DevAkshi OS: Diet, Food Aur.... Chole Bhature!!

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Hello friends... I am Mahishee. Smile

I had never imagined to try something like this but the lack of lead scenes has forced my imagination to go wild and after reading the OS by one member here, I was all excited to write this one! Pls do review it!

PS: Since I am not a regular viewer of the show, names of offices and other things may differ, pls excuse for that

                             OS: Diet, Food Aur Chole Bhature!!

Dikshit Enterprises

It was a regular hectic day at the Dikshit Enterprises. The staff had temporarily abandoned work and was settled in the canteen for lunchtime. Dev Dikshit, the whole and sole of the Company, decided to go to the canteen today to have lunch while he usually preferred it having in his cabin. In tow was Mr. Bose, his property agent who had recently joined in as his employee.

Everyone greeted him and were surprised to some extent to see him here as he was a bit reserved and did not frequent canteens.

Dev: Toh Mr. Bose bataiye aap kya lenge?

Bose's eyes grew greedy in name of food. Even his permanent dietician, his loving sister, Sonakshi wasn't around. This was the opportunity to grab some delicacies and enjoy.

Dev: Aree kahan kho gaye... Aap kya lenge khaane mein?

Bose: Umm... Chole Bhature, Samosa aur yahan Rashogulla toh milega naa?

A slight worry appeared on his face.

Dev giggled to himself seeing his enthusiasm and called for the waiter.

Dev: Bhaiyya ek plate chole bhature, ek plate samosa aur do rashogulla aur ek regular thaali

Bose: Aapko pata nahi hain Dev Babu, meri behen hain naa, ekdum Hitler hai Hitler! Khaana dekha nahi ki yeh mat khaao, voh mat karo shuru ho jaati hai! Aur mithai? Mithai se toh allergy hai usko. Ab aap hi batao, Bengali log rashogulla nahi khayenge toh kaun khayega?Par aaj lagata hai kismat acchi hai...

After a few minutes

Steaming plates of food were laid on table. Bose seemed so delighted and excited, like a small school kid. He smelled the chole bhature and samosas...

Without even looking at Dev, he started gobbling on food.

Dev, meanwhile was having his thaali of Roti, Dal, Rice and Sabzi.

Bose(after realising he didn't even offer him): Aree aap bhi lijiye naa Dev Babu. Kitna tasty hai...  Munch... Munchh...

Dev: Aree nahi, mujhe nahi pasand yeh chole bhature. Ek toh kabhi khaye bhi nahi Maine...

Bose: Kya???

He screamed so loudly as if a mountain had fallen on his head.

Bose: Aapne kabhi chole bhature nahi khaaye, toh phir aaj tak kya kiya?
Waiter! Waiter! Sahab ke liye ek plate chole bhature laao jaldi!

Dev: Aree nahi Bose woh...
Bose: Kuch nahi Dev Babu, aaj toh aapko khaana hi padega!

The chole bhature was served and kept in front of him. He swallowed a lump. It looked as difficult as a deal.

Bose: Shuru ho jaayiye!

Bose too busied himself in Rashogullas. He looked at him greedily and was about to pop the first one in his mouth when

It was just pulled out of his hands from no where!

Sonakshi: Bhaiyya! Aapko manaa kiya hai naa meetha khaane se.

Bose couldn't believe his ears as his Hitler sis was here!

A watchman came running behind.

Watchman: Areee Madam! Chaliye aap bahar. Maine kahan naa yoon ghus jaana allowed nahi hai!

Dev: Yeh kya ho raha hai?

Watchman: Woh sahaab yeh madam andar jabarjasti ghus aayi. Maine kaha allowed nahi hai par inhone suna hi nahi!

Dev: Theek hai tum jaoo

Bose had got up from his table and stood up to face his sister.

Sonskshi: Bhaiyya! Aapki tond dekhi hai? Thoda aur khaa liya toh phat jaayegi. 
She pointed and poked her finger into his belly.

Sonakshi: Aur rashogulla?

Her eyes widened as she saw the two plates of samosa and chole bhature lying empty.

