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Hello everybody ! I don't know how many of u r going to read this 2 shot because the forum seems very 'sun Saan ' these days . But anyway , for those who r reading , this is kind of different from my earlier stories . It's kind of emotional and sad . I hope u like it Embarrassed

             [COLOR= MAGENTA ] <font size="4">WAITING
                        PART 1[/COLOR]

<font size="3">" So it was an accident ..."

" Yes Ms Dobriyal , we did try our best . Unfortunately during the surgery his brain shut down , there was blood haemorrhage and he went into coma despite our best efforts "Dr Mathur continued

Pia didn't know what to say , how to react , or even act . She could see the doctor talking , trying to make her understand ,but she couldn't accept the reality hitting her so fast . She tried to talk , but all she felt was a sob building up in her throat . Her insides were melting trying to cry .. Yell .. Shout .. Anything . Yet she sat there listening to Mr Mathur talking about her fianc going into comma and those rubbish medical terms she couldn't understand .

" Do u want to see him Ms Dobriyal?"

" Yes" she answered , her own voice sounding foreign to her .


" I think we should have 4 kids "

Pia looked at him incredulously , swatting the book on his arm . While he laughed .

" I knew that would get ur attention "He said triumphantly .

" 4 kids? Really ? Do u want to kill me ?"

" I just wanted ur attention from the boring book u were reading . We only get a free Sunday and u always spend time curled with ur books or magazines . What about me , huh ?"he said ,pulling her slightly across the bed .

" Achaa , what about our Saturday movie nights and Sunday eat outs ? I do need some ' me ' time too " she chided

She hugged him and they kissed briefly . " U weren't serious about the 4 kids thing , were u ?" She asked

" Maybe I was " he said teasing , his palm trailing across her thighs .

" Well then my answer is ,a big NO!"

She pushed him off and got back to reading her book while he groaned .


She sat in the waiting room , her posture still not relaxed . She could hear the annoying sound of T.V.She heard people whispering behind her . She could see kids playing around , giggling. Really though , why did they make so much noise . Couldn't their parents just train them right ?   

She hates kids now . She will always . Because he wouldn't be there for her and now they could never have a kid now .

She waited , she knew she came early . Frankly she wanted to come early . She couldn't stay alone at their house , so alone and quiet ... She hadn't had a wink of sleep or even food since yesterday night .She didn't care .

She saw people going , coming , and then finally the room was empty except her and an another man she had seen entering an hour before .

He looked aloof , and wore a suit . He looked like the sought of man who could be her boss , the kind of men she hated . Always so perfect , perfectly dressed , always on time and filthy rich . This guy didn't belong here , he should be outside dominating his inferiors , judging them .

She stared at him as he read his newspaper , his poise Ofcourse perfect . He got up suddenly to get a cup of coffee from the coffee machine when he looked at her .

She grew embarrassed , he caught her staring . She looked down trying to play with her engagement ring . The unexpected sadness hitting her again , she hadn't taken out the ring yet ...

Ofcourse he was good looking , that chiselled nose and jaw . And did he have grey eyes ? He looked arrogant though . God gave people who didn't deserve anything , everything didn't he ?

He looked like the kind of guy Kabir would have made fun of . They would both actually . Kabir would comment about his stiff posture , his robotic walking style and that boring old choice of clothes .

But Kabir wasn't here , she was alone.

She saw him sipping his coffee and reading his newspaper again , looking at his watch from time to time . He hadn't looked at her once after that embarrassing episode .

" Ms Dobriyal ?"

Her attention was captured by the nurse who stood there calling her name .

" yes?"

" U may come in "


" Do u think he will wake up ?" Pia asked .

Th doctor sighed," Ms Dobriyal -"

" Please doctor , I don't want lies . U can tell me the truth " she begged

" Ms Dobriyal , there's a 99 percent chance Mr Rathod won't wake up . He's far too gone . But there is a slight 1 percent chance he can , but of course that depends on miracles. That's all I can offer u "

" I will wait then ." Pia spoke

" R u sure Ms Dobriyal ? "

" Yes, I want him on life support for a month . " she says with a finality .

