if you called me to praise that silent battery then i am not interested . You too go to hell" saying this she hang up but Maan called again "stop calling me at every hour " . Geet almost shouted over phone

               " Geet relax take a long bath , eat something then sleep its just a exam not the end of the world" Maan said softly but Geet was so angry that she took it wrong ..

               " who are you? Who give you the right to order me , i will do what i want. Stop treating me as a child , stop ordering me around .i am so sick of your orders , your call at every hour to check on me . I am fed up listening to you every time Geet do this Geet don't do this . You are just my boyfriend not husband. Give me space i cant control all this i really need space and I'm very serious about it . "

               saying this cut the call didn't realise she lashed out her anger on him . She loves Maan very much in fact she have no problem with his over protectiveness toward her but she lost her cool and said those things .

                  Its almost two days Maan didn't come to meet her or called or even messaged her . She is missing him terribly but doesn't want to admit it . Everything went back normal with her friends but with Maan her ego doesn't letting her to say sorry.


            " Geet what happened" her mother asked seeing her so quiet at breakfast table..

              " nothing mama just mood off"

               Padma shook her head " toh mood thik karlo . Maan and his family is coming for dinner . I don't want them to see your sour face"

           She literary jumped , this news just make her happy after 2 days she actually smiled ..

                 "don't worry mama i am fine now" saying this she hugged her mother then left to her room .."pagal ladki , God knows how maan will handle her mood swings" .


            At evening Khuranas came except Maan..

             " woh actually he is out of town so couldn't come "

               Geet became sad . She was so sure that Maan will come and everything will be back to normal . She wore Maan's saree just for him there he didn't show up ..

               "dhust danav he went out of town without telling me , i will kill him." she picked up her phone and dialed his number but he didn't pick up " how dare he ignore my call" .

              She was looking so angirly at her phone as if its Maan. Whole night she couldnt sleep even Golmaal 3 couldn't cheer up her mood...Edited by Keepdreaming - 1 years ago
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                 Next day

            'enough is enough now its time for some action' with this thought she went to KC to meet him . Maan was in important meeting but she barged in without listening to anyone..

                 "mera neend haram kar ke aap in logo ke sath moh kaala kar rahe hai" all shocked hearing her except Maan , he is quiet used to her words now.

               "Excuse me everyone " looking at Adi " handle the meeting" he held her hand ,almost dragged her to his cabin and locked the door. But before he say anything she hugged him tightly..

              " hamara jikar toh tha har fasane mein , toh kya hua agar thori dar hui aane main ( Dulha mil gaya ) " .

              " what ? " she and her filmy line always confuse him .

                 " i mean sorry sorry sorry " she kept saying sorry , He try to break the hug but she not letting him go

                   "Geet listen to me "

               " No first say you forgive me ".

               " okay okay i forgive you "

                     finally she pulled away cutely muttered " baare baare desho mei asi choti choti baat hote rahate hai ( Dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge ) " .

                 " What choti baat ? you really think it as a small matter ? " Maan said with fake anger .

                    " but i am saying sorry na " she replied with her best puppy face.

               " i was angry and lashed out on you. I didn't mean anything . I don't need any space . I missed you so much , your anger , your possessiveness i missed everything. I see how Pari always call her boyfriend but i never need to call you . You always called me even if you are busy you never forgot . Last night when you didn't pick up my call i felt so bad and understood how much you feel bad when i cut you call or didn't pick up . You are the best boyfriend and fiance in the world , you have every right on me. "

               " Are you sure Geet ? " Maan asked her with a stern face ..

                   " which part?" she took it seriously .

                  "that i have every right on you"

               he kissed both of her eyes "bolo Geet" he pulled her more closer bent a little and kissed corner of her lips. Geet opened her mouth to answer but Maan claimed her lips with him start kissing her demanding , passionately. He broke the kiss after a while pressed his for head to her ..

               " oh Geet what i will do with you" he whispered huskily , bent down gave open mouth kisses on her collar bone but suddenly Geet pulled away..

                     "if i didn't come , won't you talk to me ever again" Maan again pulled her closer ..

               " no baby i was just want to make you realise the 'space' word is not for us . We need each other like oxygen or waise bhi ' hum hai rahi pyar ke phir milenge chalte chalte (rab ne bana di jodi )   ' right Geet " .

                 Her face broke with a huge smile . She pecked his lips cutely " hmm hope its not for SRK line " .

               " no its for you because i love you " Maan hugged her tightly feeling peace " i love you too my filmy queen"Edited by Keepdreaming - 1 years ago
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I know its silly even im not sure about this story n the name. I have written it longgg time ago as i wont post epi of LMLUD so posted it.plz forgive my mistakes

               My IndexEdited by Keepdreaming - 1 years ago
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I have not read many story of GF so if it smilliar to someone do tell me i will delete it enjoyEdited by Keepdreaming - 3 years ago
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Lovely story
Geet is so filmy.
Maan made Geet realize her mistake.
Posted: 3 years ago
Originally posted by aparna3011

very nice
Posted: 3 years ago

Congrats on another OS! wonderful OS! Maaneet in love n engaged! Bt Geet is 8 years younger than Maan! she is immature n childish! Geet had a bad day n takes it out on Maan! she tells him he has no right 2 ask! she wants space! Maan doesn't call her after that! he avoids her! Geet misses him! he doesn't come 4 dinner 2 her place! she wore a saree 4 him! Geet upset! she misses him! he hasn't called 4 so many days! she goes 2 KC n confronts him! Maaneet talk! she says sorry n they make up! she realises hw he felt wen she didn't call!  she likes his possessiveness etc! he explains they dnt need space! she needed 2 realise! lovely end! superbly written! Pls continue writing! Smile

Posted: 3 years ago
Originally posted by meena..

Awesome loved itt

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