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Chapter 38

When Rey entered their bedroom, he found his would be wife crying bitterly while hugging his mother tightly. It broke his heart to see her like this. He moved close to her and could hear her whispering while crying.

"My baby is not sin. Its my love, my child." She was chanting this again & again. The accusations on her & her child has broken her heart. Avantika was consoling her like a mother would, when her gaze fall over Rey, she signaled him to come and handle taani, because she knew no one can handle her expect him. Only he can console her, give her much needed assurance. Rey stepped closer, making them aware of his presence. Avantika nodded, Rey gathered taani in his arms, consoling her while avantika left from there, knowing taani needs rey.

"Sh. Sweetheart. Stop crying."

"Rey!" She cried, hugging him more tightly, Rey held her close to him, seeing her condition he felt more angry toward the people who was reason of her tears.

"Our child is symbol of our love. Its not an sin, it never can be. Our love is pure so is our child. Don't let sara's hateful words rule over you. Be strong for our baby." Rey said to her, in soft whisper. He dropped a kiss on her head and whispered sweet nothing to her, soon she slept due to crying for long. He made her lay down on the bed, he lay beside her, holding her in his arms. He closed his eyes and cursed his fate, these few days were supposed to be filled with only happiness, but because of sara everything is ruined. He won't ever forgive her for that.


Swayum knocked on the door and waited for Rey or Taani to open the door. After few minutes, Rey opened the door. Swayum inquired taani.

"She is getting ready for haldi ceremony. Any important work?" Rey questioned him back, After lots of attempts, taani was back to normal and was getting ready for their haldi ceremony.

"I wanted to apologize to both of you. I shouldn't have reacted in that way, when i don't tell her anything about my life then i have no right to accuse her for hiding things from me." Swayum said to him, feeling genuinely guilty.

"Thats alright, bhai. You were not completely wrong, Your reaction was normal if we think from a brother's point of view." A voice came from behind, they both turned around and found here there. Rey forgot to blink seeing his angel dressed in a light yellow colored simple yet elegant saree with her waist length hair open and flower jewelery adoring her. She was looking beautiful, captured his heart with his innocent beauty.

"Taani, lets go if you are ready-" His trance was broken by his mother's voice who just came there. Taani nodded, she passed a smile to her brother before she walked away from there with her would be mother-in-law.

"I'm sorry, Rey. I know my words had hurt you alot-" Swayum turned to Rey who shook his head and hugged him.

"Lets forget everything. Its my wedding and we should be happy-" Rey said to him as he dragged him outside in garden where the function was held. Taani was seated on the stool in middle while all the ladies had surrounded her, he could tell they all must be teasing her by seeing the red as cherry face of his bride.

"Rey, what are you doing there? Come and sit here, its your haldi ceremony too-" Avantika called out for him, Rey groaned inwardly and walked over there. He sat on the stool next to taani.

"Mom, If its okay with you, can i just put a shagun ka tika and go back in my room?" Rey said to his mother while eying the haldi bowl with weird expression. Taani giggled seeing his expressions while his mother glared.

"No way! Sit there quietly. Applying haldi on your own haldi ceremony won't hamper your cool dude image." Avantika replied in stern tone. Rey sulked back, he was having all plans of running away before they color him yellow with haldi but his mother kind a ruined it all.

Then the haldi ceremony was started, his mother applied haldi on taani then on him, then the other ladies came and applied haldi on them, blessing them for their happy wedding. Rey was smiling seeing her happy, this is what matter to him most, her happiness. Though he wasn't much of a fan of all the rituals but for her, he performed every ritual of their wedding with his heart.

Making every moment special, be it their mehendi ceremony or their sangeet. D3 dance team made it more special with their dance performances though things weren't normal between the team and taani, but for few days they forgot everything and took happily part in their friend Rey's happiness..


It was the wedding day, all the people were running here and there while groom was finding an excuse to go and meet his would be wife, since all the elders had put restrictions on them to not to meet each other before marriage. But since when Rey singhania has followed what others had said, he was going to meet his taani, then he will.

Last night at dinner table he saw her last, and now he was craving to see her. So, he went in backside of the farmhouse and climbed the pipe, through the opened window he entered inside her room. 

The loud sound broke her peaceful nap, she sat on the bed with jerk and looked around.

"Rey! What are you doing here? You were not suppose to see me before marriage?" Taani panicked seeing him there, She covered her face with her palms. Rey stare at her in amusement. He walked over the bed and sat beside her.

"Stop panicking, sweetheart. And i wanted to see you, i missed you so much." Rey mumbled softly. He held her hands and pulled them down. Taani opened her eyes and look at him with a cute pout.

"I missed you two." Taani mumbled back, making him smile. He opened her palms and look at her henna which had turn darker share of red. He traced the area with his finger where his name was return on her palm. He brought her palms near his lips and placed a soft kiss on them, making her smile shyly at him.

"I love you both." Rey kissed her cheek then bending down little, he kissed her small baby bump.

"We love you too." Taani peck his lips softly. She moved close to him and rested her head on his chest and wrapped his arms around him. A sigh escaped her lips, she was feeling content in his arms.

"You know, taani, today is happiest day of my life. You will officially become mine, my better half."

"I know the feeling, Rey." Taani whispered, agreeing with him. After going through the all the pain, their love have won against all the odds. They stayed in each other's arms, reminiscing the happy, sad moment they have spent together till now, the pain they had endure in love, made their relation more stronger. 


Thread 4!!! Party

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Thank you so much for all the support and love. NTL is coming to an end in 7-8 updates.

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Congrats for the new thread..
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LOvely taarey moments..
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Congrats for new thread...Party

So cute update...Embarrassed...Rey is so caring...Day Dreaming

Waiting for TaaRey wedding...Party

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congo fro new thread! 
loved the part!Embarrassed
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Congrats on new thread
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awesome update.. taarey are too cute... update soon
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