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Chapter Seventy- Eight: Aligned Stars


As the door swung open, laughter overflowed into the room as Naksh stumbled in shakily with Myrah on his back. She hugged his neck tight while he gave her a piggy back to the bed before letting her go. Both fully drunk laughed as they rolled on the bed at the night before Naksh stood up lazily saluting.

Naksh: "Now my Queen, I have escorted you to your palace... Now I...I will head back to my lair. Thank you..And good night."

As he laughed and was about to march out the door, Myrah tugged his arm stopping him in his tracks.

Myrah childishly: "Please please stay Naksh. I'm not sleepy...I'll feel lonely."

Naksh: "But I have to go to bed don't I."

Myrah lets his hand go sulking sadly: "I knew it...No one loves me."

Naksh laughed before plonking down beside her on the bed: "Don't be silly...Ev..Everyone loooves you. "

Myrah pouted swaying a little looking at him: "I know. *sighs* But I want to be loved like how Rudra loves...loves *hiccups*"

Naksh finished playing with the ends of Myrah's dress: "His first wife."

Myrah nods with a sigh.

Naksh twitched his lips annoyed: "He smells."

Myrah suddenly spluttered with laughter while Naksh frowned ahead annoyed: "Nooo Myrah. He really does. I mean you des..deserve so much better. I mean ...I mean someone who loves you like .*grins lazily* me."

Myrah blinked at him with child-like wonder: "Youuu?"

Naksh nodded affirmatively with a smirk: "I..I guess or a massive crush but yes...yes I do. *frowns at her while shaking a finger* And you... You shouldn't change yourself. I ..I liked you since I ...I first heard you."

Myrah laughed leaning against him: " You mean saw."

Naksh shook his head: "Nope! Heard. At the market re...remember! *sighs dreamily* I heard your voice and I liked it. I liked it a looot!"

Myrah stared at him for a minute before frowning at herself: "So...So you liked me before seeing my face. *poking her own face* How does that work??"

Naksh frowned back and stood up a little wobbly: "What do you mean? Why would I like you just by seeing your face. *snorts* You're pretty yes. But youuu are pretty. ...And pretty awesome!"

Myrah smiled in awe at him: "Really?"

Naksh nodding putting his hands on his hips: "Yep! *grins* I was even about to ask you out but..but..."

Myrah frowned sadly seeing his smile slip away. She stood up beside him: "But what?"

Naksh sighed: "Well...then I found out your married didn't I. So I backed off completely. Like *holding his fingers in a x sign* No go no go."

Myrah sadly held his arm looking down: "Oh."

Naksh frowned at her: "But you know...I..I don't get why Rudra can't see what I can!.....I mean what's not to like about you. You like a good selfie, fiesty and cool... Y..Yes you're hot headed, and have an 'in your in your face kind of attitude' like at the market when you were yelling your head off."

He looked into her eyes then with a smile while she stared up at him.

Naksh quietly smiled: "But I like it. It's cute."

Myrah standing closer with eyes dazed on him: "What ...what else do you like about me?"

Naksh smirked: "So you speak your mind not caring about what others think, chatterbox non stop, awesome and great to pick on too!"

Myrah's smile stopped with a pout: "Hey!"

Naksh laughed: "Seee! I love that. *holding her arms looking into her eyes honestly*I mean if you..if you weren't married I'd ... I'd..."

As he got mesmerized in her eyes, Myrah smiled leaning her face close to his whispering: "You'd what?..."

Naksh was about to reply when his lulling eyes snapped open a little realizing what he was about to say. He looked away from her leaving her arms.

Naksh: "I...I need to get to bed. "

He turned away only for Myrah to block his path and put her arms round his neck again shaking her head at him.

Myrah quietly smiled: "Please don't go.. Just stay for a bit..."

So he did and they both stood there in that position, not one moving with eyes bore into the other. Naksh gulped seeing how close they were but didn't want to pull back.

Naksh: "Myrah...I think I should-"

It was then Myrah suddenly pulled him down kissing his lips firmly. And he let her.


