Jai's dilemma. updatd on pg 26 the end - Page 18

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Posted: 14 years ago
hi guys
nancy, punjabi, ziddi.hira, princess, ridhijai. thank u guys. i reaaly appreciate ur feed back Big smile take care
                                             kamy Smile
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Posted: 14 years ago

Originally posted by ziddi

Originally posted by Princess

Very Nice!!!! Keep it going please. And if possible, kill of that stupid girl called "Pia". I hate her, can't stand her Dead

I agree with Princess, get Pia out she is   kaab mein haadiAngry
If you don't want to kill Pia, make her have a bad injury where she is hospitalized and she learns her mistake, and leaves bani alone

ha ha ha haLOLLOL

guys itna gussa kyon bechari Pia keliye?Wink hope u guys will like coming chapter do tell me what u feel about it.

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Posted: 14 years ago
here goes the next part. do tell me about it guys.

Bani stared at the closed door for a moment.
Kanchan screamed from the other end.
'han Kanchan….'
'Kya hua yaar…'
'I don't believe this…. He walked out on me…..'
'mera so called Pati…' she muttered.
'But he is like that you said…'
'yeah that was before Kanchan we have been getting along well…. I guess….oh…. I don't know anymore….' Bani said confusing her.
'Acha wo sab chodo thum yeh bathaoo ki thum kab aa rahi ho….'
'Kanchan I told you about the sitatuion yaar thum samja karo…… maasi ko ab thak kuch nahin pata.. mein kya karoon…….'
'teek hein mein zyada wakth thumhara intezar nahin karsakthi…. Thum ek do din mein phon kar ke batha dena…..'
'han..' she disconnected the call.

Bani sat on the bed thinking about his behavior. What kind of attitude was that? Agar nahin batana chahthe thon   kahde thein ut kar chalne ki kya zaroorath thi….' As much as she thought about it she got angry with him.
London jana koi secret tho nahin sab logon ko tho pata hein uske barein mein.. Arrogance ki bhi koi hadh hothi hein.

Jai walked into his study. Aise ut kar aane se kya bath tal jayega? He thought.
Mein kya karoon….' He sat on his chair thoughtfully. London jana cancel nahin karsaktha… agar mein London gayi tho Bani yahan se us kanchan ki pass chali jayegi… kyon na mein use batadoon ki…… nahin….. ek aur rejection mein bardasht nahin kar paoonga….

Bani was watching TV when he walked back into the room. She ignored him.
Jai walked to his bed and looked at her. She switched off the TV.
'Good night..' he wished her.
She ignored him again.

In the morning she bought him tea and paper. She took her tea cup and walked to the window. She felt a pair of eyes following her. She didn't bother to look at him. She finished her tea took his cup and walked down stairs.

Jigyasa was sitting in the hall with her new nurse. She was giving her instructions.
Jigyasa threw a look at BAni. Bani walked to the kitchen and helped Tony.
She was quiet during breakfast.. Jigyasa noticed her she looked at her brother. He was quiet too.
'Aaj sab ko kaya hogaya hein….? Asked Aditya.
'Kyon?' Jigyasa asked.
'Sab log moun vrath mein hein kya?'
Thum hein kya problem hein agar sab log chup chap khana chathe tho khayein…' jigyasa said. Looking at Jai and BAni.
'mmm' he nodded. Throwing a glance at Jai.
'Jai thum poona keliye kab nikla rahe ho?'
'abhi…..'he threw a glance at Bani. She seemed not bothered about it.
Abhi Poona keliye nikal rahein hein aur muje batya bhi nahin… she thought pettishly.

Jai left for Poona after breakfast. He took his lap top in one hand and phone in the other.
Acha tho aaj hi loutenge she assumed. Kapde tho nahin lejarahein….
He lingered there for a moment and left.

