Fitoor:Abhiya Three Shot(new update@ pg 3)

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Hello people, greetings to all.. I am an old member of this forum and visiting here after long..people might not be recognize me now cause its been almost more than a year i am off from this forum.. but now after so many days i am here to just post this little two shot piece i written recently. life is getting busy so can't concentrate on writing stuffs like before... writing on abhiya after a decade so i'm afraid that I may not hold the charm like before... but anyways i hope u people will enjoy this one.
Generally this two shot is a continuation of one of my prev abhiya ss a rental house. well earlier i didn't have any such idea to continue the story further from where it ended but some dear friend of my requested me further to continue that SS which i couldn't do at the moment cause i was short of ideas and mind setting to continue. But when after long i go through that SS again i got a small idea bugging in the back of my mind which i am here to share with u people...

Precap: As i said its the continuation of  abhiya ss the rental house. In short the story moves around the lead protagonist piya who has recently moved to a new house in simla and she faced some horrifying super natural incident which lead her to believe that someone is there in her new room whom she can't see but can sense her invisible presence everywhere. She is totally disturbed by those event and the eerie sensation that surrounds her while she is inside her room. There is a white rose plant on the window of her room which is literally the center of incident. Her house holder Madhu Aunty is also a mysterious person but no doubt caring. She has so less idea about her past and family. She only know that her son lives in abroad. So how the incident moved further and how piya adjusted herself in that place and how finally that invisible being who seemed her worst enemy at first changed into someone else which she never ever thought. thats what the story about...
if u wanna go further please go through the link below and you will get the full story to read...

Abhiya ss: the rental house..

now some little introduction to the present situation..if u have go through the prev SS alreday then u might know the ending. Now Piya is still living in that house all by herself. Once living there was nightmare to her but now she just can't wait to come back there  and meet him. Now lets peak a little into their life now.. how a living and a dead being is sharing their perfect moment together with the promise of togetherness for eternity. 

                    Ye fitoor mera laaya mujhko hai tere kareeb
Whenever Piya enters inside her room now a days she is always ready for surprise. Most of the time she gets the most unexpected welcome. Day before yesterday when she entered inside the room she found the white rose petals were scattered all over the floor. There fragrance hit her like the heavenly aura. With a huge smile when she entered inside the room they suddenly came alive and crushed onto her face giving her spine chilling sensation. Each and every tender touch of those rose petals seemed like the kiss of his cold tempting lips. When the shower  of those petals came into haul finally she find him standing just some distance away from her. When she smiled looking at his impish smirk his sky blue hypnotic eyes got more and more warmer. 
"What?!!" Piya asked with that lovely smile of her in that face. He always used to give up a big sigh whenever he witnessed that angelic smile. She just didn't know that what effect her little smile caused to her. It had so much light that vanished the darkness from his non existing life completely. 
"Abhay?!" She used to ask with a bit confusion seeing his silence though she didn't missed the intense gaze which already skipped her beat.
"Shhh!!..." he whispered in his husky voice making her shiver in unknown chill. His footstep slowly approached near her and she kept on looking towards those intense eyes totally dumbfounded and frozen to the spot. His sky blue eyes totally captured her innocent black orbs into it. 
Slowly he came and stopped near her leaving such a minimal distance between them. Their breath had already started to turn uneven and long. When his ice cold non human breath touched her face she was totally petrified by his charm. 
"Greetings my angel..." he said with lovingly stroking her hair lock which causing obstacle in his eyes falling on her face. "It seems like i am witnessing this smile after long." 
"But... I just left the room in morning..." she spoke still caught by his trance.
His eyes caught a bit saddened look, "There is a huge difference of 7 hours between the time. Everything here looks so gloomy without you. You are the life that resides in this lonely soul room and when you are not here everything seemed so dead." 
She was flattered and totally smitten by those beautiful words. Her eyes moistened in emotion. Its been almost a month she was living there and it seemed like it was becoming impossible to live a single moment without him. At first she tried so hard to run away from that house but his unbreakable shackles of love captured her forever. 
She moved forward closing the small distance between them. Slowly she lifted her arms and wrapped around his huge feature and buried hes face in his strong chest. His dead cold aura spread into her warm nerves. With a big cold breath he embraced her too imprisoning her tiny feature in his arm. 
She doesn't care anymore that he is not a living being. God has given her the most perfect one she could ever get. She believes that love resides in two souls and he loved him with his soul. 
They remained like that for a prolonged moment while he buried his face in his thick curly hairs taking her smell fully. 
"I wish if i could hold you like this forever..." he said. 
"You are mad you know..." she said lifting her face and looking into his eyes.
"Not my fault..." he smirked, "Anyone would die for such woman.." 
"Well you can't..." her lovely eyes flickered with mischief, "You are already dead.." 
"I know..." he sighed. "I am not that fortunate. You should be blamed for that.. why didn't you moved to Simla earlier? i would have owed you in first chance." his voice turned flirty at the very next moment.
"Excuse me. Do you think i would be caught by your charm at the very first chance. No way MR.. I am not that type of girl..." she rolled her eyes. 
"You never know... I was so popular in my school... girl's used to get gaga over me.." his impish smirk increased.
"Too much overconfident is not good man!!.." she said and was about to come out of his embrace but he didn't let her go. He rather caught around her more tightly.
"Well are you doubting on my words Piya?! Then i can prove it right now..." he frowned so sexily that she just kept on looking towards his face with dry mouth. His blue eyes captured her again. He removed there distance bringing close his handsome face to her. She just stood frozen within his arm's cage looking towards his approaching face with wide eyes. His forehead joined her's burning her black eyes with his intense gaze. Her eyes got closed in repulse. 
For a moment he just kept on observing her angelic face lovingly drinking her innocence with his eyes, feeling her uneven breaths and heartbeat. She had become the boon of life into his deathly existence. He needed her badly in every moment to feel alive through her heart bits. His hands moved up caressing her back and she shivered trembling her rosy lips which tempted him more and more. His ice cold lips touched her's she shivered for a while unable to take his deathly coldness. It seemed like it was cutting her lips with a razor sharp icy blade. But still within the harshness she could feel the passion which burned her soul. Slowly he deepened his kiss putting more pressure and the coldness was submerged with the fiery passion. Her fingers knitted his hairs where as his arms wrapped his with all his power. Soon she felt a huge push and found herself pinned against the closed door. They were totally lost of sense by then. His lips were fiercely drinking her tenderness while she was pushing him more and more. The spark increased more and more that she didn't cared that her lungs were totally out of air by the time. His coldness had totally embraced her nerves and giving her a different out of the world pleasure. 
Suddenly she heard some huge bang on her back. For a moment she couldn't understand what was that but slowly after some more banging sound Piya understood that someone was hitting her room's door. As son as she got back her sense the pressure on his lips suddenly got vanished and she couldn't feel his cold arms around his anymore. She slowly opened her eyes and couldn't found abhay anywhere near. Again another bang on door and she heard some familiar sound.   
"Piya.. Piya open the door..." piya quickly recognized the sound. 
"Elina?!!..." she gasped and quickly composed herself with a some frequent deep breath and opened the door. She was totally surprised to found newly married Kabir and Elena standing on her door step. 
"Kabir, Elena!! What a pleasant surprise!!" Piya said grinning. 
"Hey Piya..." Elina smiled, "Sorry i hope i didn't disturbed you. Are you busy?!" Elina asked with her lovely smile.
"Absolutely not!! You people are always welcome here..." Piya said cheerfully and greeted them both inside. 
When they moved inside a cold wind bypassed her all of a sudden before closing the door and she clearly heard a whisper within, "Your friends have developed a habit in interrupting us. If you don't drive them away soon you're gonna regret!!" his husky voice spoke.
"Not so soon Mr!!" piya smiled secretly.
"Hey piya... why are you standing near the door?" kabir asked in surprise.
"Ohh nothing Kabir..." Piya closed the door. 
"hey piya i guess you are not facing any further problem living hear?" Elina asked.

