TaaRey OS : A night to remember

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"I'm 24 and still a virgin!" Taani shekhawat shouted in annoyance while her best friend just rolled her eyes at her dramatic self. 

"-correction, a kissing virgin! The little sad virgin."  Sharon corrected her.

"Yeah! And i want that 'little sad virgin' tag to go away from me. Do you have some plan in your head? How to lose your virginity type?" Taani asked her, looking at her curiously yet excitedly.

"Last time i checked, you were waiting for your prince charming to come, so that you can give away your virginity to him. What happened to that now?" Sharon raised his one eye brow at her.

"Prince charming is late and i have no patience left in me to sit and wait for him to come." Taani snapped back. Sharon shook her head and sighed.

"If given a chance, then whom you will chose to lose your prizeless-possession?" Sharon raised her on eye brow at her questioningly with teasing glint in her eyes.

"That sex god..I mean your brother off-course-" Taani replied as her cheeks heated up, sharon smiled, knowing her best friend had special liking for her brother but he doesn't even spare a glance at her.

"But whats the use of thinking about him. He doesn't like me. He is always rude to me." Taani complained and fall on the bed with sad grim look.

"Aw. Don't be sad, baby." Sharon comforted her. Just then taani's cell phone ringed, it was her mother's call.

"Hey, mom." Taani picked up the call with a smile.

"Hey, honey. I called you to inform that i won't be able to come home tonight, Your grand mother's health is not good. Will you be able to manage?" Her mother informed her from the other side of the call, since her father had gone out on business trip and mother went to visit her grandmother, taani was alone at home.

"I will, mom. I'll be staying at sharon's place. You take care of yourself and grandma-"

"Okay, beta. Love you-"

"Love you too, maa." Taani blew a kiss and cut the call.

"Aw. That was a pretty cute scene." Sharon teased, taani narrowed her eyes at her.

"When will auntie & uncle will be coming back?"

"After few days, they are enjoying their 16th honeymoon in bali." Sharon told her, taani laughed slightly.

"Your parents are quite romantic huh? I just adore their pair.."

"Yeah! Yeah! You are saying because you don't get to see their public display of affection everyday-" Sharon commented back.

"Whatever! I'm hungry, I'll go grab something for eat. Do you want something?"

"No. I have a date with swayum, So i'm going. Bro is in his study, If he ask about me, tell him some lie-" Sharon said to her, taani nodded. Sharon left the house for her date while taani went in kitchen to eat something. 

She made some maggie and was busy in eating when the thought crossed her mind, she is alone at home with Mr. Hottie. The mere thought of her being alone with him, sent shiver ran through her.

After she was done with eating, she was went upstairs, she was walking toward sharon's bedroom when an arm yanked toward her and she was pulled inside the room which she recognized as his. The door was shut, making a loud sound. Before she could react, she was lifted off the floor and thrown on the bed. She gasped, she opened her eyes and glared at him.

"What the hell was that, Reyaansh?" She shouted angrily, but inside, her heart was beating loudly against her ribcage, being alone in his bedroom was the last thing she had thought.

"Why? I thought this is what you wanted." He smirked as he hovered over her body, making her eyes popped out of their socket. Wetness pooled between her thighs, she felt naked under his penetrating gaze.

"I was waiting for this from years. I am sure you too want this." Rey whispered, before she could react, his lips came crashing down at hers. Her mind went blank, she lost the ability to think about anything else as he started smooching her lips, she held back of his neck and kissed him back.

"So you wanted me. huh? Then why you acted like an asshole for years? Ignoring me all the time?" Taani broke the kiss and asked him, to clear her confusion.

"Because you are my sister's best friend. I didn't knew how to approach you, but today i finally got the courage and even god was at my side, we are alone at home. No one to disturn us." Rey told her honestly.

"Aw. Aren't you too cute." Taani pulled his cheeks cutely. Rey frowned and mocked glare at her.

"You know i liked you since i was in 10th std." Taani confessed with a smile, she brushed his hair from his forehead.

"And i started liking you since i laid my eyes on the 16 year old, sexy cute girl. She took my breath away with her dazzling smile." Rey confessed, making her look at him in awe.

"Ah-ha! Looks like i just found my prince charming-" Taani mumbled excitedly.

"Glad to hear." Rey smiled, he pressed his lips softly against her. Their lower bodies grind against each other, both were in need of each other which was visible in their eyes.

"Will you be mine?" Rey asked her, looking straight into her eyes with adoration.

"Only yours." Taani whispered before she closed the gap between their lips. Pulling him in another passionate wild kiss which led to a passionate night. It was the night they will remember all their lives.

And guess what? She was no longer a little-sad-virgin..


I really don't know what i have written. Hope i haven't bore anyone-

If you like it, do leave your feedback :)
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awww that was cute one...
she is not virgin anymore... koi hame bhi hamare PC se milwaye...
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Posted: 2016-03-29T11:37:09Z
Cute lil one shot
Taani persistent on giving up her virginity to someone
Nd no doubt that the prince charming was rey
Thnkx for the pm
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Posted: 2016-03-29T11:38:55Z
beautiful romantic osBig smile
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Posted: 2016-03-29T11:39:14Z
aww short one but sweet os
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Posted: 2016-03-29T11:41:11Z
nice os...

pretty fast huh...
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Posted: 2016-03-29T11:45:39Z
What a loving cute !hot is Wink
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Posted: 2016-03-29T11:48:19Z
Cute & romantic
Not at all boring
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