The doctor could clearly see that the conversation was over , there could be no more discussion . He nodded bidding a polite goodbye .

Pia walked out , her hands shaking .

Had she done the right thing ? Would Kabir want this ?

She walked back into the waiting room , it was empty . She needed a moment of stillness . She sat at the back hugging her purse . She could feel the tears threatening to come out. And they did , quiet little sobs rocking through her body . She cried as she remembered both of their dreams . Shattered now .

She knew she could never fill the hole he had created , it would always be gaping . But she had to believe that he would get back to her . He had to , there was a 1 percent chance...

Who was she kidding , she knew why she had agreed on the life support . It wasn't for Kabir, it was for her . She was selfish , she wanted to pretend he would come back .

But the lying corpse she had seen back in the room ... She knew the chances were against her . The gentle movement of his chest was the only indication that lead her to believe he was alive . Still breathing .

She was too busy too notice a certain someone standing In Front of her .

" I think u should eat this . It helps . "

There stood the human being she could probably kill off with her eyes If she could . That annoying little perfect man . He stood there giving her a snickers bar .

Did he think she was a child ? A stupid little kid who would stop crying at the sight of chocolate . The bloody bas***d .

" Thank u , but I don't need that " she said as politely as she could .

" Believe me ,the chocolate will help. Anything with high sugar content helps release happy hormones . I thought it was a myth too , but then when my wife went into comma and I had a mental break down almost every single day , chocolate helped . Do u want coke ? That could help too"

She gasped , her eyes wide . Why had this strange handsome man just shared a serious bit of information about his life with her , just to force her to eat chocolate ?

" Ur wife is in comma ?" She croaked. She sounded so horrible to her own ears , she could imagine how disgusting she looked .

" Yes , so is it coke or chocolate ?" He urged her

" Um, I think I want coke "

He smiled and walked back to the soda machine bring her a coke can .

" There , now drink it "

She hadn't realised how dry her throat had gotten , the coke did make her feel better . The sourness of her mouth was now dominated by the sugary acid taste of coke .

" Thanks .. "

" Abhay , it's Abhay Raichand " he answered , shaking her hand .

"Nice to meet u , I am Pia Dobriyal " she said .

They reverted back to their easy silence , with Abhay sitting next to her reading his newspaper , while she sipped her coke .

" Mr Raichand ?"

She saw Abhay looking up at the nurse and nodding at her .

" Well then I must be going now, it was nice meeting u " he said smiling .

" Yes Ofcourse ." She said

" And take care of urself , eat something sweet whenever u feel low. It may give u diabetes , but it cheers the mood as well "

She laughed at his lame attempt of attempting a joke. She waved a goodbye , as she watched him going inside a room .

The previous happiness melting away as soon as Abhay disappeared. It was pretty late and she had to get back . She felt depressed thinking about her little house with no Kabir. She felt bare sleeping without him .

She knew a chocolate couldn't solve this , as much as she wanted it too .



It had been a week , since she had visited Kabir . It wasn't her decision , it was her therapists . Mrs Bhalla had advised Pia to visit Kabir only once a week . It was for her own good she had said . Pia had been rigid and angry at first , but she realised her therapist was right .

She had to keep herself together   and keep moving . Talking to Kabir's parents hadn't been easy too , they lived in the same city and every time his mother would end up crying . Pia's own parents were quite sad , but they tried to support Pia as much as they could . Arnab Dobriyal couldn't see his daughter become a pale version of herself .

Pia tried hard , she really did . But it was a difficult task . Work was the only think that distracted her , she was addicted to it .

She sat their in the waiting room , 2 hours early . She just needed an escape from the house , she just couldn't cope being alone . Her therapist did say she needed to interact with her friends . But she couldn't , she couldn't face their pity full faces as they murmured ' sorry to hear about Kabir Pia' oh , she was sick of that . She wanted to argue back saying Kabir would come back .

She was too busy to notice a certain someone sitting next to her .

" Alright there ? Just thought about saying hello "

She looked up startled to see a grinning Abhay next to her .

