TaaRey : The Billionaire's Sweethearts [The Billionaire Trilogy]

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Table Of Contents

- | Book One : The Billionaire's Mistake | -

- | Book Two | -

Chapter One - Taming The Beast (Scroll Down)

Chapter Two : Moving In With Him

Chapter Three : Feisty Little Doll

Chapter Four : Burning Desires

Chapter Five : Unwanted Attraction

Chapter Six : Wanting Miss. Shekhawat

Chapter Seven : I Don't Want Her

Chapter Eight : Confused Feelings

Chapter Nine : She Is Driving Me Crazy!

- | Thread Two | -

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Ch-1 : Taming The Beast


"What? But why?" 

"No means no. My baby girl will wear anything but pink." He growled in anger, seeing the pink cute dress she had chose for Rhianna to wear today.

"Whats wrong with pink? All girls like pink-" Taani argued back, shaking her head at his childishness.

"My baby girl is not an ordinary girl. She doesn't like pink nor her father like." He stated in matter of the fact tone. Taani rolled her eyes at him then she look at her angel, who was laying on the bed, looking at her parents as they argued over the color of the dress.

"Angel, don't you like this color?" Taani asked her daughter, both Rey and Taani look at their daughter in anticipation. Little Rhianna look at the dress for a while before she turned her face away. Taani gaped at her daughter while Rey gave a victorious grin to her.

Little Angel was now 6 months old and daddy's girl. Its been almost two months to Priya's engagement and Rey has finally accepted the fact that she wasn't meant to be with him. Though there are still feelings for her in his heart but he had accepted the fact that now she is his brother's would be wife.

"Traitor." Taani mouthed and turned around to get another dress for her. Taani came back with a lavender colored cute dress in her hands. Rey was cuddling his little angel in his arms, Taani smiled at him. No matter how rudely he behaves with her and how much she despise him for that, but she truly admire him for the love he has for their daughter.

"Taani, I want to talk to you." His serious tone broke her trance, she look at him and nodded, waited for him to continue while she took Rhianna from him and started dressing her up for the day.

"I want you and Rhianna to move in with me." Her eyes widen in shock as his words sinked in.

"What? Have you gone mad, mr. singhania?" She hissed in anger. After they had return back from india, they had maintain their lives like before, but the change was, Rey would come to meet and spend time with Rhianna and sometimes take her at his place. Apart from that, their lives were like it used to be before their trip to india.

"Listen, I am saying this after thinking alot. I have to come here to meet her like a weekend daddy, Rhianna is small, she doesn't understand this but when she will grow up, she will start understanding things. And i don't want my baby girl to chose between you and me to spend her time. And this is not a good environment for a kid to grow up in." Rey told her with seriousness. Taani bite her lower lip,since when Rey singhania started to talk logically?

But she couldn't even disagree with him. She knew when Rhianna will grow, she will question why her father doesn't live with them? And she doesn't have any answer for that. So should she agree to move in with him?

 But was she ready to live with the man who despise her mere presence? Her self respect wasn't allowing her to agree with him. But again, she can't be selfish. She has to think about Rhianna too.

"Alright. But I have some conditions." Taani told him, she won't let him rule over her life. He had already done enough damage to her life, but not anymore.

"And what made you think I'll accept your conditions?" His arrogance made her blood boil.

"You will, if you don't want to be a weekend daddy." Taani smirked as she replied. Angel flickered through his hazel orbs, but he calmed himself and sighed in defeat.

"Fine. Tell me about your conditions." He groaned loudly, Taani did a little victory dance, mentally off-course. Its not everyday, Rey singhania gives into someone's demand. Her smirk grew wider, she felt like a bitch for using her daughter to tame the beast, but it was needed. 

She wants him to know, she doesn't need him to live her life.


Hello guys! Here with book 2. Hope you all will like this one too.

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And please do leave your feedback :)
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awesome updateBig smile
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superb update...
rihanan same as her father...:P
so dey r gonna live together now...
m xctd to read further...:D
nd eager to knw taani's conditions...
thnx fr pm
update soon..
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Nice update
Rhiana is a daddy's girl through nd through
Taani is using her own daughter as a weapon against rey
Update soon
Thnlx for the pm
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superb update...
Loved it
Update soon
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Awesome  update 
Finally rey trying to forget priya
Aww loved their fight 
Rihanna is totally daddy's girl
Rey is right and maybe he also feeling left out in becoming weekend daddy 
Now its taani's turn go ahead 
Update soon
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Posted: 2016-04-17T00:42:21Z
Superb start
Waiting to read more
Continue soon
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