Rudra losing sight of Paro for longer than it felt, he continued to walk down the open corridor with eyes searching and mouth calling out sadly. With the intoxication still highly streaming through him, it wasn't long for him to topple defeated against a curled wall which had a beautiful sculpture behind it with light trickling of water. He sat with his elbows on his propped up knees while his head tilted up to the ceiling. He stared at the chandelier which twinkled beautifully as his Paro did in his heart, before closing them letting a tear tumble. Paro behind a pillar a little ahead, peered round with wide mischievous eyes at Rudra while pressing her lips together. She covered her mouth with a silent laugh seeing him give up looking for her, but soon frowned seeing tears. She slowly walked out of her hiding place and sat down beside Rudra facing him tilting her head at his face.

She looked up at the light before back at his wet cheek confused: "Aap...You're crying? Why?"

Rudra opened his eyes slowly and stared at the lights sadly making another tear fall. Paro watched it sadly.

Rudra huskily: "I've done it again...I keep... I keep losing you don't I."

Paro blinking at him slowly looked wearily at her sari and gathered the corner of her dupatta a little and carefully dabbed it on Rudra's cheek to clear the tears.

Paro quietly explained with patience: "You never lost me. I was just...just hiding. Over... *pointing at the pillar before smiling* over there see. *giggles silently tilting her head at Rudra* See how your running behind me."

Rudra slowly looked over to her staring as she began to laugh silently. It took a moment before he smirked too.

Rudra: "I like it when you laugh *Paro stopped with a smile to listen* Before I could never tell if you were happy or sad....But now...*chuckles* Now I can."

Paro grinned: "Achaaa? *attempting to poke his nose lightly* You understand me that *hiccups*...the well hmm?"

Rudra held her wrist suddenly and firmly making her eyes widen and smile disappear seeing the serious expression on his face. He looked at her wrist then before gently rubbing it against his face preciously.  

Rudra whispered shaking his head: "Please don't ever leave me again Paro... please."

Paro letting him hold her hand warmly watched him sadly stare at her: "I get so lonely and keep doing the wrong thing if your not around. "

Paro quietly: "Why can't you leave me hmm? "

Rudra looked away as if a child making excuses: "You get into trouble all the time that's why...*raising an eyebrow thoughtfully* It seems we both into trouble if we're not around each other."

Paro looking away in wondering thought: "Maybe it's a sign...Maybe you should let something happen to me-"

She gasped as Rudra suddenly pulled her close with a free hand cupping her cheek carefully. His face cm away from hers. 

Rudra shook his head at her depserately: "I can't do that Paro...I can't...Kyu...kyu ki..."

Paro dazed at him drawing closer: "Kyu ki?"

Rudra whispered at her: "Kyu ki...tum...mein...hamesha..."

Paro tearily stared at him as he slowly leant in towards her lips.


Naksh pulling away from the kiss turned away uncomfortably: "We...we shouldn't have done that."

Myrah giggling came to his side eagerly: "Well I liked it...*whispered*Relax it was only a kiss. No one is looking. "

As she continued to laugh Naksh felt odd inside while also deeply confused while watching Myrah. Turning away again from her, he moved slowly out of the room to the attached poolside where only the blue aqua of the water shone against the walls. Taking his shoes off his sat down with his back against the wall and feet in the pool while staing ahead mind drained of what's been going on for the last few days, but also now. 

 Myrah plopped down beside Naksh still lightly giggling before hugging his arm close like a child.

Myrah: "What's wrong now?"

Naksh staring ahead still blinked hazily: "Do Rudra?"

Myrah halted with the smile slipping away from her lips. She lent back from Naksh then a bit flustered.

Myrah: "I...I...yes...Of course I do."

Naksh frowned even further: "But you kissed me."

Myrah pouted: "But but it was just a small one."

Naksh looked at her: "And why ...why don't you react when Rudra goes near- *hiccups*...I mean is near other girls, like dancing with that girl...earlier... She was quite close. "

Myrah shrugged her shoulders looking away: "They were just dancing. So?"

Naksh: "You should be a little possessive over your husband though right!? Yyour fiesty show it. Your should fight for your right."

Myrah smiled giggling: "To parrtyyy!"

Naksh pouted: "I'm serious."

Myrah sadly sniffed: "So you don't want me here either? You want me to go away too. "

She went to stand only to be held by the wrist by Naksh so she didn't move. 

Naksh sighed gently: "No... I just ...I just don't like what's going on these days."

Myrah giggled lightly while ruffling his hair a little: "You're so cute Naksh." 

