#2| [Book 1] TaaRey : The Billionaire's Mistake [Trilogy] [Completed]

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Chapter Eleven : Bonding With Little Angel {Scroll Down}

Chapter Twelve : Meeting The Singhania's

Chapter Thirteen : Victim Of Her Charm

Chapter Fourteen : Kissed By The Devil

Chapter Fifteen : I Hate You

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Ch-11 : Bonding With Little Angel

Rhianna, in just a day this name had started holding so much importance in his life. He never knew how it would feel to have a baby, now he do. He was father of this beautiful little angel and he was feeling out of the world. The moment he laid his eyes on her, he knew she is his. She is his daughter, result of the night he regretted but not anymore. He couldn't regret the night anymore, how could he? That night has given him beautiful gift.

He had always believed kids to be most beautiful gift of god and he was happy to be blessed with one. He plopped himself on his elbow and stare down at his beautiful little daughter who was sleeping peacefully. He lifted his hand and caress her angelic face, a small smile tugging at his lips. Only he knew how he managed to not to take her in his arms during their journey from LA to india.

"You are truly an angel." He whispered softly. Then his gaze fall over her mother, who was in deep slumber, snuggle into her blanket. He knew from where his daughter had got her beauty and cuteness. A sigh escaped his lips as he continued to stare at taani. Nothing has changed about her, she was as beautiful as she was a year back. And he hate how she grab his attention without even trying.

"Good night, angel. Daddy will spend lots of time with you tomorrow-" Rey avert his gaze away from taani and look at Rhianna. He leaned and kissed her forehead before he laid down on his side and covered them with blanket properly. Soon he slipped into a peaceful slumber.

Next morning. He opened his eyes as the alarm clock ringed. He turned off the alarm and opened his eyes lazily. He turned to his right side, to see his daughter but his eyes widen when he didn't found her there. He looked around the room but they weren't there, then get down from the bed, he rushed out of the room.

He took a sigh of relief when he found her with her mother, Taani was in balcony with Rhianna in her arms. He walked toward them. Taani look at him when she noticed him approaching them.

"Can i take her?" Rey asked her hesitatingly which gave another shock to her. Taani gave a small nod in response and handed Rhianna to him. Rey took his daughter in his arms, his heart was beating loudly against his ribcage, Rhianna was looking at him with her big round innocence filled eyes before her lips curved into a smile.

"Aw. My baby. Do you know who am i? I'm your daddy-" Rey talked to Rhianna in child like tone. Rhianna listened to his quietly before she gave another toothless grin to him, taking his breath away at how adorable his child is. He felt guilty for not being there for earlier, for not being there when she took birth.

"Can you tell me about what time we will be leaving for office? I have to call a babysitter to look after Rhianna in my absence-" Taani asked him, breaking his reverie. He tore his gaze away from Rhianna and look at taani.

"I don't have any work today, I'll be visiting my parents today-" Rey told her before he look at her from head to toe, she was wearing one of her cutest PJs, giving him perfect view of her bare sexy legs, he could stare at all day, her hair were messy giving her a sexy morning look. He sighed heavenly, he will be lying if he say he wasn't turned on by her.

"Can i take her along with me?" It felt strange to him to take someone's permission for anything, but when it comes to Rhianna, he was even ready to let go off his ego.

"But what will you say about her to them? I'm sure they won't be happy to know their son have a daughter without a wedlock?" She raised a valid question, but it won't stop him from accepting Rhianna as his daughter in front of his family or world.

"She is my daughter and i don't care what others think. And don't worry about my family, they will accept her with open arms." Rey told her in sharp stern tone.

"If you say so." 

"You are also coming with me, I don't know how long i'll be there, so if Rhianna needs anything you will be there-" Rey trailed off, he look at her, he could tell she wanted to deny but then nodded in agreement.


Ye! 2nd Thread! Dancing

Just 5 days and i'm opening a new thread. 

Thank you so much guys, for all the love and support.

Please do leave your feedback :)
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no update or no content but likes LOLLOL
after a long time first here... well one more time coming... LOLLOL

i liked the changes in rey... which are due to rhianna... 

hope he will accept taani too...he has to cuz m sure you wont separate them...

waiting for family's reaction on Rhianna and taani... m waiting for that moment when priya will come to know the truth also when rey will come to know that Taaniz family abandoned her leaving her alone in the world

update soon

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Loveddd ittt.. Completely <3 
Can't stop reading.. Wanna read more *winks*.. 
Congs for new thread :D
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congo for second thread...
res for now
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Congrats on the new thread.. 
Nice update.. 
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awsum update...ClapClapClap
n congrats fo new thread...Big smileBig smileBig smile
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Congo Shongo for the new thread...Party

The update really very cute...Embarrassed

Update next part asap...Wink
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