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Hello Guys! Welcome to the Fourth thread of the story. Thanks for all your support which has always motivated me to write more.

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Chapter 30

- | Three Years Later | -

Taani entered her bedroom, a small smile was tugging at her lips when she found her husband sleeping with his mouth slightly open, she walked over the bed and sat on the edge, facing him. Life has changed for better after their marriage, its been 3 years to their marriage and with time there relation has grown stronger than ever.

"Reyaansh." She whispered softly, stroking his hair lovingly. She smiled when he let out a groan and shifted close to her, he placed his head on her lap and arms wrapped around her waist.

"Good morning, my darling hubby." She whispered lovingly, bending down, she placed a soft kiss on his head.

"Good morning, kitty. And to you too, little one." He whispered sleepily, she smiled when he place a soft kiss on her belly, where their little one was growing. She was three months pregnant, enjoying the beautiful phase of her life. Though she was scared till death she got to know about her pregnancy, she wasn't ready for such big responsibility but her husband stood by her, whatever decision she might take which increased her respect for him. She knew he wants his kids but at that moment, he put her above his wish which was enough to melt her.

And that moment, she knew what she has to do. She chose to not to give up on her baby. Her pregnancy was a blessing of god and she accepted it with open arms.

"Reyaansh! Get up, baby. We have to leave for mumbai today, for Manik and Nandini's wedding." Taani said to him, it was true. Finally manik got courage and confessed his love to nandini and after four days, they are getting married to each other. Rey was most happy, he knew there can be no one better than manik for his sister.

But the only sad thing is, his family hasn't forgiven him yet. At first, they weren't going for the wedding, but it was manik who forced them to come to attend the wedding else he won't marry. So they were going to the wedding from groom's side.

"Did you take your medicines?" 

"I had, Reyaansh. Now get up." 

Rey groaned loudly in irritation, he sat on the bed and hugged her tightly.

"Hows my little one today?" Rey asked her while rubbing his hand gently over her belly, making her insides clenched with need. Her pregnancy had made her horny and she won't deny that.

"Little one is doing good." Taani told him with a smile. Rey returned the smile and gave a sweet peck on her lips before he got up and went in washroom to get ready where as taani took his clothes and kept them on the bed then walked out of the room, to prepare breakfast for him.


"Taani, where is you zaalim pati? We are getting late!" Kabir shouted, he along with navya and alina were in living area, waiting for Rey to come so that they can leave for mumbai.

"Shut up, kabir! He must be coming-" Alina scolded her brother. Kabir was about to say something but stopped when he saw Rey who came there.

"Taani, tumne apni medicines li?" Rey asked her, glaring at her angrily. Taani bite her lower lip, she had completely forgot to pack her medicines.

"Sorry, mein bhool gayi." Taani made a cute puppy face to melt him but he glared at her, angry at her for her carelessness toward herself.

"It won't happen again, i promise." She threw her arms around him and hugged him tightly. Rey sighed heavily and hugged her back, not being able to stay angry on her any longer.

"Zaalim pati, if you are done with your romance, can we leave?" Kabir's voice broke their trance, they narrowed their eyes at him.

"Sure, useless-man." Rey snickered at him, He picked up his & taani's luggage bag and all come out of the house. Taani locked the house and they all sat in his SUV and left for mumbai.


Rey was nervous, so was taani. After 3 years he will meet his family, he was having mix feelings. One side he was happy he will meet them after so long, but on the other side, he was hurt knowing they hadn't forgiven him.

He glanced at taani, who had fallen asleep on passenger seat. Must be tired! He thought to himself with a soft smile and concentrate on the road. Taani has become his life, after her arrival in his life, it has changed for good and now, she is giving him another happiness, their baby. He can't wait for the day when he will hold his little one in his arms.

His life was filled with happiness, but still his heart craves for his parents to accept his new life.


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congratulations on 4th thread.. 
update was awesome.. 
3 years later.. 
taarey bond remains same.. 
hope reys parents accept them now..  
keep writing update soon 
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Soo  lovely Edited by krishna... - 2016-04-23T05:28:56Z
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Congo for new thread wow taarey on family way
waitng to c rey reaction 
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congrats for new thread
awesome update...

hope all will welll
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congo for the 4th thread
lovely update
 hope rey's family will accept them 
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