Naksh crossed his arms: "I like handsome please. *yawns*"

As his eyes drifted close, Myrah smiled yawning too leaning against him: "Fine...I'lll"


Just before Rudra's lips touched Paro's and hand slipped between making Rudra kiss it instead. Paro closed her eyes feeling the intimate touch against her hand. As they both opened their eyes staring into each others, Paro looked away slowly feeling she had done this before. The missed kiss. She quickly stood up restless.

Paro: "I...I need to look for Naksha-"
Rudra held her wrist firmly before standing himself: "No you're not."

Paro looked at him before feeling her lips smile: "Why?...Scared?"

Rudra growled pulling her close why the waist making her hands grip his shoulders: "Panga mat le Paro."

Paro gulped as they swayed while his face neared hers again: "What are you...doing?"

Rudra smirked: "Can't you hear the music Paro...In the air..and in our hearts..."

Paro closed her eyes leaning her forehead against his as the swayed in the middle of the room elegantly. Her arms slipped round his neck feeling so home in his arms. Meant to be.

Rudra whispered: "I don't like it when you go near him Paro. "

Paro smiled innocently at him opening her eyes before moving back: "Kyu?"

Rudra letting her tease him by stepping back: " are..mine and I'm..yours."

Paro pouted shaking her head at him: "Nope. You are Myrah's."

She gasped as Rudra suddenly stepped forward sharply making her stagger back a little more.

Rudra: "No. Yours Only yours."

Rudra smirked seeing her stop with her back against the wall breathing heavily seeing him approach. Paro innocently glanced at the wall before back to Rudra.

Paro quietly: "Don't come any closer..."

Rudra huskily: "Kya huwa?" 

Paro unable to look away groggily at his eyes: "K...Kuch hota hai...Saas...Vo...Hoo...Hoochor...p...p.."

Rudra tucking her hair behind her ear making her close her eyes as if savoring his touch: "Poochor...Hain na?..."

Paro opened her eyes looking into his before nodding innocently: "Aap..K...Kaise..."

Rudra put a finger on her plump lips: "Shhh...Dekha thi hoon..."

He lowered his lips once more with Paro closing her eyes letting go her walls. He smirked before leaning in further before seeing her lean forward and fall against his chest asleep. 

He sighed and pouted childishly before looking down at her cute sleeping expression. He lifted her bridally before slowly walking to her bedroom on staggering legs. Paro gripped tighter round his neck making him chuckle and vibrate his laugh against his chest making Paro smile in her sleep. The reached the bedroom fine with Rudra carefully tucking her into bed like a mother would to a child making sure she looked perfect. His legs giving away made him fall beside the bed on the floor on his knees staring away at Paro in a glorious daze. He sighed leaning close while stroking her cheek.

Rudra: "You know why I know Paro...Because I get it too...Hoochor ...poochor...You get it in do I...Right here *pointing in heart* But it's a secret ok..."

His eyes widened a little as her head slowly fell to the side making him put a hand under it with a smile.

Rudra: "What would you do without me huh?"

Paro turned in her sleep and hugged his hand warmly whispering in her dreams: "I..I have a secret too...I have...I have dreams...*frowns* odd..dream with you in ...Like you're mine. I know I shouldn't dream thi...things like that...But I...I don't to make them..stop.."

And with that her breathing shallowed as her mind drifted away into a deep sleep. She didn't see how the tears fell from Rudra's eyes, nor who he wiped them away before smiling at her. How could he explain to her how these dreams are not dreams but were memories of them...Still dear to her heart as they were to his.

Rudra whispered: "Don't worry Paro... You'll remember everything... I promise... I won't give up on us *kisses her hand firmly leaning his head against it* I promise. I... *sleepily*...prom...promise..."

With that he slept with her hand... and she did with his against hers. 

Chapter Seventy-Nine: Narrow spaces


Myrah squinted at the first rays of light hitting off the poolside into her sight line. She bodily stretched before hugging the arm she was held on to tighter with a content smile. Her surfacing consciousness growing curious however made her peek an eye lazily open to see Naksh's head against the wall still asleep. She blinked both her eyes wide at the sudden unexpected sight before calmly staring at him. She smiled a little finding him adorable and ruffled his hair a little with a hand. Naksh reacted with a childish pout making Myrah hide a laugh behind her hand. She frowned however spotting a lipstick stain on his lips. She frowned confused at who could have done it before her eyes widened feeling a wave of last nights events come back to her.