"Not at all... Everything is fine now." Piya assured.
"That's great!! But you know i still don't understand what happened earlier hear. I had to admit i always had some uncanny feeling whenever i moved inside this room but now everything looks perfectly fine... The congested feeling i felt before is totally gone..." Elina said cheerfully.

"All I  can say that the room had started to like me at last and gave permission to stay hear." Piya teased causing all of them to laugh.

"Then i guess your lovely room won't be having any problem if we spent some time hear cause we planned to be with you for the whole evening." Elina said. 

"The gratitude is mine..." Piya said smiling. She could clearly hear an angry whisper in passing wind but she didn't get worried. She knew very well that he wouldn't affect them anymore like before. Though he was not at all happy by their sudden visit. But piya couldn't leave the chance to tease him a bit. He always used to tease her in every moment then why should she stay quite?

to be continued... please tell me if I should continue further with the story... i changed the title of story cause it seems more relevant. please don't mind the spelling mistakes.

part 2: page 3

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Posted: 3 years ago
hey thank u soo much that u r going to update n add some new wonderful moments in one of my favourite story
please  update soon
waiting for ur update
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Posted: 3 years ago
Oh my god ! I love the rental house ! I am a new member and this story is one of my favourites :D I always wanted a sequel , I am so happy u r continuing this :) please continue soon dear Thumbs Up
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Posted: 3 years ago
Ohh myy ... U here... Pinch me pinch me... I always waited for u to continue ur story and ... U r here now.. So happy to have u back sweety... Really loved that story ... And a very warm thank u for continuing it ... Super duper excited for it.. Do post soon.. Cant wait..
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Posted: 3 years ago
Happy to see you back...pls cont.dear <3
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Posted: 3 years ago
Wow awesome...that was my favorite story.
Thank you so much for adding some wonderful moment more to it.
Love you for this
Can you please update sajni too??
Thanks for pm
Please continue soon
Eagerly waiting
Please soon han..
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Posted: 3 years ago
I loved it ! Abhay is as flirty as ever LOL
Good to have u back :)
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Posted: 3 years ago
Hey very happy to see you back on IF. Would like to see you do other stories as well.
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