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Posted: 6 years ago
My votes:


Post 1 - Wuthering Heights
Post 2 - A Frozen Wish
Posted: 6 years ago
CC: 1
Post 1: 3
Post2: 3
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by luminescence

Title compilation-Please Vote
Post 1-

1.Aiming For The Sky

Post 2-

3. A Frozen Wish

Originally posted by luminescence

CC compilation-Please vote


^my votes
Posted: 6 years ago
My vote-
CC #3

Post 1- 3

Post 2- 3
Edited by luminescence - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
Final CC/Title
Post 1- Wuthering Heights

Post 2- A Frozen Wish

CC- Tie between #1 and #3, Yuvi/java, please vote for one and break the tie.
Posted: 6 years ago

I'll CC this when the tie is broken.


Through the serene snow-capped landscape a group of trekkers walked their way to the highest point on the earth, Mt. Everest. A nagging drizzle had drenched them head to toe; their feet slipped in the delicate snow, but they moved on, pledged to success.

It was Mally and her friends Abhi, Hina, Java, Viz and Proteeti. When life had got too boring on the plains, they had decided to come over to the mountains. Now they were led by Captain Yuvika.

They passed the steep walks, clutching their sticks and adjusting the masks. After every few steps they stopped to rest and to admire their lucky vision that witnessed the quiet, so near the earth's height.

All of a sudden, Mally slipped over a loose snowy patch and lost balance to crash into a perplexed Java who stumbled back.

Mally gave a nervous smile and moved forward, away from Java who stood glaring at her.

"K girls. Be prepared now, for the most crucial part of our journey- the Khumbu Icefall!" said the Captain. The trekkers drew their breaths in surprise. Before them stood a colossal wall of ice. "Sky is the limit!" whispered Mally to an awestruck Edna. Meanwhile Yuvi called out to them and sorted them in a line. Abhi was to go first, while Mally stood last as Yuvika took the end.

After what seemed an hour, the team was finally up and headed towards the summit, not far from the icefall. The light reflected from the surrounding highlands sometimes blinded them, but this group was undaunted.

Suddenly Java stopped them and pointed at the peak, now glistening gold with the melted flow of sunlight. They did not speak but threw occasional it's-awesome-right smiles to one another. "Come on, we're almost there!" said Yuvi, her eyes shining with excitement.

Soon, they found themselves standing on the summit, taking a success selfie, each grinning broadly. "You're forgetting something, Viz."

"What? Oh, yeah! Birthday girl, eh?"

"Did you bring my cake?!"

"Are you serious?"

"I told you to."

"And perhaps I told you to carry your own stuff, Mally!"

Hina threw herself between the two and said, "Okay, okay, no fighting please! Let's see, I've got some fruit cakes! We could always have that!" And Abhi bent down and threw up a handful snow, "Here's to our dear Mally!" Proteeti wrung her hands and hugged her. Yuvi said, "Yeah! Remember our plan guys? Let the whole world know, come on!"

To her sheer delight, the team obeyed at once and each took her position in a circle, keeping Mally in the centre, and shouted,

"Happy birthday Mally!"

The sound echoed forth.

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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by luminescence

Final CC/Title
Post 1- Wuthering Heights

Post 2- A Frozen Wish

CC- Tie between #1 and #3, Yuvi/java, please vote for one and break the tie.

CC tie breaker - go with CC #3

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