TaaRey OS Series: Their Filmy Love Stories (Shot5 Pg20) 22 Dec 2018

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Hello all, I'm backCool
This time with some crazy ideasLOL

Without beating round the bush, lemme get straight to the point. Or that is what I suppose I'll doTongue

This happened the other day I was watching some movie, now I don't remember which but it was definitely a good one!Tongue So as I was saying, I was watching a movie and at a certain scene I could totally imagine TaaRey in it.Day Dreaming This kept happening while watching a lot of movies and even certain TV shows and, don't laugh, even advertisements!

Hence I came up with an idea, "Why not write the scenes which I imagined on TaaRey?" Simple right? Well not really!

This thread will contain all works (OS) on TaaRey but the storyline of it will be based upon a particular scene from a movie/TV show/advertisement. And just as a fun quotient, you guys will have to guess the name of that movie/showWink

Enjoy reading mes amigosEmbarrassed
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F.R.I.E.N.D.S : Page 5

Hum Tum : Page 10

Dil Toh Pagal Hai : Page 15

Kaho Na Pyaar Hai : Page 20

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Shot One


"Rey dude kahan phasa diya yaar tune!"

"Dekh na! Mein atcha khasa club chalne bol raha tha par nahi.. humare Rey sahab ko toh yeh boring party attend karni thi!"

His two best friends Vicky and Nil sulked. The three had come on a vacation to have fun time but right now they were standing at the gate of a party which looked anything but fun.

"Mujhpe kyun bhadak rahe ho? Passes tum dono laaye the. Abhi bhugto!"

He walked in followed by the two. They were scanning the entire hall to find a place which wouldn't bore them. Rey's eyes locked on a group of four girls and from their faces he could make out they were equally bored.

"Now shut up and follow me!" Rey instructed and they followed him silently seeing where he was taking them.

Vicky and Nil were never at good terms with talking to girls. It was Rey who was best in this department. There wasn't a single girl in his college or at his firm who wasn't smitten by his charm. He was and still is a playboy who just casually dated and never had any serious relationship in his life.

"Hello ladies!" He confidently greeted them and pulled a chair to sit, "I hope you don't mind us joining you'll." He smirked looking at their reaction.

"We do mind!" One of them said.

Now that was unexpected!

"Excuse me?" He looked at the one who seemed to be oblivious to his charm.

The moment he saw her, his eyes locked themselves on her not even ready to blink. Her eyes were a dark shade of brown and carried innocence which could make a saint commit a crime. His eyes travelled down her face and stopped on her full luscious lips which were shinning due to the gloss she had applied. He felt an urge to find out the flavor of her gloss. He gulped hard at his thoughts.

"You heard me right, we do mind if you sit here." She stated confidently looking straight in his eyes.

"Oh come on Taani stop being such a baby!" Her friend yelled at her making her roll her eyes.

"Taani.." He let out a breath.

"Please don't mind my friend.." she paused hinting him to say his name.

"Rey." He half smiled half smirked at her.

"Please don't mind her Rey. We would love to have you!" She passed him a flirtatious gaze.

He mentally rolled his eyes and took her hand in his.

"Thanks a lot beautiful!" He kissed the back of her palm earning an eye roll from Taani.


"Your name is as beautiful as you, Sheena." Giving another kiss he lowered her hand but didn't let go.

"These are my friends, Vicky and Nil." He introduced his friends who gave a forced smile seeing that the girls were impressed by him and they didn't stand a chance.

"Nice to meet you..and you" she shook hands with them and introduced her friends, "This is Simmi, Neha and Taani."

Rey forwarded his hands to the three and kissed the back of their palms. When he forwarded his hands to Taani she just smiled at him and looked away.

"Feisty!" He thought.

"So Rey tell me are you following me? We were in the same train if you know" She winked at him.

"I'd be a fool to not follow you sweetheart." He flirted back.

"Sheena have we met before? Maybe at some party? Umm.. Roby's party?" He asked remembering like it was the most difficult thing to do.

"Roby? Maybe.. Mein toh itni parties jaati hoon ki mujhe yaad hi nahi rehta"

"Waise Sheena tumhari aakhein mujhe kisiki yaad dilati hai.."


