TaaRey : The Billionaire's Mistake [The Billionaire Trilogy](Page 12)

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Hey super duper interesting story dear as always Clap
Please update asap ...
mind blowing
awesome ch 1 Clap
Looking forward to it ...
please update soon n
please update ir other stories too Clap
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amazing concept
l loved it
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sounds good story...

continue soon
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Interesting Start...
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Lovely update 
Rey loves priya Taani's sister 
Taani out of the house and now rey angry with her
I just hope things work out
Update soon 
Thanks for the pm 
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Ch-2 : And We Meet Again

Since she had stepped inside the office this morning, she was on her toes. She was running from here to there, doing the necessary work as her new boss was coming today, taking over the company since the old owner has sold her shares to him due to financial crises.

"Taani, boss will be here any moment. He doesn't like imperfection, everything should be perfect. Understood?" Her colleague, Lily asked her, she stopped for a moment then narrowed her eyes at her. She doesn't need ms. make up telling her about her work. 

"Concentrate on your make up, its wearing off and it might turn new boss ff." Taan snickered as lily got worried and run to check her make up. She rolled her eyes, all the girls were doing their best to impress the new boss when he arrives. Brushing her thoughts and started doing her work, Being his assistant, she has to make sure everything is perfect when arrives.

There was hustle bustle in between the employees, all were rushing to their respective seats and got themselves engrossed in their work yet stealing glances at the entrance to get the glimpse of new boss. She rushed toward the entrance, to welcome the new boss. She watched curiously as a man, dressed in three piece armani suit, stepped out of the black colored Mercedes Benz, her eyes popped out of their sockets when she recognize the man.

It was Rey, Rey singhania, the man she lost her virginity to, and that had lead to drastic changes in her life. She cursed her fate, for making him her boss. Its been a more than year to the incident that took place at Priya's place after which she kicked her out, was the last time they saw each other.

"Sir, she is your personal assistant, Taani shekhawat." Her trance was broken when she heard the manager introducing her to him. She lifted her eye lashes and look at him, she could tell he was shocked too, seeing her there. Her brows knitted in confusion when she saw anger in his eyes.

"Hello, Ms. Shekhawat." He greeted her professionally and held his hand out for her, taani hesitatingly shook her hand with him. She look at him with surprise filled eyes when his hold got tighten on her hand, hurting her deliberately.

"Bring a coffee for me in my cabin." He barked at her before he walked away from there along with his manager, leaving a confused taani behind, she looked down at her hand, his finger marks were imprinted on her delicate skin and her hand had turned, leaving an ache in her palm.

She couldn't make out anything from his changed behavior. But then brushing her thoughts aside, she rushed to get his coffee. She knocked on the door, then getting his permission, she entered inside his cabin.

She found him busy with some office files. She walked over the desk.

"Sir, your coffee." She mumbled politely. Rey lifted his gaze from the file and look at her. He signaled her to keep the mug on the table, she did as she was told do, then turned to leave but his voice stopped her.

"Did i asked you to leave?"

"No, sir. I'm sorry, sir." She turned around, facing him. He was behaving as if she was a stranger to him. After that night, they weren't on talking terms, not that they were before, but that night made things awkward between them.

"Since when you are working here?" He asked her, uninterestingly.

"From past one year." She answered as politely as she could. He mumbled something under his breath, but she couldn't catch what it was. Silence prevailed between them, taani wonder what to do now. Then a thought of her sister crossed her mind, after she had left her sister's house, she had lost contact with her. Priya was too angry to talk to her and she was too guilty to take initiative.

She gathered some courage and decided to ask him about Priya as she was sure they must have patched by now.

"Hows Priya di-" 

"If you value your f**king life, don't ever take her name from your filthy mouth-" He hissed in anger. She felt something broke inside her as her mind registered his words.

"Why are you behaving so rudely? If thats because of that night-" She shuttered nervously.

"That night was a mistake. You were a mistake." He spat harshly, breaking her heart further more.

"Now, Get the hell out of here!" He barked at her angrily, not giving a damn about her feelings. She fought with her urge to not to cry, but her tears betrayed her. A lone tear escaped her eye, she turned around and left from there in hurry.

"What kind of man he is? I know whatever happened, shouldn't have, but thats not a way treat me." Taani grumbled, she entered her cabin and sat on the chair while cursing him for his rude behaving.

"He is behaving like i raped him that night." Taani mumbled to herself.

"Whatever! Its not like i'm dying to talk to him. He can go to hell for i care-" She swore to ignore him and their relation will be like it was supposed to be, professional. Nothing personal.


Thank you so much for the overwhelming response on the first chapter, means alot to me.

Please do leave your feedback on chapter 2.  Next part depends on response.

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Nice one. Please continue soon. Love dark ff's a lot
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