" Oh hello , I didn't see u " she gushed embarrassed .

" Thats fine , happens to me too when I am too bored with my work meetings ."

And just like that , the happy bubble Abhay had shared with Pia last week returned . She laughed though his jokes were horrible .

" U flatter me with ur laugh , my wife told me my jokes were horrible . Yet Pia I think u like my jokes ?"

Pia rolled her eyes " No , she was right . They r horrible !"

Abhay hung his head Defeated ." Well that's sad , and here i thought I was making progress "

They talked about jokes then . Nosy people , how the hospital could have better food cafe' and politics . Kabir would call this a boring old adult conversation , but somehow Pia felt thrilled . Abhay was a good talker , and talking to someone who didn't judge u each second or throw those pitifully looks at u made Pia feel a lot more normal .

" Mr Raichand and Ms Dobriyal ?"

The awkwardness returned as they heard the nurse calling out their names . Pia felt a pang of regret thinking how she had nearly forgotten about Kabir while taking to Abhay .

They walked opposite ways , sharing awkward goodbyes. Pia could feel the happy bubble slipping away. She wanted to grasp at it so bad .

She walked into to see Kabir still as pale as he had been . The tubes still sticking out of his head and wrists . She covered her mouth to muffle her crying , it hurt her every time .

Kabir wasn't   ever returning to her .

She held his hand , trying to feel something . But it was worse , he was just slightly warm . He didn't respond to her soft touches . He didn't say anything as Pia cried begging him to come back .

The nurse called Pia out , the visiting time was over . Pia wiped away her tears , she had to face the real world .

She walked towards the exit , passing the waiting room when she spotted Abhay drowning away coffee . Cheap coffee they had discussed .

He didn't look cheerful now , he looked .. A lot like her . He was refilling the cup again .

" Drinking too much coffee is bad for health " she said .

He looked at her shocked and she gingerly took the coffee cup away from him and threw it away .

" U alright ? Maybe u need a snickers bar . It helps u know " she said imitating him from the other night .

She saw a faint smile crossing his features . " I think I need much more than that "

" Like what ?" She asked

" Icecream " he said whispering like a little kid sharing in a secret .

" Icecream ?! "

" Yes , haven't u ever eaten Icecream ?" He teased

" Of course I have ! But right now ?"

" I know a cool Icecream parlour nearby , want to come ?" He asked

Pia couldn't help but notice how inviting his smile looked . He could just turn on a switch inside her that could change her emotions from sad and then to happy in the next second.

But could she go ? She didn't know him . Just that he was Abhay Raichand , who adviced her to eat sweet things. And made her feel happy .

It was quite late and she had work tomorrow , she should say no .

" Fine , but it's quite near right ?"

" U won't regret it ."


Pia didn't know how Abhay should know this place . This place wasn't just 'cool' it was ' groovy ' . That's what people in the 90's preferred . It was like a small little bar with young people everywhere . The music was cool , it played her favourites from the 80's and 90's English songs .

Except Abhay just didn't seem like the kind of guy who could visit this place . He looked like the cruel boss who worked all the time and didn't have time to enjoy .

So far all her assumptions had been dead wrong .

" Do u like this place ?" He asked unsure as they sat on a booth in the corner .

" I love it ! " she said

" Good , I was nervous that u would dislike it . It's kind of -"

" Wild ? Yes it is , but I love it , but I am just not sure I fit in with the Young crowd here ." She says

" R u kidding me ? U don't look more than 25 . " he says

" Thank u Mr Raichand , maybe i could lie about ur jokes being good too next time " she laughed

" Hey ! I was being honest "

" I just don't think it's just an icecream parlour " she said noticing the kids outside smoking a hookah and having drinks .

" Yes, but they have wonderful Icecream . Unless u want something else ?"

" No! "

" Fine , just asking "

They ended up talking random stuff again . Pia couldn't remember   the last time she felt so relaxed . Abhay was a charming man , she concluded. He could start the silliest topics and stretch them around , not that Pia minded . Pia always admitted defeat in the end . He hadn't brought up his wife or asked her about her hospital visits .