"Meri daadi ki. Tumhari bhi aakhein thodi si neeli, thodi si peeli, thodi si.."

"Awe that is so sweet Rey" She placed her hand on top of his which was holding her other hand.

By this time Vicky and Nil had managed to start a conversation with Neha and Simmi. Taani was sitting alone fuming at the guts of Rey.


Taani arrived at the station late and she knew she was surely gonna miss the train. She ran towards the platform where the train was supposed to be halted. She looked up and saw that it had started moving. She ran hard with just a tiny hope of catching the train when she saw a hand stretched towards her. She held it and quickly jumped into the train. She was panting hard and stood leaning against the wall of the train.

"You're welcome" The guy who helped her in said gaining her attention.

She opened her mouth to thank him when he spoke again, "It's alright, aksar ladkiyaan sab bhool jaati hai mujhe dekh kar! Mere asar hi kuch aisa hai" He smirked wearing his shades.

"Yeah right!" She rolled her eyes at him.

He placed his hands on either side of her, blocking her. She glared at him but he didn't move.

"Aisa lagta hai, meine tumhe kahin dekha hai.." He leaned in a bit. "Roby ki party?"

"Mein parties nahi jaati!" She placed her hand on his chest and pushed him back as much as she could.

He held her hand and pulled her towards him locking both her hands behind her back. He blew away the hair which were covering her face and blocking his view.

"Yeh jo tumhari aakhein hai na.."

"Kya hua meri aakhon ko?" She leaned back trying to get away from him.

"Mujhe kisiki yaad dilati hai.." He leaned in a bit over her.

"Atcha kiski?" She fidgeted in his grip.

"Meri daadi ki.. Unki bhi aakhein bilkul tumhari tarah, thodi si peeli, thodi si neeli, thodi si.." He kept leaning in while she retracted back.

"Listen mister, leave me before I knee you in your shins. Trust me you won't want that!" She glared at him.

"Feisty hun?" He licked his lip smirking at her.

"I said leave me!" She wriggled in his grip.

"Calm down girl." He left her and raised his hands surrendering himself.

She turned on her heels looking for her seat when she felt a tug on her hand. Before she could process anything, he pulled her back and pecked her cheeks and left to go his direction. She stood dumbfounded for a minute and then huffed and went to her berth.


"The guts of him to flirt with my friend and that too in front of me!" She gritted her teeth when she heard him boast about himself again.

"So you are one of the best guitarists?" She heard Sheena ask him.

"Stop being modest. I am the best!" He adjusted his collar for the effect.

"Ladies and gentlemen.." They heard a voice.

"Yeh awaaz kuch pehchani hui nahi lagti?" He asked Sheena.

"Haan" Sheena agreed.

They both looked at the podium and saw Taani addressing the crowd.

"We have amongst us a very great guitarist.." She continued, "And he would like to play something for us. Please welcome Mr. Rey"

She motioned towards the table where he was seated. He almost fell off his chair hearing her announcement. Vicky and Nil chuckled at his expense. Shooting daggers at Taani, Rey got up and walked to the podium.

"Yeh sab karne ki kya jarurat thi?" He asked her while still waving at the crowd.

"Kyu.. tumhari haathon mein toh jadoo hai.. guitar haath mein aate hi khud ba khud bajne lagti hai! Nai?" She smirked at him and got down the podium.

A guitar was given to Rey. He took his jolly time to tune it. He looked at Taani and saw her giving a challenging look to him. Her face clearly told that she didn't believe that he could play even a single chord. He shook his head mentally at her.

"Come on Rey. We wanna hear our rockstar play!" Some random girl in the audience yelled and he smirked at Taani.

He struck his fingers on his guitar and earned a loud cheer this time from everyone present. Taani corrected her shocked face as she saw him smirking at her. She got back to her table and sat down sulkily. Rey started singing and got life to the party. He kept eyeing her while singing and she tried her best to show that she doesn't care that she was defeated. He finished his song and earned a louder applause.

"Once more! Once more!" They all cheered.

"Thank you so much for the love guys. Next song some other time" He gave his million dollar smile and just like that everyone agreed to it.

