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Hello to All. I know my ff is still pending..but I wanna write this one..I was watching this episode in a loop..and just this idea came so thought to pen down  it.Sorry for all mistakes..and please bare this ,

Scene starts where Priya created the sound and Ram thought someone is knocking at the door.


Aree yaar this is not fare yaar .. Tum aise cheating nehi kar sakte ho .. Ram spoke out .

In which Priya replied .. aapne hi to kaha aabhi .. Everything is fare in love and war. And this Mr. Kapoor is certainly Love .and going to leave their bed

U know tum humesha mere sath.. and he clutched her hand.

Priya looked at him and asked now what happen. But Ram pulled her towards him.. I said tum humesha mere sath aise karte ho.. to mujhe bhi kuch tarika sochna chahiye .. that I can .. and winked at her .

Chodiye mujhe aab sach me koi aajayega ,...

Kya hojayega .. aane do.. aab to aur kuch bahane nehi sunna hai mujhe .. and again pulled her a lil bit , Priya lost her balance and fall on Ram's chest.

Ram took her in his strong arms.

Aare kar kya rehe... chodiye mujhe aab sachme koi aajayega na.. then  it will be most embarrassing moment.. but Ram acted like a dumb. That he dont wanna hear anything ..

Ram... Priya pleaded..

Ram looked at her .. what did u say..

Kuch nehi .. Priya shyly replied hiding her face in the crook of his neck..

Ekbaar firse bolo..

I said na kuch ne.. remaining in her position Priya said.. but she is nuzzling his neck at lil bit..

Hmmm .. to kuch karna sirf mujhe nehi tumhe bhi sojh raha hai.. .. hona hi date hi aisa hai ..

Priya looked at him.. and bit her lower lips.. Ram nodded in negative.. .. ok I will Leave u now.. but ek condition pe. With her confusing face Priya looked at him.

Aise chehre banane ki koi jarurat nehi hai .. main rat ko jhajju halwai ka gajar ka halwa nehi magne wala hu..Priya was going to laugh but his next comments made her shocked full.. as Ram concluded his sentence with this I will leave u now. If u promise that we r going to freshen up together ...

Priya looked at him without blink of her eyes..

Ram saw her expression with his ever charming smile and naughty looks., turned on the bed , Priya is lying under him . still the shock expression plastered in her face.Ram was watching her and enjoying the most beutiful site in front of him. After so many days when almost  he lost the all hope of their togetherness again god gave them , gave him the opportunity to be a rich man with the all the happiness. Happiness of their togetherness . slowly Ram moved his face towards Priya's neck..

Priya's chain of thought broke with the tickling of his beard..

 Uff ho Mr. Kapoor its hurting..

Ram scared a lil bit.. that might be his weight hurting her like the first time when he fall on her ..

Kya kya dard ho raha hai.. caressing her hands Ram asked.. like a perfect caring husband..

Priya looked at him and his expression and keenly watch.. .. hit his forhead a lil bit Priya said.. Golu.. ur beard is hurting me..

Ohh.. Ram gave such expression when .Priya again spoke out.. and aab mujhe yadat hogayi hai .. aapki weight lene ki .. did not hurt my hand like before...and hide her face in his broad chest..

Ram smiled .. and tried to left her in his strong arms..

Aab kya kar rehe Mr. Kapoor chot lag jayega aapko..

I cant trust u darling any more. I said na we will freshen up together .. means together.. and waise bhi.. kaise save karna hai ye beard ko.. u have to show me na.. the it will not hurt u at night .. and winked at her .. almost pulled her again.Priya was red as , that can be compared with her night dress.

 But that time they heard the knock at door..

Bas isiki kami thi..kabab me haddi came.. Priya glared at him, dont give me look.. vagayo jo hai usse ..and come asap. I will wait at washroom..and tumhe pata hi hai .. Punjab ka puttar hu jo than leta hu wo karta hu.. gave a peck on her forhead.. while Priya was going to leave the bed to open the door.. Mumma papa . open the door please.. Peehu's voice was so audible..