The Icecream was great too , she had the chocolate fudge while he insisted he loved anything with mango in it .

" My wife hated this place " he said suddenly .

" She did ?" She asked apprehensively . She didn't know why he had brought her up .

" She thought we were too old for this. She didn't like noise . Or crowds. Or bands . " he continued .

" Oh .. I guess she liked silence, but I think it's a great place "

" I loved her too much , so I stopped coming here . I think this is my first in five years coming back . I just felt too guilty coming back alone . "

She didn't know how to respond to that . Pia wasn't very good at emotional situations , every one who knew her knew that . Yet Abhay had always supported her emotionally , she wanted to return that favour back.

" I'll come with u each time u want to come here , u don't have to feel guilty"she said , holding his hand .

The gesture surprised him as he looked at her with an emotion she couldn't recognise . She left his hand, feeling uncomfortable under his gaze.

" Thanks " he said

DAY 13

Pia still visited the therapist , still missed official dinners , still sat crumpled half buried under the blanket . The house still seemed haunted , and the ring still adorned Pia's finger .

Her therapist had encouraged her to talk out her feelings , but she couldn't. She would space out in work with her friends and often just run home to sleep . She hadn't really touched food either . She slept hugging Kabir's photo . Wishing that this hellish period would just get over and maybe when she wakes up tomorrow , she could just see Kabir lying next to her . Like nothing ever horrible happened .

Wishes .

She hadn't told her therapist about Abhay , it just seemed like a private detail . He had been the only one who could make Pia smile . She often thought about going to the hospital waiting room to meet him .Would he be there ?

She guessed not , he looked like a busy man . But she wanted her happy bubble back , she wanted him to be there with her . Just talk to him .

It was Sunday and it was visiting day , she quickly dressed up . She was eager to meet Abhay . She tried to make her face look better , God knew how horrible she had looked the week before . It wasn't much , some powder and an eyeliner . Her favourite Mac lipstick.

She felt the wedding ring as her hands collided and guilt filled her . She wasn't supposed to be happy visiting the hospital , or at least not for Abhay . She was still married to Kabir, he was her fianc . And he was waiting for her . Why was she even getting dressed up for Abhay . It was supposed to be her meeting Kabir.

She rubbed off her lipstick , dabbing away the eyeliner . There , she was back to what she deserved .


" Ms Dobriyal , time's up "

Pia nodded , kissing Kabir gently . She left the room , her eyes empty . She walked past the waiting room , her eyes flicking to see if Abhay stood there .

He did .

She hadn't talked to him today . Ignored would be more descriptive . He had tried , but she had spaced him out by listening to her iPod . She shouldn't talk to him , he was distracting her . She should be mourning for Kabir and thinking about him , not Abhay . Yet he always managed to pull her towards him .

" Hey r u ignoring me ?" He asked getting hold of her arm.

" Abhay I am in a hurry " she said

She thought he would stop her , ask her reasons or just get angry with her. Instead he left her arm and stepped back . His face looked crest fallen and the happy bubble that she had always associated with him seemed to be vanishing .

" Alright , my mistake " he said walking away .

She walked ahead , groping at the purse handle roughly . But she couldn't , could she ? She couldn't leave that man who made her smile at her gloomiest moments , she wasn't that cruel .

She walked back quickly , hoping he hadn't left yet . But he had . She couldn't see him in the waiting area . She felt disappointed , angry and like a big coward . He hadn't deserved that , he deserved much more than that . And what had she done ? Just slashed him at his face .

It was a night of miracles though . She reached the underground parking to see a familiar figure walking ahead .

" Abhay!" She screamed , not caring how she looked .

He stopped and turned around , a smile broke through her face as she saw it was Abhay . She ran towards him daintily as quickly as her heels could carry her .

" Pia , oh god ! Be careful !" He reprimanded her .

She laughed , " I am so sorry for today . I don't know what made me do that . I am such a -"

" Pia , it's fine " he said stopping her

" Aren't u mad ?"

