TaaRey OS : His Ex-Wife

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The Billionaire's Ex-Wife

"Are you f**king kidding me? What she is doing here?" Rey singhania shouted when he saw his beautiful ex-wife entering the engagement hall along with her brother, Shivam. It was his best friend swayum's engagement ceremony, who was finally going to engaged to his childhood best friend Sia.

"Dude, Sia is her best friend. She has to be here." Vicky, his friend told him as matter of fact.

"f**k!" Rey cursed under his breath. Its been a year to his divorce but still he wasn't over it. He was married to his business partner's sister, Taani shekhawat but their marriage didn't worked since both didn't had time for each other. Both were too much focused on their respective careers that they forgot they have a personal life too, which led to mutual divorce.

"You are still not over her?"Kriya, his friend asked him, amused seeing his reaction to his ex-wife.

"No! I moved on." He lied, his friends, Kriya & Vicky look at him.


"Okay! I'm not. I still feel that our relation ended too soon. I mean, we both were at fault to not to give our relation a chance." Rey trailed off while his gaze was fixed on her. There was a charm in her which attracts him to her. The attraction was there since forever, but took time for him to realize.

"I'll be back in a moment, guys." With that, he walked away from there. Kriya shook her head at her friend who had gone into romeo mood after seeing his wife. Ex wife. She corrected herself mentally.


She shifted uncomfortably in her place when she saw him, who came and greeted her brother. She took a deep breath to calm her ragging heartbeats.

Its been 3 months to be precise to their last meet and that span of time turned out to be the most difficult time of her life. She missed him truly, couldn't deny that she was stupid to ignore her married life. Now, she was successful in her professional life, but still something was amiss. She wasn't feeling complete, a part of her was missing.

"Hey, taani." His husky voice broke her trance, She blinked her eyes and turned her face to look at him.

"Hi." She gave a small smile to him.

"Hows everyone at home? Hope they are not angry with me?" Taani asked her politely.

"All are good, and no, they are no angry with you or me. They understand it." Rey answered her with a smile. Taani smiled, she looked around and found her brother had already left from there.

"Hey, handsome. Wanna dance?" A girl came there and asked him for dance. He look at the girl then at taani, who was trying hard to not to snap at the girl.

"No. I have my girl with me." Rey refused politely, glancing at taani who look at him with surprise.

"Dance?" Rey held his hand out for her, taani look at him for a brief moment before she accepted it happily. They both moved to the dance floor. He wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her into his arms, possessively holding her close to him.

Butterflies were fluttering inside her belly at his close proximity. Its not like they had never been close to each other, but every time they come close to each other, she feels her heart would explode with happiness. 

She wrapped her arms around his neck, unconsciously, and pulled him more close to her. Rey leaned, inhaling in her fruity fragrance which worked as a soothing balm over his restless heart.

"Come with me." Rey whispered, he grabbed her hand and took her away from there. Taani let him led her. She was yearning for him, and was happy that he too feels same for her.

Rey took her into an empty room and locked the door.

"Rey-" She gasped as he pushed her against her wall and slammed his lips hard against her, something he wanted to do since long. She buried her hands in his hair, pulling him close to her she deepen the kiss. His hands were roaming over her body, caressing her curves. He broke the kiss and moved down, He started giving open mouthed, moist kisses on her shoulder leaving his mark over her skin. She moaned sensuously with her eyes closed in absolute pleasure he was giving her.

"Come back to me, love." He whispered in her ear, her eyes snapped open as his words sinked in.

"I want to give a chance to our relation. Will you be with me?" Rey asked her. A lone tears escaped her eye, her heart exploded with happiness and she nodded in yes.

"With you, Forever." Taani answered with a smile. Rey returned the smile. 

A evening changed everything, two souls become one again.


A time pass os LOL
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Superb os...loved itEdited by vinii01 - 2016-03-07T10:50:00Z
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Lovely OS
I really liked it
Keep writing like this
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Super - Duper Amazing
Awesome OS
Loved it
Thanks for the PM Embarrassed
P.S. Please post next part of "TaaRey SS : His Broken Angel"
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cutest os ever yr
beautiful OS BEAUTIFUL...
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Wonderful OS :)
Superb :)
Loved it :)
Thanks for the PM :)
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LOLTonguePlzzz dear do write more os for yr time pass I enjoyed a lot
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nice os

good time pass
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