She gasped scrurrying away from Naksh and standing with both her hands against her lips nearly hyperventilating. Her cheeks burning with embarrassment felt a second wave of the throbbin headache making her stagger a little against the wall while close her eyes painfully. The sound made Naksh hmm before frown in his sleep. Myrah gulped seeing Naksh awaken with a hand against his head while looking around with his blurred vision.

Naksh rasped: "What the hell happened...Oh shitt..."

Myrah stood staring down at him not knowing what to say or do flustered with panic.

Naksh looking around properly soon looked up to Myrah with a smile before frowning at the pool.

Naksh: "Wait...Am I at your poolside?"

Myrah dreading that he would remember what happened last night at any moment splashed water from the poolside in his face. He gasped looking at her confused before seeing her hand a towel to him. He stared at her confused before rubbing his face with the towel while Myrah sighed a little seeing the lipstick stain was gone. The embarrassment in her chest however wasn't.

Myrah quietly but firm: "You need to leave Naksh."

Naksh standing up a little wobbly: "What?"

Myrah pointed to the door before seeing him frown rubbing his head as if remembering something. In panic she held his arm and led him to the door.

Myrah angrily: "You need to leave now Naksh!!"

Naksh: "Wait wait! What did I do??"

Myrah paused in the middle of the room as another wave of memory hit her. She gulped remembering how Naksh said he fancied her...loved her even from the start. It made her eyes water and body tense with anger. 

Naksh: "Myrah? Are you ok?"

Myrah began to drag him again pushing him outside the bedroom whispering: "It's all your fault..."

Naksh standing outside the bedroom looking at Myrah confused as hell: "What? What's my fault?"

Myrah shouted at him: "It's all your fault!!!"

And with that she slammed the door in Naksh's face making him move back confused before stepping forward to knock only to stop thinking she was having a rough after morning. Scratching the back of his head he decided best to go to his bedroom to freshen up before heading over to Paro's to see if she was alright. Myrah however sat down with her back against the door with her hands cupped against her mouth unable to believe she and Naksh had kissed. What shocked her more was she also remembered enjoying it too which only angered her more. 


As Paro opened her eyes gently as the fog of her dreams drifted away, her eyes fell on a hand holding a glass of what seemed like water, while there was also a small cup of tea on the side table. Blinking she looked up to see Rudra's face become clearer to her making her sit up quickly only to wince with a hand firmly against her temple.

Paro quietly: "A..Aap?"

Rudra nodded: "Hain main."

Paro: "Last night...what...what happened? My really hurts.."

Rudra: "Of course it does. You were drunk last night."

Paro blinked before looking up at him: "Drunk??...*eyes widened* Al...Alcohol!"

Rudra sat down on the bed by her legs nodding: "Now take this and drink it. It's lime juice. It'll help."

Paro pouted shaking her head: "Nahi...It's doesn't look nice."

Rudra sternly: "Should I decorate it for you. Drink it."

Paro shook her head winced as she tried to remember last night: "I can't remember anything from last night...Kya huwa tha?"

Rudra gulped feeling disappointment in his heart as he remembered everything, though details were a blur.

Rudra: "Kuch bi nahi?"

Paro looked at him then wondering if he implyed what she thought he did. He blinked however looking away before looking back at her seriously.

Rudra: "Here drink this then drink the tea. You'll feel better."

Paro looked at the glass he held to her and shook her head innocently. Rudra sighed and stood up before holding her nose. Paro's eyes widened as she went to protest only for Rudra to forcefully make her drink the lime juice. He smirked at the sight while Paro closed her eyes tightly at the taste.

Naksh walked through the door then and frowned seeing Rudra finish force feeding Paro and put the glass aside making her turn away with an icky taste. Concerned he came to the other side of the bed.  Rudra frowned surprised at his sudden presence. He glanced at the door sure that it was closed.

Naksh: "Hey what's wrong? *sitting down on the bed* Parvati?"

Paro shook her head at him assuringly.

Rudra firmly: "How did you get in?"

Naksh: "Extra key...*glancing at him suspiciously* Just in case. What are you doing here?"

Rudra: "She drank too much last night."

Naksh frowned looking to Paro: "You drank?"

Paro shook her head at him desperately.

Rudra smirked a little discretely: "Everyone was disgusted. She pulled everyone's hair and danced like a monkey. "

Paro shocked: "Kya!?!? I did!?"

Naksh laughed shocked: "She did?! Woah animal or what!?!?"

