DevAkshi FF: Reflection Of Love (Chapter9 Pg20)

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They say there is more happiness in giving than in receiving, for me this was my way of life. Keeping my mother happy, fulfilling her dreams and wishes were always my priority.

My mother, all she wanted for me was a secure future. A kind of future she never had. My father left my mother when I was very young, I have only seen him in old photographs.

My mother always tells me that I was the reason why she never married anyone else and moved on with her life. Somewhere I have the guilt of not letting her be the young and free soul she always wanted to be. She was always working day and night to feed us to send me to one of the best school in our town and to see me happy.  The only way I could ever repay her back was studying and getting into country's best college and become a doctor that she always wanted me to be. I had everything planned and written in my planner.

But things always don't turn out the way you plan it. My whole life turned upside down when I met him.


A new story..!!I hope you all will find it different. You want to know? Yes or no? Yes? :D Then do comment and hit like button..!! I will update the next part only when you all will support me..!! I love you all. Looking forward for your comments. Keep smiling Keep shining for your loved ones. This is not my story... So Credit goes to the writer...

Thank you for all the love and support..!


Thank You So Much gARGI(c) For Beautiful Cover Picture...Smile






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It's awesome
Please continue soon
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"Sonakshi" I hear my mother scream my name and snuggle deeper into my blanket, I wanted to sleep some more.

"Sonakshi we will miss the train!" her voice grew louder and echoed in our tiny apartment. She had probably made the breakfast already and was freaking out because we were going to be late. College, I wonder what it would be like, will I make friends?

"SONAKSHI!!" she screams again and brings me out of my thoughts.

"Yes mom, I'm already awake. It won't take me time to get ready" I replied and with that I got up from my tiny yet comfortable bed, folded my blanket and tucked the corners of my bed sheets. I always liked things neat and in their proper place.

I brushed my teeth and splashed water on my face and then undressed and walked into the washroom to shower. The warm water fell on my body relaxing the aching muscles and making me feel wide awake.

My thoughts wander here and there but mostly I was worried. Worried about new college and new people and how am I going to adjust in a new city without my mother or anyone else that I know there. Mumbai is known as the city of dreams, so I'm headed there to make my mother's dream come true. She always wanted me to become a doctor however the whole idea of studying in Mumbai and staying away from the only family I had that is my mother was making me anxious.

I hope I turn out to be a good doctor, this profession demands a lot of hard work. There are times when I wanted to tell my mother that being a doctor was a huge responsibility and all I ever wanted was to study literature but again I never voiced my opinion about it. According to her I was a brilliant and a smart student and was fit for going in medical field. May be once I'm done with my studies and finally when my mother is satisfied I can continue on with literature, write a book and become an author.

She always finds faults in me, my mother and I never had a perfect mother-daughter relationship, and she said she wanted me to be perfect. We always had a way to sit on table or wear what kind of clothes or a way of talking to people. She always chose my friends. I was never allowed to go out without her permission rather I was dependent on her. Sometimes I just longed inside but never voiced asking her to let me grow up. To let me explore the world on my own. To let me make mistakes and then correct them myself. I never had any choice, it was always her will and my defeat. Even though I was about to turn 20 I was always a kid to her. I know my mother loves me too much and that's why she is so possessive about me and I never complain because I didn't want to hurt her feelings. It was already difficult for her to be a single mother and take care of me. And also because sometimes I would hear her cry at nights. She would think that I was asleep but I heard her every time. May be she missed dad.  Dad, left us when I was born that's all I know. Mom never talks about him. Once when I asked her she said she didn't know if he was alive or dead. He just disappeared and never came back and left our family incomplete.

I felt the water grew cold on my skin, how long have been standing under the shower?  I quickly turned off the shower and walked out into my room to get dressed.

Pulling out a plain long length skirt and a white top I got dressed fast. I combed my straight hair and braded it into a French pony tail. And lastly pulled a blue formal jacket to wear and checked myself one last time in the mirror. The outfit was already decided and selected by my mother so there was no question of making any difference, she said white is what looks good on me. I walked out of the room immediately and saw my mother waiting for me with the breakfast ready.

"Sorry mom, but I was very tired after all the packing I did last night so I couldn't get up early" I said

"Sonakshi dear, you have to learn to be on time. Now please finish your breakfast, we need to go to the station fast or else we will miss the train"

"Yes mom" I replied

After finishing the food I got all my luggage out of the apartment and my mother locked the door.

We got on the train and I pulled out my novel to read, this was going to be a long journey.

When the train came to final stop we got down and for the first time I realized how crowded this place was. Living in a quite hill station far from the hustle bustle of city life I never had seen such crowd ever. This place was making me anxious.

We booked a cab to take us the college.

When I first entered the huge college campus I was excited and nervous at the same time. I was going to live here for 5 years until I get my doctorate degree. This was going to be home for 5 years. It seemed a long time. Very long time.

We immediately completed all the admission procedure and I was allotted a room in the hostel.

"Sonakshi please go see your room now, I will get the help to get your luggage up to your room" my mother said after a very long pause and I realized that she hasn't spoken anything ever since the train ride till here. What is up with her? My mother was never so quite she always kept saying about anything and everything.