Ram looked at the door and Priya .. bachpan se hi hum dono k romance k piche hai tumhare Princess. Saying so .Ram pecked at her lips softly and quickly.. even Priya could not understand what exactly happened.. but when she got, before her any reaction again  uff Maa kab se knock kar rehi hu.. open it na please..

Hurriedly Priya went to the door, jaldi aana waiting... with these  words from her husband..

Priya opened the door with blushing cheecks..

Uff Mumma .. kab se knock kar rehi thi .. why u took lots of time .

Sorry wo washroom me thi .. bata.. tujhe kya chahiye.. Papa kaha the .. at least he could open na .. ya aabhi bhi so rehe hai ..

Nehi .. ur Papa at washroom.. saying so she cut her toungue and tried to change the sentence.

U said .. u were in washroom.. and now saying Papa.. Peehu was giving a confused look..

Are bata to sahi.. what takes u here .. wo bhi itni jaldi.. and knocking so hard.. Priya tried to diver the topic..

As our Golu k daughter .. lil bit of Goli.. nehi wo i just came.. to inform Papa.. k aaj Dadi ordred  all his fav breakfast.. even Dadi said.. she will mot listen to u  too.. so.. we are waiting .. jaldi aajao aap dono please...

Priya .. Peehu aabhi bhi hai kya .. waiting yaar ..

Priya slapped her forhead.. , Peehu got something fishy .but this time She acted like a smart kid... ok Mumma aap ready hokar aajao.. saying so She left..

Itne saal baad unhe aise romance kyu soojh raha hai.. murmuring these and closed the door.

Are Peehu why u take so long to inform Priya angel and Papa. Khush asked. As alreay the full gang is there to celebrate their Papa's returning home. And Of course nutz., dadi and Krishna ji joined with them.

Peehu with a sulking face,,pata nehi ,, I was knocking at door .. Mumma took long time to open.. and when I asked about reason She said she was in washroom. And then said Papa is there .. Peehu said all in one breath .. but when She uttered  the last something stuck in her mind. And she cut her toungue with a blushing cheek..

But already she did the blunder. In the mean of time Neha and Vikram also joined ,as usual Neha with her query.. What did Priya say Peehu Partner.?

Nothing..just Papa was calling her from washroom..and Peehu looked down..

Neha and Nutz both looked at each other .. and uttered in unision.. hmmm to help each other and laughed ..

Are kuch to sharam karo bache bhi hai yeha.. and hum bhi.. chaliye biji..

Sorry Sorry Maa wo Bhai k.. .. again She looked at Neha and laughed. And Krishna also smiled..

Pata nehi aaj kya hogaya hai aaj Mr.Kapoor ko... sach me unhe yaad hai kya ? Priya was talking self.. and moving towards the washroom. Where RAM was in his vest, drapped one towel in lower portion . busy , to give shape  of his beard looking at the mirror. Priya stood behind him. Looking at her through mirror. Ram gave a pleasant smile . and asked what should he do with that moving his palm on his cheek.Priya replied in signal to remove full. Again Ram asked to confirm. And Priya just nodded in yes..


With a satisfy smile Ram started to apply cream,..

I dont want any disturb  like before. Priya passed towards the tab to fill the bathtub and passed the comments ..

yes just like the first time on this date ..Ram concluded

Both looked at each other ..

Aapko .. Priya with her blushing cheek asked. Ram moved towards her .. so close.. caressing his cheek with her said.. kaha tha maine . tumhare sath bita huya haar pal mujhe details me yaad hai .. and again went towards the mirror,

Priya trying to clean her cheek as already Ram also marked her cheek with saving cream. Aap itne messy to kabhi nehi the.. also complaining..

Ha shadi k baad ki asar hai.. ..gave a wink to her..

Dont worry Priya when I will apply soap on u.. i will remove it..

What .. kya irada hai aapka.. Main chali.. .. aap fresh hokar aajayiye.. then I will ..