"So sad ki tumhara yeh mission fail hua" He taunted Taani as he got back.

"Whatever!" She gave an indifferent look.

"Awe it's alright, you don't need to feel bad.." He continued taunting.

"Will you stop it. Jabse mile ho jeena haram kar rakha hai!" She yelled back as all the anger she felt towards him since yesterday came back.

"Taani.." Sheena reprimanded her.

Taani got up and left from there. Rey told everyone that he'll handle her and left behind her.

"Aur kitna bhagaogi yaar?" Rey yelled.

Taani stopped as she approached a dead end. She slumped down and to Rey's shock suddenly started crying. He rushed to her and quickly engulfed her into a tight hug. He soothed her back and said good nothings to her. She calmed down but was still weeping.

"Kyu kar rahe ho aisa? Why Rey? Why?" She held him by his collars and again started crying.

Rey and Taani were dating for 6 months when she came to know a few details about Rey which weren't pleasant. She came to know about his playboy image and his not so good relationships which lasted not more than a week. Fear engulfed her thinking about his intentions and she broke up with him. He didn't want to let her go but he did once she told him about her fears. He promised that he will wait till she overcomes her silly fears and trusts him. Since then she saw him flirting with other girls but she knew him enough to tell that it was just harmless flirting. She started falling hard this time for him but couldn't get the courage to go back to him. She had doubted his love. Would he ever take her back? Her heart knew he would but she kept listening to her mind.

Five months had passed, but Rey was still trying to bring to Taani's notice that he still loves her. He knew she still loved him but didn't know how to prove his love to her. Every time he tried to do something, she would catch him flirting and flirting was something he had no control over. He came to know that Taani was going on a trip with her friends so he too accompanied taking it as an opportunity to mend things between them. And now seeing her in his arms he could say that finally she was his'.

"Rey tumhe pata tha na ki mein tumse kitna pyaar karti hoon toh mujhe roka kyu nahi? Kyu meri galatiyon ko saha? Kyu mujhse yeh nahi kaha tha you love me? Meine tumhare saath itna galat kiya phir bhi tum mujhse itna pyaar kyu karte ho? I called you a cheater, a womanizer and what not, still you didn't say anything. Meine kaha ki hum apne relation ko sab se chupa ke rakhenge aur tumne bina koi shikayat ke yeh baat maani. Break up ke baad bhi kabhi kisiko mere baare mein nahi bataya. You've no idea how sorry I am for hurting you." Taani kept weeping.

"Chup! Ekdum chup! Kitna bolti ho tum. Meine tumse kabhi kaha nahi as mujhe humesha lagta tha ki tum mere dil ki baat jaanti ho. And you were right, I love you Taani, always have, always will. Bas ek chotisi problem hai.." He said cheekily.


"I can never stop flirting" He gave an innocent look which made Taani laugh.

"Tum kitne cute ho. I love you so much Rey. Thanks for waiting for me. And I'm really very sorry" Her eyes showed that she meant every word she said.

"Koi baat nahi Senorita, bade bade deshon mein aisi choti choti baate hoti rehti hai!" He winked and hugged her making her laugh.


This was my first attempt. I guess it's pretty obvious which movie it isTongue
Still you can guess itWink
Also if you have any suggestions or want some scene to be on TaaRey PM me your ideas. I'll write them. Waise bhi free hoonTongue
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Well firstly aise oong patang awesome ideas tumhein hi asakte hain Tongue
Good concept Clap
Now coming to OS
DDLJ Heart
Of course u had to start wd srk n kajol movie LOL
It was nicely written loved the formation
Glad u didnt had entire thing same as movie
N added ur own twist in the end which was great Big smile
N last line is epic Heart
Once again both concept n OS were great Star Edited by --Ta_Sha-- - 2016-04-06T11:34:23Z
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Nice os ..:)
loved it
Posted: 2016-03-30T11:45:31Z
Posted: 2016-03-30T11:50:54Z
Lovely osBig smile
Rey is a big time flirtLOL

Posted: 2016-03-30T11:55:32Z
Awesome :)
DDLJ :) :) :)
Too good :)
Superb :)
Loved it :)

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