Third episode- I'm everything I m Because you loved me

Posted: 2016-03-02T10:49:16Z
The third episode was far better than the second and actually turned out to be interesting than the first . 
Starting with the Dev 's proposal being happily accepted by Sankaar . *I hope that's the guy's name* I am having a very bad chill about this thirty percent and this man . I mean who agrees to marry a girl with so many stupid clauses just because her brother is offering thirty percent of his shares ! Angry
I can totally understand Dev's dilemma . He was in a state where he had a chance to win back his long lost sister and her happiness and he didn't mind offering anything for it . What else he could have done? When he has a sister with so many ugh ! *Just leave it LOL
And the boy accepts it ? Sleepy I was like if the boy was so ready to accept his share , 'Dev babu , you should've offered only twenty percent . At least you would have saved ten percent ROFL' cause I am having a very bad feeling about this thirty percent . Confused

The mother son bonding ! Aww . The way Dev takes his mother 's name for all the success he has . That was so sweet . Embarrassed I can totally dedicate a song to their relation , "Because you loved me by Celin Dion "  . 
And that night scene . The way she comes and take a look at him while he is sleeping . And takes the shawl from the cupboard . *I was totally like you are stealing from your own son ? LOL
*Ps anyone noticed how cute Shaheer was looking while he shifted in his sleep . Day DreamingBlushing
And that perfect scene between the mother and son . The way they are moving the present with some flashes of past is just perfect . And the dialogues add a cherry to the top ! I mean the dialogues are so well written and apt ! Approve
Such as 
"Tu ne abhi tak Yeh shawl sambhal k rakha hai ? " 
"Uss raat iss shawl ne hum meh sambhal la tha " 

The troubles and all the sacrifices they have gone through has been shown very well ! Clap
And I never knew that two little selfie queens were also Dev's sisters . LOLI thought they were cousins . Wow four children ain't a small thing to look after!  Ouch That too when you have financial problems .
But now I don get one thing . If Dev has three sisters then why the heck Neha is the only one jealous out there ! I mean the rest of the two are fine when they barely get a little attention . Doesn't Neha notice that her brother and mother love her more than her sisters ? Confused

Loved the part where Ma prepares Halwa for Dev . But lauki ka halwa ., what ? Dead How do people eat it ? *no offence * 
Sonakshi's mother seems an interesting character . "Tere boyfriend hai ? " LOL
Oh god ! And Sonakshi is a nutritionist   ? I thought she was a doctor , doctor . LOL I love her bubbly side . Big smile
"Jao Chunri babu , Dev babu ko unn ka purse de do " ROFL*Omg ! That was epic* 

And rest of scenes were good too . I am tired of typing and don wanna talk about Neha's scenes so skipping those parts . LOL

The promo ain't looking good ! Brother has to marry a girl so that his sister's gets married to the girl's brother ! Typical daily soap storyline . Ugh ! Ouch

Hope to see more fun in the up coming episodes . 

*Do share you views* 


Ps I am giving these detailed reviews cause there are no written updates . So ek tir se du nishana LOL
Sorry if I bored anyone . Tongue

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Posted: 2016-03-02T10:58:50Z
Right dont woryy about the promo...
The ultimately the maariage will not happen as how can lead got seperated only 5-6 episode naaa to much for a daily soapLOL

But yay kudos to Dialouge wClapriters--what poignant lines wahhh dil kush ho gaya by god

and sonakshi loving her...lets se 

and Dev babu ke to kya kehney...

This 30 percent share is going to make tables all turns in future preparing...Space for DRAMAAA...

and as daily soap-------------woh to kewal 3 tin chizo se chalta hai--DRAMA DRAMA aur Drama sooo just begning!!Big smile
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Posted: 2016-03-02T11:20:40Z
Hi sam, I am Mou I mean naam toh suna hi hoga.. Kudos to u re for typing so long.
My arya was looking so cute while sleeping like a baby. I noticed it b4 u. Huh.
And sona is bong lyk me. Pata hai my mom is always lyk boyfriend hai and boyfriend. I always answer positive yes yes hai ROFL
and that 30 ka raaja sameer is a so greedy,evil and i think after their marrige he will bm him in the name of his sissy happyness..and this bond will just spoil their married life.
Ishwari i guess does'nt know bout this bachcha wala shart.
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Posted: 2016-03-02T11:42:25Z
Btw lauki ka halwa nahi khaiye? Its my fav. *awesome test* i was just trying to remember the bengali term.. Its a awesome item re. Mitha mitha.
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Posted: 2016-03-02T12:17:35Z
I am not liking this Sameer and his family, they are so greedy. 
Will do anything for money.
I hope Dev rejects the marriage proposal and takes his shares back if they reject Neha
But I feel his mother is gonna blackmail him emotionally. 

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Posted: 2016-03-02T14:58:09Z
why do I get a feeling that sonakshi's voice is completely different from the promos!!!   could it be in promo's her voice is dubbed??!!!
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Posted: 2016-03-02T16:18:57Z
Thank u fr this nice review.
Actually i missed the epi..
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Posted: 2016-03-02T20:06:23Z
Thank you so much for these not-written-updates. :) Please do continue if possible. Show seems to be pretty good at the moment, I am hoping it doesn't go off track. Thanks again.Smile
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