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" Well...well...alas we meet again! It's still Ms. Sharma Right? ...or some misfortunate person has had the pleasure of changing your Surname!" Ram spoke trying to get the reaction he was looking for

" Is it still Mr. Kapoor or has your name been rightfully changed to "Philanderer"! Priya retorted
" Ouch! That hurt Ms. Sharma...is that what you think of me..."Casanova" would be more apt..it sounds so much better" 
" what brings to my neck of the woods?" Ram inquired finding her in his office
"Unfortunately, I am the one chosen from the faculty to collaborate with Kapoor Industries to set up an internship program for our MBA grads, I am here till all the kinks are sorted out" Priya explained
" hmm..." Ram gave an assessing look, deliberately letting his eyes rove over her every curve
Priya immediately pulled her below the knee dress lower and let her hands make sure that nothing was showing around her cleavage. She pulled the thin chain with a small pendant fixing it in the center while pulling the edges of her shirt upwards to cover up more of her neck.
"My...My..you sure have blossomed quite a bit...it has been what over a year since I last saw you" Purposely following her hand movement, Ram stated
" It's been 15 months..." Immediately catching her slip up Priya retorted " Does it really matter? I see that you have not changed a bit in your philandering quests...I said it then and I am telling you again I will never fall for that..I am not looking for a fling...I am not your type anyways"
Ram moving closer and looking her in the eyes "... and what do you think my type are?"
Taking a step back to put some distance between them and to calm her racing heart beats "Never mind...I am not here to set you up on a date...I am sure that you have been taking care of that on your own ..I am here to talk to you about how we can get the internship program initiated" Priya quipped.
Pulling her to him, he placed one hand on the small of her back. Tucking the wayward strand of her hair behind her ear, Ram stated " I wouldn't mind if you set me up on a date with whomever you think my kind is, while we work on initiating this internship program" bringing his face next to hers while fanning her ear with his warm breath, he whispered " you see..I am a multitasker...I believe in taking care of business and pleasure in one go"
Her body stiffened. The sensual blanket between them had thickened all of a sudden . She took a quick step backward to put some distance between her and the mesmerizing aura that emanated from him. "And just exactly what is that supposed to mean?" Once again the sparks of conflict flew between them. "I don't think it meant anything. It was merely a""Suggestion" The shock of his words jolted through her. Her anger flared. "You weren't making suggestions. You are being the chauvinist pig that you are...don't you dare..." Suddenly he placed his hand on the back of her neck holding her still as he took her mouth with devastating confidence. His mouth came down hard on hers, not only stilling her words but also driving the thoughts out of her mind. He wrapped her in his embrace, holding her tightly to him. She felt the heat of his passion, an intensity that singed every corner of her being. It was almost as if her arms had a will of their own as they encircled his neck. She returned his kiss. Her entire being trembled with excitement. Never had anyone so thoroughly grabbed her senses with only a kiss. Her pulse raced. When she gasped, he took that opportunity to plunge his tongue deeper to explore and taste the sweet nectar that her alluring mouth was offering. Although the kiss had been on an impulse to shut her from making more accusations but now that he was having a taste of her, he didn't want it to end ...this kiss was far more than he ever imagined it would be ( and trust me, he had imagined way more than just kisses with her in these past 15 months) her tug on his hair brought him to the reality. Pulling her away from him just enough, while she regained her senses, Ram quickly retorted " Ms. Sharma since you think that you are not my type,unfortunately we have to stop right here" as she opened her eyes, processing his words,Ram walked towards the door looking completely unfazed " it was nice seeing you as well Ms. Sharma..now that we are completely clear that you are not my type we can work together professionally without any distractions" giving her a smug smile he continued  "See you in my office at 8 tomorrow morning, i will introduce you to the team that will be helping you"
Priya stood there panting still trying to catch her breath while mentally scolding herself for falling for exactly what she had vowed to stay away from...!


From now on she was determined to definitely maintain distance between them and put a immediate stop to any of his advances...he should get that in his thick head that she wasn't the type to fall for flings. Her life had always been planned out...her studies, her job ( thankfully she loved it) what kind of people she should mingle with and soon she was to marry a man of her dad's choice to have a very planned out life...there were no second thoughts about anything else ...and of all the things.. a fling ...a torrid affair with a known player. Sure she was attracted to him and after that kiss ..couldn't help but want more but her dear Nani's words were etched in her mind " good girls tend to fall for bad boys, Priya God has blessed you with enough smartness to keep away from the players...trust me nothing but heartbreak comes from relations like that"
Only if her silly hormones would let her listen..she tossed and turned all night,  having visions of him touching her, moulding her body to his just like he did yesterday while kissing her with immense passion. She had woken up several times breaking into cold sweat, trying to divert her thoughts but all efforts went in vain...this infatuation of hers had actually began 15 months ago...