BAni didn't have anything much to do in the house. Bani waited for him to comeback she decided to ask him about their future plans. How long was going to live like this? He should tell her the date of his departure whether he like it or not.
Jai did not return home after 9pm. She started to worry. She walked to Aditya's room to enquire about Jai.
Aditya was working on his computer when BAni stuck her head.
'Kya mein andar aa sakthi hoon…
'Bani aajaoo he called her in.
Bani did not know how to begin. She stood looking around the room.
'Kya hua Bani.. kuch poochna hein?...
'han mein wo……
'kaho….. he said getting up from his seat.
'wo…. Poone se.. kab…..'
Aditya chuckled bas itni si bath. Aajayega BAni…. Fikr math karo..
'Kya wo aaj hi wapas……….'
'han.. don't worry road kuch achi nahin hein isiliye time lag rahi hein….'
Bani smiled feebly. ' mein wo…..'
'han bai pata hein muje… Aditya teased.
BAni blushed. She left his room hurriedly.

Aditya looked at the departing fugure and thought.. Jai thumhare   jaisa bewakoof insan meine apni zindagi mein kabhi nahin Dekha….. Sab kuch tho uski ankhon ki samne hein phir bhi dikayi kyon nahi deta………

Time went by and there was trace of Jai Bani looked at the time it was 30 minutes past 2 in the morning. She walked up and down in her room. Finally she picked up the phone and dialed. He picked up the phone at the third ring.
Bani didn't know what to say she kept queit.
'Han Mr.Walia… she cleared her throat. Aap kahan ho?
'I am on my way back.. thumne phone kyon kiya……' he was all to excited to hear her answer.
'wo…. Meine isliye phon kiya.. kyon ki….
'kyon ki? He prompted.
'kyon ki mein yeh jan na chahthi hoon ki aap itne late ….kyon ho?' whats happening god why am I stammering.
'kyon?' he asked.
'kyon ka kya mathlab.. I have a very bad habit Mr.Walia I worry about people I am living with.
'han…I am a worrier. Muje neend arehi hein. I want to sleep peacefully so I thought why   don't I make a call and see if you are safe and sound.
'han…. Aap kahan thak pahonchi…..'
'Half an hour more…..'
'teek hein……' she disconnected the call.
Yeh sab kya hien Bagwan .. achanak yeh kya horahi hein. Kyo na mein kal hi kanchan ki pass chali jaoon……. Ek acha solution sapne mein dikhana Bagwan.. please…. She pleaded.

Jai walked into the walia mansion. He looked worn and tired. He walked upstairs to his room opened the door slowly and went in.

Bani felt his presence. She pretended to be asleep. Yeh kya kar rahi ho thum Bani ask him if he needs anything. He had such a long and tiring day and you are pretending to be asleep. She shoved her quilt aside and sat up on the bed.
He looked at her surprised.
'mein aap keliyein kuch khane keliye laoon?'
'Nahin… I had dinner thum so jao…'
She pulled the quilt up to her neck and looked at him.
'kya? He asked unbuttoning his shirt.
'Nahin mein soch rahi thi ki…..'
'kya?' he asked.
'kuch nahin hum log subah bath karnege…' she said.
'teek hein..'

Jai went to bed instantly. Bani tossed and turned in her bed.

'Pia came to visit BAni the next day.
Pia looked BAni from her head to toe.
'Thum kasi ho Pia…'
'Mein teek hoon. Di.. us din ke badh aap ne muje phon thak nahi kiya…'
'wo mein thodi busy hogayi thi Pia ..' she said guiltily.
'aap kaisi ho di……' she asked looking at her.
'mein teek hoon….. pia thum beito mein Mr.Walia ko dekthi hoo.. wo kal rath ko dere se aye thein….'
Pia nodded jealously.
Bani went upstairs. Jai was getting out of his bed.
'aap ke liye mein chay laoon..'
BAni left down stairs and got him tea and breakfast. She went down stairs quickly announcing that Pia had come to see her.

Pia was talking to maasi when BAni walked to the living room.
'Beta Kya Pia ki khatir dari ki thum ne?
BAni smiled.
Mein kuch lati hoon Maasi…'
'rehenee do beta mein laati hoon thum beit kar bath karo..'