Sonakshi: Aaj aap ghar chaliye, sab khaana band karke karele kar juice nahi pilvaya toh mera naam bhi Sonakshi nahi!

Bose looked down guiltily.

Sonakshi: Aur aap? 
Pointing to Dev

Sonakshi: Bhaiyya yeh vahi khadoos hai naa?

Bose: Aree Sona... Dev babu yeh to bass aise hi...

His face became red with shame.

Sonakshi: Kaise boss ho tum? Samajh nahi aata apne employees ko kya khaana khilaana chahiye? Diabetes badh gaya toh heart risks kitne Badh jaayenge? Pata hai? Diabetic patients are 56% more prone to heart blockages than normal people.

Dev: Excuse me! Boss hoon, dietician nahi! Mera kaam hai kaam karvaana, khaana khilaana nahi. Aur thoda fried khaa Liya toh koi pahad nahi toot pada.

Sonakshi: Accha!?
Her eyes searched the table and saw the plate of chole bhature lying on his side.

Sonakshi: Ab samajh aaya! Tabhi toh main sochun... Khud jab chole bhature jaisi oily cheez pasand ho toh... Pata hai? Ten gram of bhature has 25 milli gms of oil which increases the lipid level by...

Dev: Ruko! Mujhe nahi pasand Chole bhature. Kabhi khaaya bhi nahi.

Sonakshi: Are wah! Muh pe jhoot! Kabhi Chole bhature nahi khaaya?!

Dev: Haan Haan nahi khaaya!

Bose: Are are ruko! Dev babu iske liye sorry. Woh meri behen hai naa, bohot chinta karti hai...
Ab Chalo Sona, isse pehle...

Sonakshi: Are kya kar lenge? Khaana toh samajh aata nahi, kabhi mere clinic aana toh bataungi. Aur pray karna ki kabhi main tumhaari dietician naa banoo.

Bose just dragged her away from there.

Dev(in thoughts): Kitni ajeeb ladki hai! Thodi si pagal! Sach mein Hitler hai yaar!

Sonakshi(in thoughts) : Kitna akdu hai... Boss hoon, dietician nahi... Hmph! Bada aaya khadoos kahi ka!

After they left, Dev was really left wondering what to eat.

Waiter: Sahab yeh chole bhature khaayenge yaa...?

But the expression on his face was such that he left with the plate.

Dev: Main canteen kyun aaya? Mera cabin hi accha hai... Uff!

How's it? Pls review

(Special thanks to Appu for giving me ideas of visualising DevAkshi scenes)

Mahishee.Big smile

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Posted: 2016-03-05T12:25:29Z
It's an awesome OS 
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Posted: 2016-03-05T12:50:19Z
What a cute and adorable OS. You've got the characters just right. Thumbs Up
Also forgot to mention it was damn funny too and yet very realistically written. Clap
Edited by AnnaPaquinFan - 2016-03-05T13:03:49Z
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Posted: 2016-03-05T20:38:25Z
Awesome os! Can't stop laughing! LOL LOL Too good mahishee! Clap Clap
I thought i would be firstie,coming here as soon as you pm'ed but looks like that isn't the case. Tongue LOL
Anyways,keep writing more and more. Embarrassed
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Posted: 2016-03-05T21:30:56Z
It was very funny ROFL
And very well written.
Try to write more OS on them if you have time...
Once again, a lovely OS
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Posted: 2016-03-05T22:07:22Z
My god it was awesome mahishee!!!!
You know its 11 in morning and I was sleeping before reading this. I was actually dreaming about these two!!!!! He! He! He!
And five minutes before I got up and Straightly opened the forum and here I saw your one shot...
I can't tell how happy I am
It was mindbogglingly awesome mahishee...
Do write soon :)
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Posted: 2016-03-06T00:46:11Z
Originally posted by Amrtina

It's an awesome OS 

Thank you AmrtinaBig smile
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Posted: 2016-03-06T00:47:29Z
Originally posted by AnnaPaquinFan

What a cute and adorable OS. You've got the characters just right. Thumbs Up
Also forgot to mention it was damn funny too and yet very realistically written. Clap


Thank you so much dear

Yes I wanted a bit funny os
Thanks a lotBig smile
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