Yeh Hai Mohabbatein -Phirse Hogi Mohabbatein - Doosra Adhyaay 2.4.2016

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Posted: 3 years ago
5 days before the leap ACTUALLY took place, i.e. on the 1st of April, 2016, promos of the same would be aired, squeezed in between tardy, funny ads..Raman Bhalla, gone back into his shell and turned the same old bitter man from pre-Ishita days...whereas Ishita Iyer (no more Bhalla) off in a distant land, and the reason for a particular person's 'muskaan'...and a gangly teenager stringing the guitar with shouts of 'RUHAAN RUHAAN' piercing the air (of course, that is Ruhi, as per the spoilers I read). So that's when I realized, Yes, OMG Yes, the leap IS happening. Almost like a pregnant woman feels when her baby's on the verge of being delivered...the worst is gonna be out and done withLOLLOLLOLSo basically, fast forward to Raman-Ishita nokjhok, nafrat, romance, sizzling chemistry aflame under the surface in every frame...LOLLOLLOL

The makers were so eager to rope in the leap, that they HAD TO, like HAD TO, drag the story forward to 7 years later...I mean, come on, Ishita committed suicide...ACP conveyed the sad news through his remorseful eyes, Raman felt crushed, ALL of Bhalla family members shocked...Ashok jubilated Angry Atleast, they could have stalled the leap for yesterday...and shown the rest of the 7-8 minutes of day before yesterday in the Bhallas grieving and induced some chest-beating scenes...would have done some justice to the love they had for the bahu of the family...but nai, the first scene we are pulled into is Toshi wrecking her heavyset frame on the treadmill...and somewhere in Australia, Ishita fixing some kid's dental problems with a 15-16 yr old (Aalia) repeatedly, and ANNOYINGLY, calling her 'Amma, Amma' some 15 times in 5 minutesAngry 

But not to be mistaken - I am not absolutely disgusted with the leap, in fact I am LOOKING forward to it...I mean, given the horror story it had turned into the last 3-4 months, it is better the makers chose this...we will all get to see new characters, new plot lines (however ludicrous and filmyLOL), and possibly end up liking our once-favorite show a bit more than we have the last 7-8 months or so


1. DT's nosepin!! She looks GORGEOUS, with that stately up do of the hair, the mature, somber look and that nose pin. It actually adds SO MUCH to her already glowing face...I mean, I could only think of WHAT is gonna r
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Posted: 3 years ago glad to see you back
As usual...lovely one
Keep writing them daily...
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Posted: 3 years ago
Yay! So happy to see you back! Hug

Loved the review and hope these idiot CVs don't ruin the magic of angst and love and passion of IshRa that they could capture with this leap!
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Posted: 3 years ago
Omg omg omg you are back..
Missed you
Loved your review
Aahhh the nose pin ..I simply loved  it...suits her.
Angry RKB ofcourse a treat Day Dreaming

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Posted: 3 years ago
Thanks dear for writing this post .
This is the one post I liked after ages .
Because it contains each and everything .
Negative and positive ,good and bad  does and don't everything .
Seems you also think like me .
Glad you made this thread ,me to is excited as you are and you know what ,I also started watching yhm again after leap.

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Posted: 3 years ago
So happy to see you back. Please don't become Mr. India again. LOLSmile Agree with you on all points. 
Just hope Acp does not return. 
Let's see if Ashok has managed to get married finally. Would love to see if anything happened between Vandu and Suraj.

I don't think Shagun is married to Raman. Phil just calls her mumma. don't know who she calls Papa. But I am sure Ishu will see Raman and Shagun together and will mu Raman. Same way Raman will my Ishu.
God knows why they executed the leap in such shoddy manner. Surely they had a month or at least two three weeks. Then why not plan it well. 
Anyways no point in talking about the CVs. 
let's see who meets Ishu first. it will not be Raman. 

keep writing. at least the reviews. 
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Posted: 3 years ago
Hi Akanksha,
Welcome backSmile

I missed your reviews but when after a long time you are writing but I'm unable to connect to the showCry

They ruined the show for me with Raman disgusting words and child swap and leap I have not seen the episodes past week

So are you going to do daily review from now on?

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Posted: 3 years ago
hie...welcome back..I would love to answer ur question about nidhi-raman back story.actully toshi had fixed ramu marriage with nidhi but he said no as he loved shagun.when toshi went to nidhi's parents to convey the same..they showed nighi who were fat..with spects..and her mother n father.after this sad news of marriage broke nidhi's mother starts beating her badly and suddenly her dad vanished from room...he commits sucide by hanging himself...n later her mother too die(i dont remember the reason though)then nidhi becomes avtar..n comes to avange bhallas..she want raman just to take revenge later to him n his family.she was kinda obsessed with him not actually love
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