"Sonakshi! Go to your room. What are you thinking?" she asked

"Yes mom" I replied

I knocked the door of the room which was allotted to me. This was going to my place and I will have a roommate too. Wow I hope she is a nice person. We can study together and work on projects together and sometimes go out shopping together.

I knocked again and no one replied from inside. Was she asleep?

"Hello?" I called

Still no reply

What was going on? Why was she, whoever she was, not opening the door.

"Excuse me" I called a girl when a saw her pass by in the corridor

"Yeah?" she asked looking bored

"Well, I'm new here and I'm allotted this room but why is nobody answering or opening the door?" I asked anxiously

"This Pooja's room. She might be asleep after all the partying and drinking last night" she replied

That was it. Multiple emotions flashed all together I was shocked, surprised, speechless and fearful all at the same time. She was partying all night? And drinking? What kind of a medical student does that? Dear god I pity her patients.

"Um, isn't she a medical student? And she still finds time to party and drink?" I asked

 I heard the girl in front of me laugh on my face

"No she is not a medical student" she said stressing on the word not

"Then?" I asked

"She is from literature and drama department of the university" she replied with a smile

"Oh okay thanks" I smiled back

"My name is Sonakshi murthy" I placed my hand in front of her to shake

"Nice meeting you Sonakshi. I'm Bhavika" she shook my hand and smiled politely.

"Are you from medical department?" I asked Bhavika

"Yes. I'm 1st year student I just took admission few days back" she replied

"Oh great. I took admission today the process took a while since I had applied for a full scholarship programme" this girl is nice why she can't be my roommate? I wondered.

"I need to go back to my room now. I will see you around" Bhavika said

"Yeah sure" I smiled at her

We could definitely be great friends together and as far as my roommate was concerned she is not even from my course. She is studying literature and drama. Wow is this universe playing some kind of trick on me? I could have gotten any roommate from any other course why only her?  May be well just may be god wanted me to be an author. I can totally check out her literature books and may be just may be study few plays and old Shakespeare poems. I was happy and I was smiling to myself when I heard the door open.

Oh my god

There she was. Long straight hair which was RED in colour and fair skin with deep brown eyes. 

Wait what is she wearing? She is wearing an extremely short skirt and fish net stockings with black crop top. Who wears such skimpy clothes? I wondered and then shunned myself for judging someone by their clothes. I never judge people on how they looked.

I saw the girl standing in front of me with a huge smile. No correction, she wasn't smiling at me it was her phone screen she was smiling at.

"Hey" I said in order to grab her attention

"Hi do need help?" she looked at me with a stretched smile

"You must me Pooja? I'm Sonakshi and I'm your new roommate" I replied

"Yeah. Cool hi new roomie" she said her stretched smile still plastered on her face.

"I'm studying drama and literature here and you?" she asked

"well I have taken medical" I replied taken aback by her attempt to keep the conversation going on was so unexpected, looking at her I thought she might be a spoiled brat and would talk to me rudely.

"Oh future doctor" she said and bumped her shoulder into mine.

Wow this is not at all what she looks like. Thank god I was so scared that I and my roommate would never have understanding between us. She was friendly and that made me comfortable.

I smiled politely at her "yeah"

"Sonakshi listen my friends will be coming to pick me up for a party so I won't be here tonight" she said while texting on her phone.

"Yeah that fine with me" I said

"POOJA let's go!" I heard someone shout. No wait a boy scream. Wait what? How can a boy get inside a girl's hostel? I was definitely hearing voices in my head may be it was because of the long train journey.

"Hey guys" Pooja jumped with happiness

I turned round and saw in the direction in which Pooja was staring happily. I was definitely losing my mind. What are males doing in a female hostel?

There were 3 boys and one more girl with them.

"Here they are, my gang" she said with a cheeky smile

"Pooja what are boys doing inside girls hostel?" I asked still in shock

"Um Sonakshi this not only a girls hostel babe. This is basically a residency or you can say a community. Both girls and boys live here in their own areas allotted and can visit each other's rooms to meet and chill out. Students who are a part of this university from different fields like law, dental, literature, management, medical etc. live here together"   she explained


 WHAT?  My mind was racing. My mother will flip if she gets to know this. She would probably go mad. She might even fight the authority for this. Oh god please help.

And no dear god wasn't helping at all behind Pooja's gang I saw my mother walking towards me. She looked angry. Giving Pooja a glare and then stared at all her other friends. 



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Omg!!! A FF already!!
That's nice
Would surely love to read it dear
Pls continue...

Res for the chapterBig smile
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Really a good plot!
Waiting eagerly for you to continue...
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Prologue was quite interested
Sonakshi's life story will be a treat
Amazing concept
And can't wait for our hero's entry
College based stories are even more captivating 
Please update soon
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Originally posted by Artist_Forever

Omg!!! A FF already!!
That's nice
Would surely love to read it dear
Pls continue...

Res for the chapterBig smile

Thank You Dear...Smile
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Originally posted by .FlyingClouds.

Really a good plot!
Waiting eagerly for you to continue...

Thank You Dear...Smile
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