" It happens . Everyone has a bad day , u had a bad day too . But I know u would come back to me , I am just too irresistible ".

" As if !" She said

" U know I am right " he teased

" In ur dreams "

" I guess u know my dreams too well"

Pia smacked him lightly ," No but really Abhay , I am sorry "

" And it's fine , I already told u "

Pia noticed Abhay looking at her intently . She felt conscious , maybe she shouldn't have rubbed off that lipstick and eyeliner . Maybe he finally noticed that she resembled a zombie.

" U aren't eating r u ?" He asked

" H-how do u know ?" She asked surprised .

" U forgot , I have already been through that phase . I didn't eat , well more or less starve myself for 2 weeks. I ended up almost killing myself . And I sure don't want u dead Pia . I would have offered to take u out to dinner tonight , being a gentleman I am . But unfortunately it's quite late and u seem tired ."

" U r right , I haven't been really eating ."she confessed

" Pia , I don't usually poke into people's lives because I know it's pretty annoying ,but I think I know ur situation too well . Look, I don't want to interfere or anything , but its fine u r keeping ur husband on life support and waiting for him . I am too for my wife .But U need to eat , u need to live , u need to do ur daily work . U need to be healthy . U cannot stop living ur life .I am sure ur husband wouldn't want u to live like that ."

Pia nodded , she could feel her tears making her vision blurry ." Kabir was my fianc , we weren't married yet " she sniffed

" I am sure u would have made a beautiful bride " Abhay said taking hold of her hands .

" Tell u what , let's go out to dinner next week. I know a place that I think u will love . And it's on me " Abhay offered .

" No Abhay I-"

" Oh come on , it's just a night out . I assume u haven't been out for a while , neither have I . Let's go out together and try to be social human beings "

Pia couldn't help but agree to him after that . His humour always cracked her up . She drove home planning to cook paneer ki sabzi, remembering Abhay's threat that she had to eat food this week and look all fat on Sunday .


DAY 20

Pia didn't act the same this week . She ate , tried to socialise , attended night out with friends . Her therapist was thrilled hearing all about this improvement . Pia didn't have the heart to tell her that it wasn't because of her that she improved . It was because of Abhay .

She was excited for their dinner date on Sunday . Date ? No , more like dinner between friends . She had brought herself a new dress from the new hot shop in Khan Market . Not too plain nor too suggestive .

She put on her makeup , still the same powder , mascara and her favourite mac lipstick . There , she looked pretty . She noticed her ring shining in the mirror . But she didn't   feel guilty , Abhay had been right . Kabir would have wanted her to be happy. Not dead .


" Kabir ? Can u hear me ? Of course not , U were always such a heavy sleeper " she giggled .

" Kabir , I just want to tell u .. I made a new friend here . He's very nice , he cares for me . He thinks he's great at making jokes but I always tell him u were better . He agrees , he says his wife told him his jokes were horrible too . He makes me happy Kabir ... Is it wrong ? Whenever I visit u , I know I am excited to meet him too . Is it wrong ? I know he visits his wife as well , we never talk about our problems . We try to be normal . It's weird how I like him , he's the opposite of someone I would associate with myself before . If u would have been here, I am pretty sure u would have called him a cocky perfect filthy bast**d . But he's not Kabir .. He isn't at all like I presumed him to be . And tonight , he's taking me out to dinner . As friends of course Kabir , I am still ur wife . I still love u , miss u . I just wanted to tell u the truth ... R u happy for me Kabir ? I just want to be happy ... I miss u so much ... I - I .. Would u forgive me if I let u go ? I don't want to see u lying there just breathing . I - I think the doctor is right . "

Pia broke down , bringing Kabir's hands close to her cheek . It didn't hurt as much as it did before , but it still did . Maybe giving Kabir peace would give her peace too .

" I love u Kabir. Always ."


" So where do u work ?" Pia asked

" Have u heard of Hotell inc.? "

" The hot shot hotel chain ? Sure . " Pia said " Wait ! U work there ?"

Abhay grinned " More like own it "

Pia gasped " Oh my god , I am having dinner with a millionaire " she teased .

