TaaRey 3S : I Can't Lose You -Completed-

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Hello Guys! Here with a 3S. Its from the ndc track, where taani asked him to hide his identity from her tauji. Here are some modifications, Rishi is taani's father here, not tauji. And slight change in taani's character too. She is strong and doesn't take crap from anyone. She is not going to stand quietly and listen d3 gang's taunts. 

Hope you will like it. Please scroll down for shots.

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When taani entered the canteen, the dance team member circled her, confusing her.

"What the hell, Taani? Do you have any idea how tensed Rey was, just because of you. He isn't eating from past few days, nor concentrating on dance team. He is so depressed because you are not talking to him. Why are you so angry on him? Just because he refused hide his identity before your father? How could you-" Sharon stepped forward and blasted at her.

"Rey told you all this? Taani ignored everything and asked her. From past few days, her relationship with her boyfriend was going through rough patch since she want him to hide him being a dancer from her father who hates dancers and he if got to know, she is in love with a dancer, he will take her back to jodhpur. He will never approve her relationship with Rey.

"No. But we know everything. You claimed to love him, then how could you be so selfish? Is this your love? Sorry to tell you, but this is not love. Love is not about-" Sharon screamed her, angrily. Every time she see her best friend's sad face, she felt her anger growing toward taani.

"Oh Please! Now you don't talk about love & all. It doesn't suit you, sharon. First handle your own relationship, its sinking you know. And by the way, who are you to question me? It will be better if you stay out my business. I don't like people poking their nose in my personal life. Keep your love-gyaan to yourself and use it on your own self, it might help you because you surely need it after god knows how many break ups with the same person whom you claim to love." Taani replied back, having enough of people interfering in her matters. She doesn't go around and tell them what to do or not, so she expect same from them.

"You can't talk to sharon like this!" Simmi sneered at her, causing her to narrow her eyes at her.

"Why? Is she somewhere's queen? I will talk to her the way i please. And stop being a side kick, i am sure you can do better than that." Taani smiled sarcastically before she walked away from there, leaving a stunned gang behind. Just then Swayum and Rey entered there, and moved toward them.

"What happened, guys?" Swayum asked them. Simmi turned to swayum & rey and filled them up with whatever just happened a while ago.

"Guys! Who told you to talk to her regarding this matter?" Rey questioned them, staring at sharon who was shocked seeing him questioning them instead to giving piece of mind to his girlfriend who had insulted his friends.

"Rey, are you seriously asking this to us? We are your friends, we have right-"

"No, sharon! You guys don't have any right to speak in this matter. Its between me & her, we will sort it out. There was no need for you all to interfere." Rey told them in stern tone, he had always noticed his friends interference in his love life, has caused nothing but trouble. And its also not good on his part to bring third person in between him and taani.

"So, It doesn't affect you that she insulted me infront of whole college?" Sharon questioned him, she placed her hand on her hip and stare at him, waiting for his answer.

"Sharon, i am sure tumne bhi usse kuch ache tarike se baat nahi ki hogi. What goes around comes around." He mumbled before he walked away from there. 

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He looked around and found her seated in her usual place. He sighed before he walked over the table she was sitting at.

"Taani, I need to talk to you." He spoke, taking the seat opposite to her. She looked up from her cell phone and stare at him.

"If its about whatever happened with your friends, then i'm not interested." Taani trailed off disinterestedly. Ever since ndc has started, he had seen the cold war going on between taani and the dance team. But he had always remain neutral, but felt extremely guilty for not standing up for her whenever any team member questioned her ability and taunted her for being non-dancer.

"Its not about them." Rey answered almost immediately.

"Surprised seeing you not reacting like i had expected-" Taani mumbled, surprised by his calm behavior. She had expected him to shout at her, be angry after knowing how she had treated his friend.

"I'm not angry at you, if you are thinking that way." He mumbled back, he placed hand on hers, making her look into his eyes.

"Good to hear. Say, what do you want to talk about?" Taani said to him with soft texture in her tone which made him smile slightly. After 4 days they are talking to each other, and it felt heavenly to him for being able to talk to her, hear her melodic voice.

Cheesy much!

His inner conscious mocked him, but he couldn't bring himself to care about it.

"About us. I don't want to lose you, taani. And after thinking about this, i have decided we won't tell your father about me being a dance till i win his heart." Rey told her with honesty. Taani look at him, wondering what happen that he agreed when he was so against of the idea of hiding his real identity.

"-and what made you agree over this?" Taani asked him, not being able to keep her curiosity to herself.

"Well- I had a nightmare last night." Rey trailed off, he ran his hand through his hair and smiled sheepishly, taani raised her eyebrow at him, she hadn't expected this answer.

"What nightmare?" She asked him, her voice full of concern.

"I had a nightmare that, uncle got to know about us and me being a dancer, then he took back jodhpur and locked you in a room, not letting me meet you. It was horrible. I don't want to lose you-" Rey sighed as he told her. Taani was in awe, she quickly got up from her seat and hugged him tightly.

"You won't lose me. I love you, rey." Taani whispered lovingly. The fear she had of losing him, was fading away. She knew when he is by her side, no one will be able to separate them, not even her father's hate for dancers.

"I love you, taani. And i'm sorry for acting like an insensitive jerk in past few days." Rey apologized to her, remembering how he ignored her and didn't paid any heed to her feelings. It made him feel more horrible.

"Thats okay, Rey. And why aren't you eating properly from past few days? Its not good to neglect your health like this." Taani scolded him, for being irresponsible toward his health.

"How could i eat when i know my girlfriend is not eating either-" Rey replied immediately, making her look at him in shock.

"Don't look so shock, sweetheart. I know you well-" Rey replied, and before she could react, he held her hand and dragged her toward the food counter and order food themselves where as all she could do, was fall for him all over again.

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He pinned her against the wall as soon as they entered his bedroom. He had been away from her from so long and it was nothing but a sheer torture. He can't control himself anymore. He needed her more than he need his next breath.

Taani closed her eyes as his lips came crashing down at hers. He smooched her lips with aggression. She held onto him tightly, their lips moulded into a wild passionate kiss. She moaned in the kiss, she was in heaven. Her very own heaven, in her boyfriend's arms. He broke the kiss and moved down, kissing every patch of her skin, leaving his love marks on her. 

He scooped her in his arms and took her to his bed, he made her lay down on the bed and he joined her soon enough after getting rid of his clothes. After some time, there clothes were laying on the floor and the room of filled with sound of her loud moans and his grunts as they lost themselves in the passion of love.


He gathered her in his arms and sat with his back rested against the bedpost. Their naked bodies were wrapped in satin black sheet.

"I promise, taani. I won't leave your side ever again. I'll be with you, I'll win your dad's heart and make him believe i'm the right one for you, even if i'm a dancer. I'll keep you happy, always." He promised, playing with her fingers.

"I know that, Rey. And i'm sure once dad got to know you better, your being a dancer won't matter to him. Its just matter of sometime, then i, myself will tell dad about you." Taani mumbled, promising him. He placed a light kiss on her head and hugged her close to his heart. Knowing she is all he need.

- t h e  e n d -


I don't know what i have written. Was it even worth reading? Ouch

do leave your feedback :)
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Amazing update
i loved taani 
she is strong 
rey decided to hide his identity of being dancer
continue soon
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woo it was awesome
and please update other stories also
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very nyc short,simple n cute
thanks for pmSmileSmile
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