TaaRey : The Billionaire's Mistake [The Billionaire Trilogy](Page 22)

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very nyc
lets see what unfolds..
thanks for the pm ..!!
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Though I am a taarey fan
but I hate him when he is jerk
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nice update dear

intresting, rey angry on taani thinking why ??
that mistake was frm both side
let see what happn further update soon
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Waiting fr d day wen they madly fall in love
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Why is he mad at her?
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Ch-3 : Little Angel, Rhianna

With a smile plastered on her face, she entered her small apartment. She walked inside her room where her little angel was sleeping where as her baby sitter was monitoring her.

"Hey, Jessica. Here is your this month salary-" Taani smiled softly as she handed her a paycheck. Jessica smiled gratefully, she loves working for taani, she is kind and sweet so is her daughter, easy to handle for a 4 months old baby.

"Thank you, Ms. Shekhawat. I'll take your leave now, I'll be here in morning tomorrow-" Jessica thanked her then she left from there. Taani walked over the baby cradle that was placed next to her bed.

"Hey, angel. How was your day? Mine was tiring, but you know, i met your daddy today but he didn't even talk to me nicely." Taani whispered softly, she could share her pain and happiness with her little angel only. Tears brimmed in her eyes when she thought about Rey's words, he had said to her in office.

It pained her to having him name that night as a mistake, but she has accepted it too. She knew because of that night, he had lost his love, Priya.

"But sorry, baby, i couldn't told him about you. He will never accept us-" Taani mumbled painfully.

"But you will always have your mommy by your side, thats mommy's promise." She smiled through her tears, she bend down little and kissed her baby's forehead. Controlling her feelings, she got up and walked over the closet. She took out a pair of casuals, she changed her clothes then went in kitchen to prepare dinner for herself.

Life has changed after that night. Her family disowned her, for what she did with Priya, then she got to know she was pregnant with Rey's child which gave a new reason to her to live. She started her life again with determination to give a better future to her child, she got a job as Mrs. Parker's assistant who was a kind and caring lady, treated her like her own daughter. She was a great support to her during her pregnancy. She loved working for her, but now Mrs. Parker has been replaced by Rey and she knew that the life in office is not going to be less than hell and his earlier behavior had confirmed it.

"God! My life is a mess!" She cursed her fate and went back in her room after having her dinner.

"Angel!" She smiled seeing her baby girl, who was up and looking around with her innocence filled eyes. She bend down and picked her up in her arms. Her daughter was her life. A fruit of that night. There were times when she wanted to tell him about her, even she called him once to inform him about her pregnancy but things she heard from him, refrained her from telling him.

After a month, she gathered some courage and called him to tell him about her pregnancy.

"Hello. Who's it?"

"Rey, Its me, taani." Taani clutched the cell phone tightly in her grip. Her heart was beating loudly in nervousness.

"Taani? Why you called me? Listen, here i'm trying to clear the mess in my life, I don't need more complications, so please, don't ever call me. I'm not interested in talking to you." Tears brimmed in her eyes when she heard his harsh tone, she didn't said anything but ended the phone call.

Not wanting to make things more complicated for him.

Her baby's palm hit her cheek which brought her back into reality. She look at her daughter with undying love in her hazel orbs. She was Rhianna Singhania, her little angel who was there with her when no was. She gave her life a meaning with her arrival. Rhianna was center of her mother's world. The person she loves the most.

Rhianna giggled softly as her mother nuzzled her face in her belly. Taani sat on the bed and played with her daughter. She forgot everything and found herself smiling at her daughter. She didn't have to worry about anything when she is with her daughter.


Should i continue further?

Please do leave your feedback :)
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Me first...LOL
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Thumbs Up
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