" Please , don't even go there "

She laughed out loud seeing his expression .

" So what do u do ?" Abhay asked

" I am an editor of a magazine "Pia answered

" Oh really ? Which one ?"

" Nothing of ur interest , it's nothing sporty . More like a women based Magazine , u know women issues . "

" What's the name ?"

" Fellina , heard about it ?"

Abhay smiled nonchalantly " I do know that magazine , my wife was subscribed to u . It's an honour to meet u Ms Pia Dobriyal " he joked

" Oh shut up " she said

They talked more and Pia didn't realise her time passing away . She loved spending time with Abhay . She was glad she agreed to this night out , she needed this .He made her forget things . He had taken her to Nando's . He had described it exclusively as a 'chicken bar ' .

They had even placed an order for the bottomless Coke . Abhay had challenged Pia in a coke drinking championship . They had an unlimited count for a cokes .

" Pia , u should know this , I am a champion of coke drinking "

" Whatever , is it all talks for u ? I think I need proof " she challenged

" U asked for it " he said

4 and a half glasses later , Pia admitted defeat . She just couldn't , if she drank more she would vomit it all out and probably hate coke for the rest her life .

" I win !" Abhay exclaimed

" Yay" Pia said fying fake enthusiasm.

" Don't be sad, there's always a next time " Abhay said sarcastically .

They paid their bills and Abhay drove Pia home . Pia looked at her watch seeing it was almost midnight . She hadn't had so much fun in weeks . She could feel a smile adorning her face as she talked to Abhay   . She saw the familiar turn of her road leading to her house and her mood dropped .

She was going back to that lonely house . She could feel Abhay's happy bubble leaving her . She didn't want to go back , for once . She wanted to spend the entire night out with Abhay. Just talking about stupid things . But she could feel the reality hitting her .

" We r here " Abhay said

Pia nodded forcing a smile . She was about to step out when she felt Abhay's hand holding her inside .

" R u alright Pia ? U don't look good" Abhay asked worried .

" Yeah , just peachy "

" U don't seem peachy " Abhay teased .

Pia rolled her eyes , trying to get out from his grip .

" Would u let me go !" She said laughing .

" Would I ?" Abhay smirked

" Abhay "

" Pia"

" Abhay I have to go "

Abhay stared at her , those uncomfortable stares of his that made her feel transparent . Like he could see every emotion she tried to hide .

" U r scared " he said

He got her again Pia thought . " Abhay please , it's late "

" That's alright , we can talk inside " he said

Before she could stop him , he parked his car and walked towards her front door pushing her forward .

" I didn't invite u in " Pia said sourly

" U don't need to , I invite myself in " he said confidently .

" Cocky bast**d " Pia swore

" What did u just say ?"

" Nothing " Pia smiled sweetly .

He looked around her living room , looking at her photos . She felt conscious having him here . She hadn't invited a person inside her home for a long time , and it felt odd to let Abhay see those photos of her and Kabir .

" U look so happy in these photos " he said offhandedly .

" Well maybe it was because Kabir was alive " she said giving a bitter laugh .

" Pia u can move on , u can be happy again . If u try " he said

Pia stopped waking and looked back at him in anger ." Seriously Abhay ? U want to judge me ? How about we talk about how u keep ur wife still on life support ? How long have u Abhay ? Huh ? How long ? Have u moved on ?"

Pia regretted as soon as her words left her mouth . Abhay's cool demeanour changed and he looked in pain .

" Abhay , I am so sorry , I shouldn't have said that , I am so sorry   " she said .

He looked up at her , and for once Pia saw the defeated Abhay , he had so hard tried to hide from her . She didn't want to see him like this . Why did she have to be so mean to the people who cared about her .

" U r right Pia , I can't judge . I am probably the last person on earth to give u this advice . He said

" U don't have to tell me " she said

" But I do Pia . I do . I have forced her into living for 4 months ! 4 bloody months ! Why ? Because I am weak and I can't let go of her . I am the pathetic husband , who still talks to his dead wife each week . I should let her go , but I can't ..."