Paro shook her head: "But it wasn't my fault! Geetanjili mam gave the drink to me and I thought it was orange juice and-"

She paused seeing Rudra hide away his smile making her gawp at him. 

Paro: "Aap..Aap- *chucking a pillow at him*"

Rudra: "Arre?!"

Paro annoyed at him: "You're teasing me? And here I was getting all embarrassed and you-!?... Major s-! "

She stopped short while Naksh looked at her confused while Rudra's heart paused a beat. Paro shook her head with her eyes closed feeling her head become fuzzy again. 

Paro: "Maafkardeejya...My head..."

Naksh passed the tea at the side to Paro making her smile briefly at him appreciatively. 

Naksh: "Rudra you should go to Myrah. I think she's looking for you."

Rudra's jaw tightened at that before slowly leaving unable to see a good reason to stay back. Naksh watching him leave soon turned to Paro whispering.

Naksh: " you remember anything from last night Parvati."

Drinking a little tea, Paro looked at him sadly shaking her head: "Do you?"

Naksh silently contemplated making Paro frown: "Nakshatra?"

Naksh smiled her her reassuringly as she tilted her head at him concerned: "No. Come drink your tea up. Gotta be heading back this morning."

Paro smiled gently nodding and did so. 


With workers arriving to help decorate the haveli for the last few touches of the haldi, 2 of the men spent a lot more time letting their eyes wander while the hands worked slowly. They were there until noon when one of them discretely went over to the other by the main door. He looked around discretely before glancing at the other shaking his head.

Kumar quietly: "Find her?"

Baldev shook his head a little fearfully: "We should leave bhai-sa. We're wasting our time, energy and risking someone realizing that these stupid outfits and mustaches we're wearing are fake."

Kumar shook his head looking around beadily: "We have to make sure. I have no intention to go back unless we're 100% certain Parvati bhaisa isn't here. We haven't seen that Ranawat either yet."

Baldev trying to remember: "Rudra...BSD vala."

Kumar grit his teeth but calmed himself seeing Sumer walk past: "Baldev you have been on this task for Malik for 2 years now. I can't keep repeating to you who is who."

Baldev looked down awkwardly.

Kumar: "Rudra Pratab Ranawat is not BSD remember. He left it years ago. Good riddance. However if Parvati is here she'd be with him."

As Baldev turned his body froze. He nudged Kumar making him look round in shock too to see Rudra enter the haveli with Myrah on one side and Paro on the other. 

Baldev: "Bhai...That's-"

Kumar pulled him round: "Be discrete idiot!! *smiles* Finally we've found her. I told you. I told you didn't I."

Glancing back again he watched them walk by with Naksh catching up. His face turned away quickly.

Kumar: "It's him."

Baldev glanced back: "Who?"

Kumar pulling him back: "The guy who took Parvati from us in the first place."
Baldev worried: "What if he recognoizes us?"

Kumar slapped Baldev's hand away as it consciously touched his disguise: "Stop it! We just have to be wary."

Baldev nodded looking back at the four as they stopped before Maitilli happily. He frowned confused.

Baldev: "Wait...there's two Parvati's!"

Kumar rolled his eyes: "No duffo...the one with short hair is Rudra's new wife and the one with long hair is ours. *glancing back thoughtfully*  She looks happy around the new wife so... I don't think she's remembered anything."

Maitilli: "All of you go and freshen up and I'll set the table. We've already eaten but I kept everything ready."

Naksh grinned: "We're the best Maitilli bhabisa!"

As the three went off, Rudra glanced at his phone with VK Singh calling.

Rudra: "Bhabisa, Sir might want me to go to BSD HQ first. I'll see what Sir wants first."

Maitilli smiled nodding: "Teek hai devarjisa."

Rudra smiled and left the haveli picking up the phone with Baldev stone cold watching. He turned to Kumar dragging him aside. Kumar looked around glared at Baldev.

Kumar whispered harshly: "Have you gone mad!"

Baldev: "You said he'd not part of BSD anymore. Rudra's joined BSD again!"

Kumar: "What??"

Baldev nodded fearfully: "Bhai-sa...we should leave. We can bring back up now we know where Parvati bhaisa is-"

Kumar: "Shut up. We're not going to tell anyone. We're going to take the credit for this. It's not going to be easy taking her from under Ranawat's nose, but we've done it once before. We can do it again. *smiles* Just watch then how Malik rewards us and us alone. We just need to find a way to get her out..."


