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Hello Friends I dont know when will i continues my other stories there is reason for that too coz when i start any story i have plot but to give End to any story its hard you have to change Story according to the members comments and likes but this is different i have already  write down End of this story so No change in plot let me inform you First three parts are based on College So it ll be lil bit boring so bear me upto 3 and rest i can assure you all that you will love this story i ll update three parts in coming up days and From Part 4 i ll update after 1 weekend of April he you Go 1st Part


Ram Kapoor Age 19 Pursuing Computer Science and Engineering
NMMIS college of Technology and Science

Priya Sharma Age 19   Pursuing Computer Science and Engineering in same College

Akshay Rawat Ram's friend They met first time in college and becomes good friend

Lalit : Ram's childhood Friend plus current Room met

Shikha : Ram and Lalit 's School mate and lalit's girlfriend lives next door to lalit's Flat both are living in live-in-relationship but they denies and says they are only friends also She hates Ram

Khusbu : Priya's Friend they also met in College and becomes good friends

Mayank, Anshul , Jitendra , Aashish , Rahul Himanshu other characters

Part 1

1st August 2010

"What the hell  you are doing here in Mumbai ???? Lalit shouted on Ram on his high pitch

"Errr i have Come for admission in Engineering college i told you on phone that i ll come" Ram replied slowly

"And you don't  even bother to inform me your arrival ohh why would don't even consider me your friend Right My mistake go away please " Lalit said again showed his mock anger...

"Listen i have to do admission first will you come with me??? He added slowly " i am nerves "

Lalit laughed loud on hear this " The Ram Kapoor who scored 100 marks in 4 subject and 99 in one subject nerves from what ???? He rested his hand on Ram's shoulder and both started walking on street

Nerves!!!!! going alone in different college from you guys you choose Civil engineering and i choose Computers Now i don't even know a single person in new college and ...Ram Looked at his Friend who is also staring him dangerously...

"And" Lalit asked him his grip on Ram's shoulder becomes tight...

"and In New Hostel" Ram said slowly coz he knows what will come next

Lalit left his shoulder and grabed his coller " YOU ARE NOT GOING TO LIVE IN ANY BLOODY HOSTEL YOU ARE LIVING WITH ME IN MY FLAT AND GET THIS THING IN YOUR HEAD RIGHT NOW..." lalit shouted again and left his collar

Rams took a long breathe and replied him
" Look i know you live next door to
" Shikha " And i dont want to come Between You and Her...

Lalit looked at him " Yes she lives next door to me but that nothing matters to us and we are just friends okay"

Ram looked back him and noded They set in Cab for NMMIS College

10 days later...

1st Day of college

College Bus stop

Hello i am Ram Kapoor are you from NMMIS college

Person : yes i am fresher and you ???

Ram : oh me too which branch

person : Civil and you ??

Ram : CSE

person : oh great we will sit together..but you have  missed so much course and may i ask you why you so late College started 1 month ago and i am seeing you 1st time is today is your 1st day???

Ram : hmmm actually i was informed when i went for admission that college already started and yes today is my first day

person : Hmm Dont worry Teachers will help you btw my name is Mayank

Ram :My name is Ram Kapoor

Person : there is our bus is arriving

Ram : Bus Number 9 ???

Mayank : yes Lets go otherwise we wont get any seat

Ram : yaa sure

In At BUS No 9

Mayank Started telling Ram about lectures and Lab work too he told him that in 1st year Civil and Computers Subjects are same and they will seat together
Whole one year (two semesters) and in meanwhile there bus stops at every station and Students came and sit on available Spaces...
also that they will daily travel from bus No 9 . Driver of this Bus Driver is So Khaddoss he let student run after bus and never stops On its stop always away from bus stop so many scared from him also file complaint to director but  He never listen to Anyone

"Here we are on Bangali Square Now Hold your breathe For beauties " Mayank winked at him

" beauties" Ram's eyebrows up and he about to reply him but his attention moved to Girl who is running behind the bus and bus driver decreased the speed and She jumped inside the bus and what happen next blows Ram's Mind

Girl to driver : You stupid Moron insane bus driver what the hell you think you are !!! Bus owner !!! you are just a bus driver so stay in your limits and From tomorrow  you will stop bus on its stop
Bus driver about to tell something She shouted again " Dont you dare to say a single word you are an aged person thats why i let you show ur bloody attitude from past one month but Now enough is enough i am paying fees for bus and i wont run after bus from tomorrow so get this thing in your head or else i ll complain against you in police understand ???

The whole bus watched her open mouth
"She is cracker and beauty too" Mayank Whispers in Ram's ear
"indeed" He replied
"Her name is Priya sharma She is Also in CSE branch lives at bangali Square, Topped in last Monday test which you have already missed
,No BF yet , So rude to boys who approached her in college , our Physics teacher loves her and stop staring her She is watching us "

Ram quickly looked down and Mayank laughed loud and said " God you are so innocent man i was joking she has No interest in watching boys She is book worm and rest information i ll give you in lunch break Our college is arrived

At parking Area
"Come quickly what are you looking back Ohh priya sharma" Mayank asked Ram
 Embarrassed Ram quickly matched his track with Mayank and nodded  in negative

" Love at First Sight hmmm" mayank teased him

" Love Shove only happens in Book and movies Not in real life" Ram replied

" ohh !!! philosophy Keep it to you Lover Boy " Mayank dragged him to their Class

this is our class and they are My friends He pointed to the bunch of guys in 3rd Row

He introduced Ram to his friends

Akshay himanshu Aashish Rahul from CSE and Abhi Sumit from Civil

Now you go sit with them and let me sit with Civil fellows Bye

Ram bid bye to him and sit with CSE fellows

Akshay : So Mr Ram kapoor where do you live ??

Ram : i am basically from delhi but here in Mumbai i live in Vijaynagar Area and you ???

akshay : I am from Pune and i lives near bengali square

Ram : ohh bengali Square !! but i ddnt see you in bus No 9

Akshay : yes i don't come in that stupid bus for two reason
1.The one and only Driver
2. That bus arrived 30min before in college what waste of 30 min of sleep

All laughed with his PJ and Rahul Himanshu and ashish introduced themself to Ram

6 hours passed like this Lectures, jokes, introduction and lunch and all

Day 1 about to end and Ram and mayank leaving in their bus When Akshay came and sit with them

Ram : are you coming with us ???

Akshay : yes i told you this bus arrives 30 min and reaches too early then other bus lol

Ram : hahaha good so yo...He stopped in between when he saw Priya is coming towards their seat and she said




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Good and interesting start Aman.
Thanks for pm and do continue soon.
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Oh wow I am second Big smile now this is superb start Preeto Big smile RaYa only 19 years old Confused anyways that's interesting Star and you lazy ghajni writer don't dare to leave this story incomplete AngryEdited by bubbleneetu - 2016-03-24T13:13:17Z
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Nice update and thanks for the pm
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Posted: 2016-03-24T13:22:35Z
very nice and different
pls continue soon
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Posted: 2016-03-24T13:25:04Z
Interesting beginning.
Waiting for next part.
Thanks for pm.
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Posted: 2016-03-24T15:21:50Z
Awesome n waiting for next part
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So superb and a different story pls continue soon
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