He broke down then , crying . Pia hated herself the most that very second . Why did she have to go and destroy this perfectly good evening . How had she made the guy who always made her laugh and happy cry . She was plain evil , that's what she was .

" A-Abhay , please don't cry . It's me, I am just so stupid . I hate myself . Please just - it's not ur fault . "

She tried to hug him , but he moved away . She tried again , and he accepted her hug the second time .
" I am so sorry , forgive me " she whispered.

" U r always forgiven Pia "

Pia smiled weakly at him " Why do u forgive me so easily ? I am so cruel "

" Because u make me alive Pia . U make me feel things that I never thought I would feel again after Maithly . I couldn't move on for 4 months , but with u .. I want to move on . " he said .

Pia didn't know what to say , she hadn't expected this . Or hadn't she, she knew there was always an undercurrent of attraction between them . She had chosen to ignore that, because she had often felt guilty . A person couldn't move on so quick , could he. She had often felt like she was betraying Kabir by thinking about Abhay like that . But to hear it out loud from Abhay .. She didn't know how to react . She wanted to smile and tell him she liked him too and how he brought her so much happiness . But at the same time she wanted to run away far from him , lock herself in a room . Shake off all her feelings about Abhay and go back to thinking about Kabir .

" I .. I -" Pia spluttered

Abhay moved back caressing Pia's Palm . " It's ok Pia , I never said u had to like me as well . I know it's early or maybe u just don't like me at all " he laughed nervously .

" No Abhay -"

" Get some sleep , I should go . " he said getting up .

" No Abhay wait " she protested

He had already started to move towards the front door . She didn't know how to say it out loud . But she wanted to tell him , she didn't want him thinking that she didn't like him . Far from that actually .

" Abhay I.." She started

" Yes?" He asked

" I just .. Need .." God why was it so hard !

" Pia go to sleep , we can talk next week . If U still want too of course "

It was an instinctive action , she hadn't given a second thought .She grabbed him by the shoulders and kissed him .


Please comment Kar dena people :) . And I will update the next part next week probably . My main exam is coming up , and u know what happens to me during this time .

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So I couldn't help it , had to ease my pressure off . ;)

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While I can to an extent understand Abhay's feelings growing for Piya, somehow from her side...I wasn't convinced, because it seems she was very happy with Kabir. Reserving judgement for now.

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Posted: 3 years ago
As I said , u have to wait for the second part to know more . And about growing feelings , it does happen . Pia is quite sad and she isn't very sure about her feelings . She doesn't want Abhay to leave her . And I can't reveal much , theres much more in The next part .

The officials thread maker was sarcasm , it's meant to be taken as a joke . I know people don't order around about making their birthday threads . That's pretty absurd . I was just pinpointing not many new members ever get appreciated here . But whatever , please don't take everything so seriously . It was meant as a joke .
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Posted: 3 years ago
wish u a v happy birthday.keep smiling
A brilliant update.
i just felt the emotions n feelings ,abhay n piya went through
looking forward to next update
all da v best fr ur exame
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Posted: 3 years ago
Don't ask yar... We have same situation.. Meri birthday PE bhi nahi bnaya kisi ne?? *sniff* *sniff* ... Hehehe... Because no one knows except those ... Whom I told ..
and they also didn't wished .. Haye ... Kia Karen??...
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Posted: 3 years ago
Tongue To dear sweet love ... (name bhool Gaye real wala) *maafi* .. EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed happy happy Happy Birthday.. Oo balle balle.. Oo ... Chakde padhe.. Ooo... May Allah bless you always.. May your happiness last forever ... Hope to have a treat ... Kia kehti u/?? ... Yummyyy... Yumm yumm... May you get the best things which you deserve ... Always shine and twinkle ...
Tooba... Embarrassed
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Posted: 3 years ago
wow awesome update
so abhiya are in pain but they are rying to move on
they feel for each other and abhay is an awesome man so understanding and caring person
thanks for pm Hug

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Posted: 3 years ago
Awesome update dear continue soon
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