Sunheri spun in the silver yellow sari held against her to show a preview of what it would look like. Myrah and Shautabdi clapped impressed.

Myrah frowning at the drapes: "But why the white theme? I bought loads of yellow for the haldi."

Shautabdi critized: "I know but Maajisa seems like she's celebrating someone's death."

Mohini glancing at Paro in the distance helping Maitilli and smirked: "Well someone has died."

Shautabdi caught the look and narrowed her eyes on her: "Matlab??"

Mohini blinked looking to a confused Sunheri with a smile: "I mean white represents new beginnings doesn't it."

Rudra walked in hearing that and glanced at Sunheri who looked at him sorrily.

Sunheri: " Maasa...Myrah bought loads of things for the haldi...Maybe-"

Mohini: "No. White and silver will be the colours for the Haldi. Not Yellow."

Sunheri sadly sat down making Danveer come over putting a hand on Mohini's shoulder.

Danveer: "Mohini...Let it be yellow. It's more traditional and Sunheri is right, Myrah did buy all that decoration hoping for a yellow themed Haldi. Hmm?"

Mohini sighed feeling the pressure of everyone getting to her. She wanted white specifically so it didn't help Paro remember anything just in case. But now being put in tight she had to think fast.

Mohini: "Fine. The decoration can have yellow in it, but not the clothes. I have already arranged everyone their clothing so no compromises on it. Understood."

Myrah and everyone smiled glad while she walked away. Shautabdi then led Myrah away to show her the clothes. Rudra however went over to Sunheri who stood up looking round.

Sunheri: "Sorry Rudra Bhai-sa I tried."

Rudra: "No Sunheri. You did good. Now can you do something else for me?"

Sunheri smiled: "Anything."

Rudra led Sunheri away to explain his plan, while the Baldev and Kumar smiled glad that the haldi being tomorrow would be the centre of everyone's attention, hopefully leaving Parvati for their picking.


Paro unpacking in her room soon came across the small wrapped package that Geetanjili gifted her at the party. She smiled opening it up slowly to reveal a curious small blue bag. It was hand stitched bag with a little package inside. Paro's eyes widened seeing it was imli. She instantly tasted it as it filled her mouth with happiness. Closing her eyes at the glorious taste however her mind flashed images of Maitilli handing her some and another woman also when she was a little girl. Paro gasped standing up staring at the bag in her shaking hands. Paro blinked sitting back down slowly as she wondered who the woman was in a beautiful royal sari. She remembered her warmth her she was her mother. Paro frowned. And Jija hasn't given me imli before...has she? Paro stared at the bag confused while massaging her temple as nothing was making sense to her and how of all things this bag was connected. She stroked it carefully as it felt a little worn and used but also something about it made it feel it was hers already.


Paro stared into the distance as she helped Maitilli with the vegetables at the round table in the hall. Both sat beside eachother while Naksh struggled to to help, though he put effort into it while glancing at Maitilli's hands as she did the peeling.

Maitilli giggled lightly seeing Naksh: "Nakshatra. I said didn't I leave it. Parvati and I will do it."

Naksh: "No no. I'll get it just watch."

Myrah on her phone laid on the sofa beside the table smiled glancing at Naksh.

Maitilli nudged Paro: "You didn't tell me. How was the party hmm? You all must have had lots of fun. Tell me tell me!"

Paro blinked looking to her awkwardly. Maitilli frowned seeing her speechless while also noticing Naksh and Myrah go quiet too indicating something was wrong.

Naksh: "Actually...Bhabi, the thing is-"

Myrah panicing sat up: "We all drank a little too much and now can't remember anything. Anything."

Naksh glanced at Myrah, while she did the same before looking away awkwardly.

Maitilli put a hand over her mouth: "Kya?...*looking to Paro concerned* Parvati?"

Paro sadly embarrassed looked at her: "I didn't know it was alcohol jija. I swear. Geetanjili mam gave me a drink which I thought was orange and- *seeing Rudra come back in*...and I can't remember what...what happened..."

Maitilli glanced at Rudra as Paro did and understood Rudra must have tried to help Paro remember and smiled knowing now it must have been playing on Paro's mind. She stood up then and went over to Rudra to set up his late lunch while Paro watched in.