'Di dekha aapne ise pyar kehthe hein….. mere gar mein kuch log hein… un ki bareim me bath karna hi bekar hein….' Pia complained.
'lekin Pia wahan Pushkar heina thumhara khayal rakhne keliyein…..'
'Bas pyar hi kaafi nahin hein di……'
'thum galat kehrahi ho Pia…. Agar pyar ho tho sab kuch aasan ho jathi hein… mein yeh nahi kehrahi ki pyar hi sab kuch hein.. lekin agar kisi ka sath ho tho jeevan kushi se kat jathi hein…..'
'di….' Pia called her suspiciously 'kya aap aur Mr.Walia.. ab thak ek doosre ke…'
'Pia hum log sath hein.. thum dekh rahi heina….' She said hurriedly wanting to get of the subject.
'di.. aap ki bathon se tho muje yeh lag tha hein ki meine …..
'Pia……' warned Bani.
'Han di…… meri wajese aap ki zindagi….' She sighed. ' Aur muje bhi kya mila… agar mein bagh nahi jathe tho……..'
'Bas Pia……' asie kuch nahin hein jo thum soch thi ho…..' Bani said…
'kya Mr. Walia aap se pyar karthi hein di? Pia asked looking directly in her eyes.

'Bahoth', came the reply from the door.
Pia and Bani turned their head towards the door.

Jigyasa wheeled her chair and came in.
Both the sisters looked astonished.
'Aisa kya dekh rahi ho BAni…. Meine teek hi kaha hein….'
Bani was shocked more than anything she couldn't believe her ears. Of all the People Jigyasa was telling her that her brother loves her…..

'kyon Pia ? thumhara doubt clear hogaya na……' Jigyasa looked at Pia.
Pia stood speechless.
Bani thum jake dekho maasi kya kar rahi hein… muje bhi ek glass pani chahiyein…'

'Bani nodded and went out of the room.

'acha Pia thum bathao.. Pushkar kaisa hein…..'
Pia nodded still in shock.

'aap kaisi ho?' Pia asked looking at her leg.
'thum dekh tho rahi ho…….'
Pia didn't know what else to say. She sat quietly.

Jai was getting down the stairs, he saw Bani take tray to the living room.
He followed her after a moment.
Pia looked up when he walked into the room. She felt an aura around him. He was indeed a handsome man. She stopped her mind from comparing him and Pushkar.

Jai acknowledged her in a nod. Bani gave Pia tea and Jigyasa water.

Suna Jai bhayya…. Pia ko shaque hein ki aap Bani se pyar nahin karthi…..'Jigyasa said lookingat Pia.
Pia choked.

Jai scowled. Looked at Bani, whose face looked flushed.

Aap batha dijiyein…..' Jigyasa said.
'Kya?' he asked pretending he did not understand her.
Pia keh rahi thi ki uski karan aap dono ki zindagi barbada hogayi hein…….

Pia prayed the earth to open and swallow her alive.
Yeh sab kya horaha hein…… she looked mighty embarrassed.
Jai cleared his voice and walked towards Bani. Caught her shoulder with one hand and said. ' thumhein mein thanks kehna chatha hoon Pia… thumhari wajese hi muje Bani jaisi Patni mili…ise pehchan ne mein kuch wakt laga muje ….. I am thankful to God that he gave an understanding and selfless partner….. thank You Pia……'
Bani looked embarrassed to the root.
Pia's face blanched.
JIgyasa smiled.

Finding her voice Pia said, 'ab mein chalthi hoon di……'
'Pia.. thum……' bani .'cleared her voice. 'Lunch kar ke jao…..'
'Nhain di….. kisis aur din……' Pia walked hurriedly out of the room. Bani followed her.

Jai looked at his sister. 'thum teek tho heina….'
'Han kyon?'
'Thum .. thum nahin lag rahi ho……' he said frowning.
Jigyasa smiled. 'Sab aap ki patni ki kartoot hein…'

Jai smiled. Smile

forgive for my mistakes. take care luv u all
                                             kamy Smile


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Posted: 14 years ago
that was funny...jigs helping bani Shocked
continue soon
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Posted: 14 years ago

Haila............can't believe I'm saying this..........but Love Jiggu!!

As for Pia.........shaaaaaaaame!!LOL

Bani waiting up for Jai was cute!!Embarrassed

Waiting for the next part!!Wink

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Posted: 14 years ago
wow kamy ur jigs has turned to a positive character and she is telling peabrain that JW is in love with bani and what a jhatka peabrain may have got when JW thanked her for running from the marriage. please continue soon.

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Posted: 14 years ago
wow very good
keep wrting.waithing for the next part.
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Posted: 14 years ago
cool jai Clap Clap
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