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Table Of Contents

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Chapter Ten : The Green Eye Monster (Scroll Down)

Chapter Eleven : You Are Beautiful

Chapter Twelve : Singhania Brothers

Chapter Thirteen : Someone Wants To Kill Me?

Chapter Fourteen : Sweet Kisses And Talks

Chapter Fifteen : I Like Him

Chapter Sixteen : Shattered Hopes

Chapter Seventeen : Is It End?

- | Book Three : The Billionaire's Possession | -


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Ch-10 : The Green Eye Monster

"Ew! Thats gross!" She mumbled under her breath, seeing the middle aged woman, Mrs. Brown flirting with him openly. They were out on a business lunch with some important clients, but the client was too much interest in her boss than business deal, they were there for.

"Don't tell me you do old women too." Taani whispered to him when mrs. brown wasn't paying attention, was busy in texting someone.

"Whoa! Stop right there, woman! I had to bear her because i want this deal." Rey whispered back, taani bit her lower lip, stopping herself from smiling at his annoyed expression.

"So, what was i saying? Yeah! If you want to discuss about the deal further on, you can come over. My husband is out of the town-" Mrs. Brown spoke, letting her voice come out as seductively sexy, taani held back her urge to roll her eyes at her open invitation to him.

"I'll surely think about it, mrs. brown." Rey passed one of his killer smile to her which seems to flatter her further more. Taani narrowed her eye at him, desperate much for a deal?

Mrs. Brown and Rey talked little more before mrs. brown left from there with her assistant. Rey paid off the bill, then both come out of the restaurant. They sat in his car, then the driver drove away to office.

"Are you seriously going to her place?" She couldn't help but asked him. Rey look at her, he smirked and leaned close to her.

"Jealous?" He asked, he was dangerous close to her, making her gulp down the lump formed in his throat.

"What? Jealous and me? Have you gone mad?" She masked her nervousness and questioned him, she raised her one eye brow at him, amusement flickered through his brown orbs.

"Its okay to show your true feelings sometimes." He whispered softly, looking deep into her eyes. She felt something stir in her heart when he gazed at her with those soft eyes.

"I- I-" She stuttered, no words come out of her mouth. She placed her hand on her heart which was beating so loudly, that she was sure he could hear her heartbeats.Whats happening to me? She questioned herself, not understanding why she was feeling this way. But she also won't deny that the green eye monster had bitten her. She was infuriate even at the mention of him going to meet mrs. brown.

Get a grip over your hormones, woman! She told herself. And before she knew, she felt his warm lips on hers. Her breath hitched and she closed her eyes as he begun kissing her, first softly then with aggression. She lost control over herself and kissed him back with same passion, her hands wander in his silky locks.

"Whats up with you and your sudden kisses?" She growled lowly once they pulled away from the kiss, her heart was pounding against her ribcage and her breathing was irregular.

"I couldn't resist. That was too tempting-" Rey breathed while his gaze was fixed on her swollen lips, she felt a large amount of lust consumed by her. She drew a sharp breath, pushing all the dirty thoughts in back of her head.

"What?" Her brows knitted in confusion.

"That sexy pout of yours. Don't pout infront of me, unless you want me to kiss you." He answered softly, his eyes darkened as lust clouded his mind. She felt a shiver ran down her spine.

"You are impossible." She muttered under her breath and turned her head away from him.

"Do we have any other meeting to attend? I would like to go home and spend some time with angel-"

"You can go home. I have to go office and check on some files." Taani answered him, after checking his schedule for rest of the day.

"Do that tomorrow, right now, we are leaving for home." Rey answered in final tone, leaving no scope for her to answer. Taani frowned, not liking his bossiness, but still she couldn't do anything. He is the boss after all!

After some time, the driver parked the car outside his mansion. Taani opened the door and stepped out the car, followed by him. They went inside the mansion.

"What are you doing here?" Rey asked priya who was seated in living area. Taani and Rey moved toward her, priya stood up from her place and moved toward her. Priya moved toward him and spoke, her tone was sharp and edgy.

"I am pregnant with ayan's child. Since he had refused to marry me, You have to. Divorce this wife of yours and marry me, else i'll ruin your and your family's reputation in-front of world."


Second thread!! Dancing
Thank you so much for the new thread. Love you guys!

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What's wrong with priya?!? Waiting to hear Rey 's answer 
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Fantastic update... Clap Clap
But my heart has stopped beating towards the end... Ouch
Wat will this priya do now... Angry
Pls. Continue soon.. Wink
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awesome update
priya was really a sheless girl
waiting for next update
update soon
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Posted: 2016-04-27T11:18:53Z

loved taarey moments
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me fourth
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I guess its the time of badiess everywhere.. !!*huff**sigh*
Loved the kiss..and sweet romance and yeah jealousy:*
Update soon
Take care
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