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Two little girls in blue, holding each other's hand as best friends do, hopped skipped and jumped down the cobbled path. Their ponytails bounced just as joyously.

They ran down the sloping lawns leaving behind the great big mansion surrounded by manicured English gardens, to be enveloped by the tea shrubs. 

One was 'Her-Happiness' and the other was 'Her-Highness'.  

It didn't matter to Her-Highness that Her-Happiness's chapped winter cheeks were nothing like her silky smooth ones. That her friend's faded outgrown dress was no match to her beautiful convent uniform.

They made kites soar and hearts melt, until it all changed one day.

Genre - Romance / Mystery / Drama


Thread 1


Part 1 - The Persistence 

Chapter -1

Chapter - 2

Chapter - 3

Thread - 2

Chapter - 4

Chapter - 5

Chapter - 6

Chapter - 7

Photos of Nilgiris tea estates, Arnav's and Khushi's houses

Thread 3

Chapter - 8

Chapter - 9

Chapter - 10

Thread 4

Summary of Chapters prologue-10

Chapter 11

Chapter -12

Chapter - 13

Part 2 - The Disintegration 

Chapter - 14

Chapter -15

Thread 5

Chapter - 16

Chapter - 17

All content (Except the character names - They belong to 4 Lions Films) including story, characterization, setting and situations are my intellectual property. No part of this story may be copied for commercial use or distribution, nor may it be modified in any way or reposted to other sites. Any downloadable content made available on this site is provided strictly for your personal use and convenience. 

I hope you enjoy this story as it unfolds. 

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Yo My People,

Here we are on thread 5. Under normal circumstances, this story should be nearing its end but it was not to be. Life got in the way and I had to take a solid six months break in between. But, better late than never is a policy I truly believe in. 

So, here we go. We are currently in the second phase of the story and moving closer to half way mark (I see between 35 to 40 chapters for 'The Hands of Time').

A heartfelt thank you to each and every one of you who have embarked on this journey with me. I understand that this story may not be everyone's cup of tea, which makes my readers all the more special. You girls (I doubt there are any boys here) help me write. You chase me for updates, you compliment my work and many of you recommend it other readers too. What more can I ask for? Your encouragement means everything.

Take this thread away. Share your thoughts. As always, I insist on honesty. I don't deny it pricks but criticism drives me to write better. I feel this intense need to make that reader love the plot, the character or whatever it is she/he didn't particularly enjoy. 

Take care

Hugs and kisses


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Congrats on the new thread Sandhya... Hope there will be many more threads for this wonderful story.
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Congratulations Sandhya Hug

Here's to many, many HoTness celebrations !! LOL

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Congrats,Sandhya... Your every story got some kind of attraction that can not be denied.. Every time I fell in love with one of your character ... This time it's Arnav
Posted: 2016-03-13T17:26:26Z
Congratulations on the fifth thread, it has been worth the wait I really look forward to reading your updates chapter 15 was a lot of fun. Can't wait to read the part when everyone reacts to Armageddon and Khushi being a couple especially Arnavs mum now that's going to be some drama... Desperately waiting for the next update...x aziii...x
Posted: 2016-03-13T17:29:02Z
The Thrilling, Chilling...Mingling...continues...
Bravo Sandhya and HoTees...

Agents Rao-001...Wink Big smile


Cheers!! Heart
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Congratulations on the new thread and it is content I see on them and not spamming. Speaks of talent.

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