Bholi bhali Ishwari? Is she really?

Posted: 2016-03-03T23:13:21Z
First episode i thaught she is a bholi bhali cute, sweet loving mom. And the way she was doing i was really in love with that mom of my dev.
But as the episodes are passing we are coming to see her new looks of her charrecter.
Like today from the convo with neha and later with Dev seems like she was obsessed with Dev and for the betterment of his future she set all the burden of two childs in small shoulders of a child like Neha and her anger is justified. BUT IN SPITE OF ALL THIS CONVO SHE IS INDEED A LOVING MOM SPECIALLY AND MOSTLY TO DEV.
And in that part where she overhears the convo between Radharani and sameer's mom she gets consicous and possesive with her son. Like sending him to invite a old neighbour seemed only a plan to keep Dev away from that girl saloni, Radharaani and sameers mom.
She is not definately a bholi bhali mom but also very intelligent and very good in planning up things.
I think when Dev will be up with sona she will try to keep them away like the same way, planning up and conspireing and in otherway Dev seems way too bhola bhala than her mom and will keep having a blind faith on his mom..and Ishwari will keep occupiying her son with her ladpayar.
The way we are seeing new avatar of her I will not be surprised if she trys to make sona bad in Devs eyes... For I think this loving mom can go to any extend to keep the person or girl away from Dev whom she does'nt like.
Well this is what i feel..and what we feel or think always not right. I want to know if someone have the same view..
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Posted: 2016-03-03T23:46:56Z
@sonatia you are right. I guess most of the forum members have caught on the manipulative Ishwari. Sona I guess will let go of Dev. And then Ishwari will see her son. A man without the soul. This chirpy smiling Dev has to go.
Instead of raw emotions, she will have to just see the business man Dev. It can happen only if Sona let Dev go. Give him back to Ishwari. Play her game of sacrifice to win him back under the nose of Ishwari.
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Posted: 2016-03-04T00:14:56Z
Ishwari is manipulative , there can be no two way about that. But to be honest I found it totally classless the way Saloni was throwing herself at Dev in the party , it was coming across at too desperate. In fact it made my blood boil and Dev was highly uncomfortable too , but he couldn't shoo Saloni off as she's Neha's in law. I bet Dev must be relieved to get an exit pass from the house.
When Ishwari was saying, " Ye ladki Dev ke liye sahi nehi hai ! " I couldn't help but agree completely. 
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Posted: 2016-03-04T00:22:05Z
ya right dear! I noticed the same thing in yesterday's epi
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Posted: 2016-03-04T00:43:30Z
she is looking kike a possessive mother like SPK serial type mother 
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Posted: 2016-03-04T01:40:04Z
@Anna Saloni was is not at all the type of girl Dev will fall for. She doesn't have it in her what a man like Dev will look for.
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Posted: 2016-03-04T01:53:51Z
Originally posted by shruthiravi

@Anna Saloni was is not at all the type of girl Dev will fall for. She doesn't have it in her what a man like Dev will look for.

But if Saloni gets up close and personal with DEV , poor Dev what can he do ?? 
Sorry but chipku girls are my pet peeve , every one has one of these I guess.
That and stalker guys ! Dead

But it's crystal clear that in future there'll be trouble for Sonakhshi when Dev falls for her , I hope she strong enough to see through Ishwari's manipulations 
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Posted: 2016-03-04T02:19:31Z
@gargi di, completely agree with u. That same thing did work with me. The way that girl was getting personal and being chipku with Dev was very classless and undigestable. And poor Dev was just a victim of her chipkuness.
I was also relived when Ishwari was keeping her away from Dev. She did it so brilliantly that i never thaught she ever can.
This also works with sona. If ishwari don't like her(obv she won't) she will keep them away with the same and simple way. And nothing would make a change. She won't ever ask dev that what does he want. This epi when dev asked "tu pareshan lag rahi hai" and wanted to know what happened seeing a panicked ishwari, she never shared the fact with him. Where as she could clear cut say about her plan(sending him to invite a neighbour) instead she kept it a secret from her own son and never asked his openion. [SHE SHOULD HAVE ASKED Though dev too did not liked her and was uncomfortable but being a mother she should have asked]Edited by Sonatia - 2016-03-04T02:25:43Z
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