TRP expectations !! 5th march to 11th march 2016

Posted: 2016-03-16T10:07:13Z

Family gets to knw bout raman's dey dnt believe...
Family discuss..
Shagun's plan... to knw bout raman's intentions..
Toshiji-simmi attend raman's sangeet..
Witness ran...
Ashok's internet Marriage...DULHE RAJA...
Raman invites ACP for sangeet ...
Sangeet Functn..
Sarika-nidhi plan agst shagun..
Ruhi gets hurt...
Raman behaves unaffected by ruhi's pain...
Raman gets a SLAP...
Raman-MrBhallaji FACE OFF..

Relevations of Raman's plan...
Bala mom takes vandu out..
Nidhi wants to destroy raman...

Raman's plan for ISHITA's RE-ENTRY...
Raman-Ishita emoitonal scene...
Vandu at rehab centre..n goes missing..
Ashok eager to meet SHANAYA...
Nidhi in dreamworld..
Amma cries for ishu n vandu..
Ashok-Shanaya cum face to face..

Ashok recognises Shanaya as ISHITA...
Ashok-Shanaya FACE OFF..
Raman wishes ishita cums fast..
Shanaya doubts Ashok's mental state..n wants to meet RAMAN to knw bout ashok..
Ashok plants ACP for Shanaya..
Raman waits for ishita..
Nidhi creates a ruckus over her torn lehnga..
Ruhi tore nidhi's lehnga..
ACP takes SHANAYA to police station for tests...
Shanaya slaps ashok...
Nidhi wants ishita's saree..

Raman hides Ishita's saree...
Raman-nidhi marriage starts...
Raman fakes a cramp..
Shanaya enters wid ashok...
Ruhi shouts Ishima..
Evryone n RAMAN shocked...
He leaves mandap...he stops d wedding...
Shanaya tells she is nt ISHITA..
ISHITA breaksdown...n dn consoles herself..
Suraj finds Vandu near a beer shop...

Simmi tries to make ishita weak...
Shanaya leaves.. n meets vandu-suraj..
Nidhi questns raman...
Suraj drops vandu home..
Bala blames n beats suraj..n bala breaksdown..
Raman meets Ishita n mr raichand..
Ishra mini scene..
Raman decides to cancel d wedding...
Family Rejoice..
Nidhi shouts at raman...
Raman confuses nidhi...n asks her to b her frnd..
Suraj on guilt-trip.. 
Nidhi thinks bout wat to do..

Shanaya cums bhalla house..purse...
She meets family.. ruhi..
She stays for tea on simmi's insistence..
Raman cums up... n meets her.. nidhi takes him up..
Raman happpy to meet ishita..
Nidhi questns raman over d contract..
Raman invites dem for breakfast..
Nidhi prepares breakfst..
Shanaya scrutinises d breakfast...POLKA DOTS..FRISBEE..
Amma cums up wid southindian food..
Ruhi teaches shanaya hw to eat dosa..
Raman-shanaya-mr raichand leave for meeting...
Amma keeps satyanarayan puja..
Raman cums to meet ishtia...
Ishra hv a talk along wid mr raichand..
Nidhi cums up in between... n finds a clue dat raman is dere...

I cant expect anythng... bt hope it increases...

Wat r ur views...

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Posted: 2016-03-16T10:08:44Z
It would increase . And maintain the second position overall .
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Posted: 2016-03-16T10:09:45Z
I think it 'll increase
Coz of ishra plan
Shanya's entry
Nidhi's insecurity n dumbness
Ashok's comedy
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Posted: 2016-03-16T10:15:00Z
hoping 4 it 2 increase as many people watched 4 ishra scenesBig smileBig smile
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Posted: 2016-03-16T10:17:30Z
i guess it will increase from last week
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Posted: 2016-03-16T15:53:41Z
Originally posted by sweet.Aman

I think it 'll increase
Coz of ishra plan
Shanya's entry
Nidhi's insecurity n dumbness
Ashok's comedy

Ishita entry as shanaya ws a dhamaka... LOL
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Posted: 2016-03-16T16:56:01Z
Hi Swati,
I hope it is a increase in trp so that the makers learn that IshRa are the usp of the show.

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Posted: 2016-03-16T17:12:22Z
Increase ... Ofcourse
I'm expecting 3.8 to 4.1
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