Hmming heli-ram quietly, Paro petted Dhruv's hair while staring ahead in the distance. She felt she had a lot on her mind from last night making her feel content but also restless at the same time. Especially with the looming fact that she couldn't remember what happened. Though she felt this was one of the scary effects of alcohol with also the fact she was having some amnesia already, something felt different. When Rudra looked at her this morning when asking if she was sure she couldn't remember felt different. Looking down to Dhruv she blinked seeing Dhruv fast asleep for a while it seemed. Shaking her head at herself she kissed his forehead and tucked him in before quietly leaving.

As she shut the door behind her, she suddenly collided with Rudra making him hold her close. She blinked staring at him in the dim corridor before letting him help steady her. Rudra frowned seeing her frown at him before moving away and walking down the corridor.

Rudra: "If you stop falling over nothing then maybe I won't have to be here to protect you. "

Paro stopped in her tracks looking back at him shocked as she couldn't believe he was teasing her again instead of apologizing for this morning. Without saying anything however she walked away a little quicker. Rudra caught up to her side.

Rudra: "Gussa ho ab thak?"

Paro shook her head still walking making Rudra hold her arm to make her look at him. 

Rudra warned huskily: "Don't lie...I can see clearly from here."

Paro looked down at her fidgeting hands annoyed: " If you can see clearly why do you say things like that. You haven't even apologized to me for this morning."

Rudra: "Are you sure your're not just upset because I said I won't be there to protect you?"

Paro turned to him awkwardly with eyes wide: "Nono...I...I mean-"

Rudra smirked: "I know. But what I said is true.

Paro pouted looking away: "Well I don't like it. "

Rudra stepping forward:"Accha?"

Paro lowered her face a little with her wide eyes blinking at his. She twitched her lips however and stepped back nodding with assertiveness in her eyes. 

Rudra raised an eyebrow and shrugged his shoulders: "Fine then... I won't look after you then as you can look after yourself. "

Paro smiled awkwardly as Rudra slowly walked away. But with every step he took she felt her throat tighten and a deep pit grow in her stomach. She looked down at her hands sadly before jumping startled as Rudra was suddenly by her side again.

Rudra: "Just so you know I was lying about that. I have a reputation to stick to as Major."

Paro opened her mouth at him in shock, but before she could tell him off Naksh swept in warmly. 

Naksh: "Here you are Parvati. You need to be getting to bed. Come on. *looking to Rudra. I'm looking after her remember. "

With that he was Paro walked away while Rudra put his hands in his pockets with a deep sigh. He smiled to himself however seeing Paro glance back at him. 


Myrah walking down the corridor paused seeing Naksh ahead coming out of Paro's bedroom. The smile on his face made her feel annoyed as here she was having mental loops about what happened last night and he was fine. Fine enough to be around Paro fine. And that annoyed her even more. It wasn't long til his eyes met hers making her look away awkwardly before coming up to him like a storm. Naksh though felt confused deep down knew why she was behaving like this.

Myrah angrily: "What do you think you're-"

Naksh sighed: "Myrah... Myrah! Stop...Listen I got it. I'm annoying. You've been avoiding me, being rude all day...I get it. "

Myrah stopped before feeling her features calm as if realising what she was doing.

Myrah: "I wasn't-"

Naksh raising an eyebrow seriously: "If you're gonna act like this because of last night then..."

She stared at him shocked taken aback that he did remember what happened last night.

Naksh sighed continuing a little with an undertone of annoyance: "Then relax. I'll back off. Just don't get hyper ok. Night."

And with that he walked past Myrah to his own room making her heart panic as guilt seeped in.

Myrah turned sadly: "Naksh wait-"

But he had also clicked the door shut and locked it leaving Myrah feeling terrible inside.


Finally back from Morrocco! Absolutely fantastic trip. All things about people being pushy and snatchy is rubbish. Really lovely people and had no trouble at all. Would highly recommend it to all, especially to my Muslim brothers and sisters who really want to see a beautiful gem of history that will make you walk away feeling humbled and so privileged to be Muslim. Subhan'Allah. :') Would go back in a heartbeat. For a tour guide take Ben Kamal (if you search him up you'll find him on tripadvisor), did three days with our family to the markets and mountains, palaces and gardens. Super knowledge and awesome brother as a whole. PM me for more info.

Anyway enough of my riffraff, these two chapters up. Please please do comment and definitely click like for me. Those waiting for DWE will be up tomorrow. Really exhausted from the traveling so will PM tomorrow for todays update and tomorrows together.

Lots of hugs!!


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