Ram pulled her .. and said.. kaha na maine aaj ek sath.. kya hai.. itni saal pehle.. next day I washed u.. to aaj usdin kyu na kare..

Priya clutched him tightly.. Ram was not ready for that .. so He  tried to hold her .. and by that the tab of shower got open. And within a few second both drenched. I had a wish to drench in rain with u Mr.Kapoor aaj wo bhi hogaya .. but ..Ram was hugging her tightly..

Priya could sense .It was some different..she tried to move ..but let it be like this Priya .. I was so scared ..I lost u.almost 5 years then 7 years.. again these socha nehi tha.. again I will get the chance to hold u like this .to spend time with u.. will celebrate our every day's togetherness.. happiness.. I just to be like this .. nothing more is important. Tum sath ho to full duniya mere sath hai .. nehi to kuch bhi nehi..


Yaar ye Ram kya aaj breakfast k liye ayega ya nehi Vikram was complaining..

Ha kuch sikho aapne friend se.. still he is romantic.. and tum..

Are main kya .teen baccho k baad u started to complain na.. Shammy k baad to.

Neha looked at Vikram. What ever the fact She is mother.what She lost .no one cant even imagine.the pain what she is going through,only she can feel, though she wanted to hide from everyone . to be caring wife. A perfect friend that .. her pain should not effect others.. but.. still the emptiness no one cant fill the void.. hearing Shammy's name Neha's eyes filled with tears. KK felt her [ain.as for 20 years She was away from her son..but still knowing. He is alive and somehow happy..

KK caressed Neha's head.. and said.. bache aaj tum log breakfast table arrange karo..

They will come ,,jab man chahye.. chalo neha.. jao bacho ko help karne..

Bacha party went to breakfast table.. where Nutz and Neha were serving .. just then Ram and Priya joined..

Good Morning Dadi .Good morning Maa. Ram took blessings from them. Priya also followed his path..Ram took his sit. Where Priya went topwards Neha. Are tum kyu.. do mujhe .. baitho tum..

Ha madam almost lunch k time aakar ..aab aap puch rehe hai kyun.. Nutz laughed. Priya glared at Ram.. Ram replied with his trade mark smile.

Wow Papa u r looking handsome  with this spec and new look. Pari said.. all looked at Ram..

Yes Papa ,,just our handsome hunk .Mayra seconded with her ..

Pari and Mayra .. both of u r commenting about ur Papa or any hero..

Papa kabhi filmstar lagte bhi nehi hai.. Golu PAPA. Peehu said..

Our second meeting.. Priya narrowed her eyes.

Yes yaad hai na tumhe .. Dubai me.. wo contest Peehu won.. dinner date in five star hotel.. i gave her the prize.and our conversation..Peehu went close to her Papa..

Ram caressed her hair.. and the others also went towards him.

They completed their breakfast with all the family members.. dadi and Krishna ji went already as they needed some rest. then everyone was going to share their Plan for today ..just then Ram said.. ok ..I have to say something ...

All were expecting one grand party.. as always Ram prefers that ..

Today I will take rest .. just be in my room.. and Priya will be with me... so hope no one will disturb us..

Bacha party were seeing each other as they really ..did hard work to surprise their parents ..but now what should they will do ..

They looked at their Nutz bua.to convince their Papa.. where as Priya was struggling to hide her crimson Red cheek.. in front of everyone how can be Ram said such..

Waise Fatty subah se tera man nehi bhara kya ..

Ram looked at her ..

Matlab.. nehi wo.. washroom me u were calling Priya na.. Priya glared at Peehu .. that only she said all.. god knows .. what she added ..and what they r thinking ..

Nehi aaj k din.. main ek second k liye bhi usse dur nehi reh sakta .. Ram said.

Aaj k din Nutz with a confused look.

Neha, Priya aaj kya special hai jo tumhare Fatty ko yaad hai ..batayo batayo..

Priya hurriedly left the place as, she cant answer her.