Running towards the elevator in an attempt to catch it before the doors closed, she had almost stumbled into elevators while managing her high heels only to be caught and helped to a standing position by a suave looking man. Embarrassed Priya mumbled " thank...than...thank you!" Only to catch him smirking at her, he just nodded in acknowledgement and leaned back on the elevator wall, closing his eyes. From the mirrors on the sidewalls, she caught a better glimpse of him...he was tall ( must be a good two feet taller than her),strikingly handsome with  a perfectly symmetrical face, brown skin perhaps a shade darker than hers, his hair looked disheveled, a perfectly fitted suit perhaps Armani but his shirt which was untucked on one side and unbuttoned to middle of his torso exposing his tanned chest with matted hair and bite marks,and scratches ...BITE MARKS...YIKES! ...she looked away then dared to look again...yup they were bite marks for sure..on second thought ..didn't she pass a tall model like girl coming out of the elevator as she was coming in.

DISGUSTING! How could they be doing something like that in a public place.. These spoilt rich Brats...who like to flaunt their personal lives.

" Do you like what you see?" He questioned her startling her to the core
Immediately she had jumped to the front corner, frantically pushing the elevator buttons for the door to open
" No need to worry, I won't do anything without your permission ..." He laughed 
Buttoning his shirt, " he confidently introduced himself " Hi! I am Ram Kapoor...and you my dear are?"
For some reason, she wanted to believe him but instead of making a conversation with him, she needed to get out of there and that's what she did as soon as the doors opened.

She knew his types...rich suave looking types..who took advantage of young girls and moved on leaving them heartbroken and maybe even pregnant!

Luck was definitely not in her favor, since she was at the same hotel for a seminar for the next 10 days, she had started running into him more frequent and by running into him, I mean literally running into him every time she took the elevator ( pretty much every time) as if he was her personal safety keeper assigned as stumbled with her heels trying to get to her room fast so she could take them off...if it wasn't for those darn heels that her friend insisted on her wearing she would have taken the stairs. But climbing 26 stories barefoot seemed more daunting than running into him.
Although she found him in the same appearance mostly with a smug smile in place which irritated her to the core but his hands were really strong as he steadied her and the elevator was always filled with the smell of his cologne. Getting a whiff of that up close as he helped her was something she had started to enjoy and despise. He was always a gentleman with her like he had vowed earlier, stood at a distance but always made her feel uncomfortable by his mere presence and blatant invitations to so called "Fling" he laughingly convinced " you will have something to look back upon, Ms. Uptight!" Priya was always brave enough to retort to his remarks " then you must have a whole pandora's box of treasures, Mr. Kapoor" " ha-ha, I like like your sense of humor Miss...miss..again what's your name" she ignored " what's the point...it will be just another name" strangely, she didn't feel threatened by him but she had made it a habit of getting out a few floors earlier so could climb up the rest.

This time she had said her prayers before getting into the elevator and had even taken off her heels so there was minimal chance of stumbling into him. She got in and heaved a sigh of relief upon not feeling his tall shadow behind her. When something or someone involuntarily becomes a part of your life, you start missing them strangely enough, no matter how irritating they might have been. Lost in her thoughts Priya backed up to lean against the elevator wall, stumbling over something on the floor. Thankfully her reflexes were still sharp, so she was able to grab the handle of the wall, she looked down and almost screamed. There he was, her tall handsome and mysterious stranger,laying in a pool of blood. 

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Loved it n nice n new concept plsss update soon
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Interesting story!!
Plz continue soon!!
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Interesting story!!
Please continue soon!! 
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nyc stry...dfrnt cncpt..updt soon...
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Nice story new concept..
Ram as spoilt brat.
Pls continue soon...
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As always another good story from u with nice concept
Yet Ram says he is not Casanova but didn't mind to have fling and Priya knows him well. But this also didn't able to work out as Ram kissed Priya.
But now war happen In elevator that he is lying in pool of blood made her shocked.
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Loved your writing..gripping narration..Clap
Plz continue soon
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