TaaRey FS : His Forgotten Wife [Completed]

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He was supposed to marry her sister, Sharon, but on the day of wedding, her sister ran away with her lover, swayum, who was his best friend too. He was heart broken and angry by the betrayal he got from his two best friends. He thought, if there was something between them, then they should have told him. He himself would have helped in uniting them, but they betrayed him by hiding the truth. Destroyed his & his family's reputation before the society. 

He was angry, but his anger went on another level when, to save their reputation, their families made him marry sharon's sister, taani, an innocent girl who turned 18 last week. No one asked her opinion, no one tried knowing her feelings before they took such big decision of her life. While saving the reputation of family, they ruined her life. Rey vowed to never accept the relation forced on him, he kept his wife deprived from him his love & care. His ignorance pushed her in the world of loneliness, where she found herself surrounded by the darkness. Not having anyone by her side, she was slipping into depression. 

The 18 year old girl, always deprived from love & care since her childhood, had expectations from her husband but he turned them down the moment she entered his bedroom as his wife. She had always wished for little happiness, a little care toward her from the people around her but Her family always showered their love on her elder sister sharon and neglected her, she doesn't know if it was intentional from their side or not, but she felt lonely every time her parents ignored her. And now also, she felt hurt being left alone. 

Her husband's every gesture speaks she doesn't matter to him yet she was a doting wife to him, did everything that her mother told her to do to be a  dutiful wife. She obeyed her, because somewhere she also wanted to be accepted by him, to be loved by him and love him in return, like those fairy tales she had read in her childhood. But soon she understood that her life is not a fairytale.

After 9 months of marriage, a happiness knocked on her when she come to know she was pregnant. Some whom she can claimed to be hers, was growing inside her, but her happiness was short lived. When he got to know about her pregnancy, he forced her to abort the child. And that day, she lost everything. She lost her faith in life, in trust. She still can't believe he killed her child, their first child. She refused to even look at him yet she continued being a dutiful wife to him.

She had lost hope, she knew she will be living in a loveless marriage all her life and she doesn't even have right to complain, because there is no one to hear her.

But again, Fate played a cruel game with her and here she was, standing outside the hospital room where her husband was admitted. A week back, he had met with an accident, doctors saved him but then, he slipped into coma for a week. She was worried for him, prayed day & night wwas his well being and god hear her too, in morning doctor told her had he had gained conscious. She was happy, but little did she knew fate had again played a cruel game with her. When she stepped inside the room along with his parents to meet him, he didn't recognized her.

"Due to deep injury on his head, Mr. singhania had lost his last two years memory. He is suffering from partial amnesia." Doctor told his family. Her eyes widen in shock, what kind of game fate was playing with her? Her husband forgot about her.

"Mom, who is she?" Her trance was broken when she heard her husband's voice. She looked up and found him gazing at her then he shifted his gaze at his mother who was standing beside her.

"She is taani, your wife, Rey." His mother introduced him to his own wife. She was fidgeting with her saree pallu, somewhat scared & nervous about his reaction.


Should i continue?

Do leave your feedback please.
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Wow super duper concept
Continue soon
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Posted: 2016-03-06T09:06:00Z
This is awesome pooja...
Felt really bad for taani...Poor girl..

You have done very well job here...

Please do continue eagerly waiting to know how this journey of Taarey will progress:-)

Thank you for pm
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Posted: 2016-03-06T09:06:08Z
Nice prologue
Waiting for its next update
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Posted: 2016-03-06T09:08:21Z
Looks intresting 
W8ng 2 see more 
Plzzz update broken angel
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Posted: 2016-03-06T09:13:07Z
Hey dear. New story yipeee. Just already loving this story. Its amazing. Waiting for his reaction. Pls continue soon honey.
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Posted: 2016-03-06T09:13:11Z
its awesome... but dont change the character of rey here... like showing care and all towards his wife... let it be intense and emotional...
just my view... i know you already have written this so all good
thnks fr d pm 
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