TaaRey : The Billionaire's Mistake [The Billionaire Trilogy](Page 34)

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he ditched her ...

she is not the only wrong person...

and put all blame on her..
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Sounds good

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Ch-4 : That One Night

"Hey, taani."

"Hi, Rey. You here?" 

She was surprised when Rey approached her and initiate a conversation with her which never happened before. She had come to club on insistent of her friend who had ditched her as soon as she met her boyfriend, leaving her sitting alone at bar counter when her sister's boyfriend approached her.

"I came here with my friends-" Rey trailed off, looking at her as she gulped down shots after shots.

"Hey! Slow down, girl. I don't think you can handle this much alcohol in your system." Rey chuckled, but he was genuinely worried for her knowing she is not habitual of consuming alcohol and its probably second or third time she is drinking in her whole life.

"AH! I'll manage." She mumbled but the alcohol in her system has started to work, making her head feel heavy. Rey shook his head and ordered a strong drink for himself. He gulped down the drink in one go then ordered another one for himself.

"Dance?" Rey held his hand out for her. Taani happily accepted it.

After some time, they both were completely drunk, dancing on the dance floor, it was more of seducing each other. They forgot what they relation they share, they forgot what they are doing, is wrong. The hidden attraction surfaced, making them drawn in the lust.

Wrapping his arms around her waist, he pulled her in to him.

"Never knew, you could be so sexy."

"Why so?" She whispered, her voice came as seductively, without even trying which aroused him.

"Because you are way too innocent, with those cute PJs. A cute baby-" Rey whispered in her ear, chuckling at the end of his sentence as he remembered the countless time he had seen in those cute PJs, which made her look childish but adorably cute.

"I'm not a baby. And i can prove that-" Taani said in haze, grinding her lower body against his. The new found courage due to alcohol, brought bold side in her. She was inexperience but worked on her instincts and pulled him toward her. His eyes darkened seeing the innocent beauty in seductress avatar. Taani smiled seductively, her eyes were as dark as night. He couldn't hold himself back, grabbing back of her neck, he smacked his lips hard against her.

Their lips moulded into a messy, lustful kiss. His hands were roaming on her body in most intimate way. He broke the kiss and dragged her toward the stairs which led to private rooms of club, reserved for VIP members.

Lust clouded her mind, he pulled her inside the room and locked it. She was in his mind, just her. He pulled her in his arms and locked his lips with hers. Kissing her with wild aggression and passion. She fisted his hair in tight grip and kissed his gap, smooching his lips. The lust brewing with in him, made him feel wild. Their clothes came off and they fell on the bed, their souls intertwined with each other. Their bodies merged together as one at that moment, and it felt blissful.

She got up with jerk, again she got the dream of that night. Her whole form was shivering, sweat beads formed on her forehead. That night proved to be worse and best night of her, because of that night she had lost many people but in return, she got most beautiful gift, Her Rhianna, Her little angel is fruit of that night and she cherish it. 

"Don't know what happened between Priya di and Rey after i left-" Taani questioned to herself. She knew Rey loved his sister alot and she hoped her sister had forgiven him. She still remembers his reaction after they were sobered and realized what they had done in drunken state. He wanted to tell everything to priya honestly, which made her respect him for his honesty toward her.

"What the f**k! How could i cheat on priya? How could i sleep with you?" Rey shouted in frustration, he punched the wall behind him in anger. Then his gaze fall over her, she had the bedsheet wrapped around her naked body, was crying hugging herself.

"This shouldn't have happened-" Rey growled, glaring down at her which made her flinch, she never felt herself drawn in guilt.

"We can forget whatever happened. We won't tell anything to di, you can live how you were living till now-"

"I can't. I can't live with the guilt." Rey replied back, angrily.


"We have done a mistake but i won't commit another one by hiding this from her. We will tell her everything and i'm sure, she will forgive us and give us another chance." Rey said to her who nodded in absentmindedly. Little did she knew, it wasn't going to be this easy.

That was the last day they talked to each other in civil manner. After that he seems to grow bitter feelings for her, he would avoid her, snap at her unnecessarily but all ended when they told everything to priya, After that they never met each other until now, but his behavior indicates he still dislike her.


Next part depends on response.

Please do leave your feedback.

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Beautiful I love this update so taani got
pregnant with rey child she call to tell him
But she stop herself hearing rey ohhh god her family throw her out of house coz of that but she is happy with her baby aww
Both mom daughter r so cute what will rey do in off to taani thanks for PM updt soon
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now worried is priya with rey...

this complicated more
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Nice update
After knowing the flashback none is at fault
Then how can Rey behave this bad with Taani
Rey should be ashamed to meet his eyes with her because she lost her virginity along with her family just because of that night
He is so full of himself to think about other's pain
Continue soon
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Ok this happened
Awesome update di
Update soon
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awsum update...Clap
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