Dekh aab tere liye meri Biwi vaag gayi na..pehli baar Nutz ayesha k jhgare k chakkar me . almost I lost .now u..Ram also left the place ..


Neha was in deep thought .. Nutz Ayesha ki fighting,, First time ...Nutz was also thinking as .. their fighting was so common that time.. which her brother mentioned.. bacha party did not pay so much attention as they already became sad with their Papa's decision.

Vikram came to Neha .. and said.. yaad hai na..Ram Priya ki fighting wo bh hum dono k wajaise ,,and then Ayesha Neha ki Fashion show..

Neha looked at him with disbelieve..No...just typical Neha's style She said..

Vikram nodded in yes.. Neha hugged him and said that's why  I love u baby. Tum he sab yaad rehta hai.. siwai ..hum dono k special dates.. and that's why i Hate u too.and pushed him a lil..Vikram became confused as well.

Are kuch hum bhi to bolo utz asked like a kid..

No our Kiddo sister .. we cant say ..Neha said..just samajhlo.. its almost 22 years old memory .jo aaj tum hare bhaiya aur bhabi ko yaad hai..

That I know they r special and their relation but .. meri aur ayesha ki fight ..inse Bhaiya and bhabi ..just clear na..

Uff..Nutz.. tumhari first fashion show after ur marriage..

Ha to..

Are it was special night for RAYA ..IF I am not wrong today is...Vikram left the place ..As for her Nutz is his lil sister ..and in front of him this discussion..he did not feel good.

Nutz also blushed..but She got an idea to tease them and shared with Neha too. Both hifi with each other


Ram reached their room and closed the door. With the closing sound . Priya looked at him

Ho kya gaya hai aapko .. bache the ...u did not think too.. Ram ji chale.. Aapni Leela dikhane..

Ram smiling and went towards her .. like he did not hear a single ..

Priya she is like non stop fm..saying .this and that..

Ram pulled Priya .. aaj bhi waise hi chup karayu kya?

Roka kisne hai ..Priya said and hide her face in his broad chest..

Ram took her to their bed.. today we will wander in our happy memory lane..ruko.something is there for u..

Priya followed him..and saw he was in front of his wardrobe and again it has the tag line of Private..

Mr.Kapoor firse Private..

Ram looked back.. ha yaar .. wo tum thi nei ..to Juhi thi na..she used to serach my spec.so. rest me I put it. K wo haat na de..

Priya smiled a lil...but why r u here ..jao na,, wait there.. I am joining u .just in a moment ..


Priya took her place in bed.and waiting for Ram..

Next will try to complete tomrw..Feeling too sleepy..till then enjoy this bakwas...

Happy 12th March for All RAYA




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Posted: 2016-03-11T12:25:28Z
Romantic.. pm me ! thanks <3

4 yrs already :D #RaYa
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Posted: 2016-03-11T12:53:10Z
Loved superb di kaash yeh hota in show n thanks for os n waiting for actual 12th march
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Posted: 2016-03-11T18:25:06Z
First part, awesome, incredible, fantastic.
All dialogues scenes just perfect.
Neha toh neha hai LOL LOL hadh hai Vikki ko raya ka San kuch yaad reh Jaata hai, LOL LOL khud ki bhoolega, ya firas he said he likes to act as if he forgot. But enjoys manofying her Star Big smile

Total rayalicious but apt to thr ages, their feelings n belongingness, ever fresh n subtle romance, there bonding depicted so well.
Thank u ,I loved it so muchhh darling. Big smile
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Posted: 2016-03-11T19:53:23Z
super, mind-blowing and romantic too
Blushing Heart  Smile   Clap   Smile 
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Posted: 2016-03-11T21:50:30Z
So awesome described and superb loved the story continue soon
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Posted: 2016-03-12T00:25:22Z

who can forget 12th march??? the epic c nite.
miss u RaYa. love u so much.
coming back to the story...its. too romantic...loved teasing part. pl update soon
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2016-03-12T06:58:11Z
Awesome part !!
please continue soon!!!
Happy March 12 to all!!

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