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Posted: 7 years ago
Hi everyone

I am overwhelmed by the response Heartbeat has received! and with the multiple requests to post more FF's
I am posting TWINJ version of my story Memories ( ARSHI version on Fan Fic section)

This won't be a long ff  will end in like 15 parts 

Dear Diary

Life is simple...we complicate it..with words..with emotions...with endless thoughts...with hopes.

That is what I believe now...I was not always like this ...but well with time things change...people change and so did I.

I do not have a heart wrenching past which left me broken or destroyed my hopes. I am just 27 year old practical female who understands life cannot be lived on dreams.

I am only attempting to pen down my feelings just to remind myself why I changed because lately things have started to flow backward...

When i entered college with hope to find new life. I did not have a very happening school I thought a law college might be more interesting than my convent school. 

A quiet girl at first impression and a crazy girl at fourth was how I was defined by my friends. I had weird ... funny ...loud side to me . Don't we all? But that side was allowed to come out only among whom I was most comfortable with. 

Not a nerd at heart...but not an irresponsible person either. My parents had worked hard all their life and I felt it was my turn to do good in college and help them out.

Well enough of me ...

I want to write those feelings which I never whispered to myself let alone speak it out to anyone else. 

We all have that little part in us that is hidden from everyone and sometimes even from us.

But I need to remind myself ...I need to ...especially after today.


I entered my first class in hope to see some familiar faces...some of my school friends had also applied in the same law college.

I was early with hardly 2 - 3 more students in the class.

I saw a guy sitting on a table with his back turned towards me. I took my place without further ado. The guy seemed to be in a serious conversation with his friends.

Why is this part important?...Well it was his voice that I heard  first before anything else... For some reason...his husky but strong voice intrigued me. You know that feeling when you want to turn and look at someone just because you feel that voice is calling out to you. 

Suddenly lots of students started entering the class. The teacher also came .The guy got off the table and sat at hearing the commotion. I saw his face finally. His voice had done justice to his personality. He was tall with muscular built. He caught me looking at him . I Lowered my gaze feeling red.

The attendance was carried out after that

"Roll No - 40 Twinkle Taneja"

"Present Sir"

"Roll No - 41 Kunj Sarna  "

"Present Sir"

It was the same voice... I again turned my gaze towards him...and he again had caught my eye ...I went red again...


These memories are still vivid in my mind...even after 10 years...

I had to write them down...I have to inch by inch let these memories be forgotten...


With love 




I closed my eyes as I felt hot again on the face...My mind flashed back to today's morning...

" Twinkle , you have a meeting today with our new clients...this deal is important to us..make sure there is no would be very beneficial if we could represent this company"

" Sir, I was on vacation for a month. I have not even checked the documents"


"It is you just need to meet their representative..."

" Okay"

When I entered the room ..there sitting was a guy with his back turned towards me...but this time I recognized that back...




Hope you all liked it! Let me know ... Embarrassed



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Posted: 7 years ago
Wow awesome start.
Hope you update soon.
Eager to know as to what happened in the past.
Lots of love
Update soon
Posted: 7 years ago
This was so so good
Amazing start 
Excited about this new story from u
Also really eager to know what happened in the past
Do continue soon
This was lovely 
Posted: 7 years ago
sounds so different. intrresting writing style and really nice start. thank you so much griffy. im looking forward to it Tongue
Posted: 7 years ago
Interesting concept.
Liking it already.
Can't wait to find out what happened in the past.
Posted: 7 years ago
Interesting start
Loved the update Embarrassed
Continue soon
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by SweetSau

Wow awesome start.
Hope you update soon.
Eager to know as to what happened in the past.
Lots of love
Update soon

Thank you sooo much
I am so glad to get such a positive response already
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by .Ragini.

This was so so good
Amazing start 
Excited about this new story from u
Also really eager to know what happened in the past
Do continue soon
This was lovely 

aww Ragini u are always soo encouraging Embarrassed  I am so glad u read thisBig smileBig smile
will cont asapBig smile

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