SS : The Unpreceded Hatred ! part 1 on pg 7 (17-03-16)

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Hey Guys I m back with another one And And this time it's an SS.
You all have supported me a lot in my previous one and I hope you will show the same support with this one too. Here is a small synopsis about what the story revolves about.
And I guess you all will comment to let me how's it.

The dedication of this story is to Aurshi or Mitwaa which is her IF Id. She pushed me to write one when I thought, my last one to be really the last one. So thank you Aurshi for all the support. I never thought I would find a friend here but to have one is a great feeling indeed. Smile Smile
Here you guys go,


6 Years Ago

I knew I have to do this anyhow. I can't let her suffer with me. She is the only person who I can't afford to loose but I have to do this because I don't want to put her again through this. I don't want her to see how weak I am. So much that I can't even fight for myself, then the matter to fight for her is not even in sight. I have to free her from me. I want the best for her and after this is the best for her. I have to leave her. I have to make her believe that I was just playing with her.

I want her to be a happy girl. I don't want to put her through those shits all again like she has been throughout her life. I do not want her suffer as much as I am. I am ashamed of myself to be so dirty. I know she will hate me much more than she ever hates anyone in her life but I have to do this.

I knew my past would definitely come back to me but didn't knew that my fate was procrastinating this just for the right moment to ruin my life.

My life had been perfect since 3years when I met her in the second year of our college. I had got admission on scholarship basis in the Oxford university and so she had been. My life wasn't perfect but I knew neither was hers. I had been through a lot in my life and when I discovered she was going through things similar in the way I was, though different situation, I couldn't help myself from helping her to come out of her grief. She was a person who never even loved an inch of herself and I felt genuinely bad for her. It wasn't sympathy instead empathy.

I helped her come out of her grief and in a way I fell for her. Her heart was just like glass which people used to break anytime. She was very pure at heart. Intinally it took a lot time for me to break through her self created walls but slowly and gradually she opened up to me. I was hell shocked to hear her story. She had become from a bubbling, fun loving girl to a 20th year old gloomy, dull, lifeless teenager. Hanging out with her I realized she had no friend here because people considered her to be too obscure and timid to befriend.

Her friends had hated her always or you can you can being the most selfish creatures ever earth had borne and slowly and slowly she fell into an ocean of grief. She had started understating herself and eventually hated her own body. I helped her regain her self confidence and made her believe she is the person who can do anything.

Eventually we both discovered this strange feeling called 'love' which was brewing in us and ended up being the best couple our college. She was the best thing that ever happened in my life. We used spent whole day together, teasing, laughing and loving each other. We used spent time at my home, snuggling with each other, watching her favorite movies and ending up being together.

I had never lied to her except for one thing which is not big enough to be overlooked. My family had been the worst and I didn't wanted to tell her and I don't know the reason why. She had all the rights to know about me and I don't know what took my mind that forbidden me to tell her about my life. Or maybe I can say it was because I didn't wanted all that to ponder again in our life.

My life had been beautiful with Priya. Yes Priya, the love of my life, the only thing which was in my possession and I could say was mine. But fate has taken a you-turn and has crossed our paths. I stand here infront of her confessing to her how evil I am. "I have been playing with you Priya. You know I just now discovered that you are not the person with whom I can spend my whole life. I mean I too need someone like who's my type. You are not my type. I think this is the end of this relation and one more thing just don't be so clingy now. Grow up and realize that this world is more cruel than you see with your innocent eyes. One last thing don't try to contact me and get over it." I said dryly.

I was waiting for some sort of reaction from her but instead she kept a firm face and walked past me pushing me aside. I knew now she was strong enough to face the cruelties of the world all alone but still this is not what she deserved. I gritted my teeth in anger. I was angry with myself. I hated myself for doing this with her. I wished to kill myself for doing this with her because without her was the end of my life but I knew I had some else to look after too. This was the end of my life I knew.


Author's note : So guys this end of the first part or the introduction of the story.

Is this the end of Ram's life or there is something more than this that his life beholds. How is Priya now after six years of this incidence? Is she alive or dead ? How is Ram ? What were his problems ? Was he good to do this with Priya ?

Hey guys to know more stay tune with my story.

And also March I am fully free and I hope that I complete this story before the end of March because after March I would log out from IF maybe.

I also want to ask that is any1 here on wattpad ? It's an amazing site and I want to make more and more new friends there. If anyone of you is there then msg me :)

Excuse if there are any mistakes. Please comment and like my story as I feel happy reading all your comments.

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Superrbb start!!
Loved it a lot wid ram's pov!!
It's so interesting with suspense!!
Plz continue soon!!
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Posted: 2016-03-13T04:45:44Z
Loved it plsss update soon
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Posted: 2016-03-13T05:13:37Z
intrstng intro...updt soon...
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Posted: 2016-03-13T06:24:52Z
Interesting intro to the story.
Continue soon.
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Posted: 2016-03-13T07:10:54Z
loved the start. but I am afraid k I will not regularly read and comment on thus story. as u know due to march end, I am neck deep dead in my job.
thanks for pm . pl continue
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2016-03-13T08:25:24Z
awesome update an wow start of the story its fresh feeling bad for both raya always destiny play game with them yaar eagerly waiting for next update hope priya is all right ram also hope they meet early an we get romantic update an dear thanks for wonderful story an thanks yaar apne mera kha mana bcz ur fab writer ...& thanks for mentioning my name & dedication... thanks for being my friend an me also have few best friend in which ur the one love u dear keep rocking keep posting story
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Posted: 2016-03-13T08:27:47Z
hey why u log out ?
an what's mean of whattpad ?
yaar plzzz forum mat chodo
we can't afford loss of fab writer an my friend yaar" Cry
plzzz dear .I hope you change your decision" Cry Edited by Mitwaa - 2016-03-13T08:29:27Z
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