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Ch 2 - Romantic
Ch 3 - Protective
Ch 4 - Lovable
Ch 5 - Passionate
Ch 6 - Wicked
Ch 8 - Playful
Ch 9 - Charming
Ch 10 - Expressive

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Ch 1 : Controlling

"Papa, my friends are going on a small trip to goa, can i go with them?" Taani asked her father in her soft low tone. Her father looked at his daughter.

"I'm sorry, beta, but you can't. Rey & Swayum won't agree." Rishi, Her father answered her, Taani nodded with small smile. Her dad patted her head lovingly and kissing her forehead he left for his office where as she went in her bedroom.

Being the only daughter of Shekhawat family and would be daughter-in-law of singhania family she had restrictions upon her and people, who decide everything for her. And in her case its her brother swayum and her would be husband Reyaansh who control everything that happen in her life and take every decision of her life. She does everything they want, she was a bird caged in golden cage and now she had accepted this lifestyle as she was taught to.

"He is coming back today. After 4 months I will see him" Taani thought to herself with shy smile playing on her lips. Taani took out her dairy from her closet and fall on her bed. She opened her diary and took out his photographs. She sat there for hours admiring him, shamelessly ogling over his handsome face. Because she can admire  him only in alone because in front him she can't even look at him because of shyness, nervousness and somewhere fear too. 

"Taani beta" She quickly hide his photo below her pillow when she heard her mother's call. Her mother entered in her room.

"Ji Maa, kuch kaam tha?" Taani asked her mother in her usual sweet tone. 

"Beta. Avantika called me and said she is sending car to pick you up, so get ready." Anita, Her mother told her, Taani nodded and got up from bed. She totally forgot she had to go to help her would be mother-in-law in preparing for a grand dinner at singhania's place where both the families were meeting for grand dinner.

Nervousness bubble up inside her, not that she is nervous to go there  and help his mother, in fact she loves going there in that house because everyone treat her like their own daughter. The reason of her nervousness was him. Don't know what kind of magic he had done on her that she can't even look at him without turning beetroot red nor she left thinking about him. He has that kind of effect on her that no one could ever have.

Taani got ready, she wore Red colored churidaar as it was his favorite color. Though they hardly talk to each other because of her shyness and him being busy in his business work but still she loves him but scared to admit it in front of him, His powerful personality intimidate her since childhood and his over possessiveness scared her sometimes.

Brushing her thoughts aside she left for his home, Knowing in few hours he will be there along with her brother, swayum.

Taani was helping avantika in kitchen, cooking all dishes were swayum & rey's favorite. Then taani prepared desert which was her favorite.

"Gajar ka halwa, not bad." Avantika smiled knowingly. Taani bit her lower lip.

"What can i do, maa? All the dishes are their favorite, so something has to be of my choice too-" Taani answered cutely making her laugh at her explanation.

"Taani, now take some rest there is still time in their arrival" Avantika told her as they finished cooking. Taani nodded and after washing her hands she went upstairs, in his room. He had strictly told her to use his room only, whenever she is here, even if he is not  home.  

She opened the door and found the room in darkness, nervously she stepped inside. She was scared of dark. As soon as she entered lights came back and she gasped at the sight before her. There, he stood near the bed, looking intensely at her making her shift nervously in her place.

"Lock the door" He commanded her, she was too shocked and confused to see him there, when he was suppose to come at night. Coming out of her shock state she locked the door and turned to him.

"Aap yaha? You & bhai were supposed to come at night. Right?" Taani asked him in timid low tone. She had hardly spent alone time with him before.

"Swayum had some work in london so he decided to stay there for some more days and I came back with early flight but no one knows about that." Rey answered her while taking steps toward her, her heart picked up with his every step he took close to her.

"I wanted to spend some alone time with you, and now, till night I have you, just for myself" Rey said in his dark deep tone, sending shiver down her spine.

"But how did you entered in your room without getting caught by anyone?" Taani questioned him, and truth to be told it was the longest sentence she had spoke to him till now, with out stuttering.

"Window" He answered, causing her hazel to went wide, her cheeks heat up realizing he had done all this just for her, it made her feel special as it was first time he had done something like this for her. Like a true prince charming from those fairy tales, he too came to meet her, through window.

"You shouldn't have, You could have got hurt." Taani voiced out her worry. Rey took a step more, invading her personal space. Taani bite her lower lip and glance at him, he was smirking at her, observing her moves.

"But nothing happened, so stop worrying." Rey told her, amusingly his voice was soft.

"Come here." Rey commanded her, opening his arms wide, for her. Taani stepped in his embrace. Rey wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her into him. He nuzzle his face in her hair, inhaled in her fragrance. Taani shudder in delight, in his cozy embrace.

"So, What did you do when i was not here?"  Rey questioned her, breaking the hug but held her in his arms, with him arms securely wrapped around her waist. 

"Painting. And i also applied for some colleges that you and bhai suggested." Taani answered him, Rey nodded in response, Pleased with her answer.

"Good." Rey lifted his hand up and tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear. Taani shivered slightly, his touch effect her and they both knew it. Then, taking her by surprise, he scoop her in his arms and took her to his bed. He made her lay down on the bed then joined her in the bed which increased her heart rate.

He plopped himself up on his elbow, facing her. Taani lifted her eyelashes and look at him, her soft gaze met his intensified ones. His hand was rested over her belly, causing butterflies to flutter inside her belly.

"My school mates are going on a small trip to goa as a last trip  before we start our colleges, can i go with them?" Taani asked him, though she already knew answer but still, tried her luck.

"No. I know those class mates of yours, they just need a reason to drink and party. I can't allow you to go there alone, not after what happened last time." Rey said to her in stern tone, Taani sighed, she had expected this answer. Last time also they denied, but somehow Rishi & Ranvijay agreed and she went to lonavala on a school trip which turned out to be worst first trip for her. The bad boy of the class spiked her drink and tried taking advantage of her, but luckily she escaped thanks to her friends & a teacher who saved her before the bad boy could do something bad to her. She was saved, but lost her freedom that day. After that day, Swayum & Rey grew more protective & possessive over her. They never allowed her to go out with friends.

She was very naive & innocent, which bring out a protective side in them but due to that over protectiveness, sometimes she feels suffocated.


Should i continue?

Please do leave your feedback :)

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Intresting ys plz
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Interesting concept. ...continue soon 
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Superb start Clap
Loved it
Do continue soon
Thanks for pm
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Nice concept
U really are a genius for coming up with these brilliant ideas
Taani feeling suffocated with rey's possessiveness
Wondering if she will revolt
Or just controlled by them
Update soon
Thnkx for the pm
P.s. i really hope that she retaliates more
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awesome update... taarey part was too cute... update soon
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