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This one for my two buddies.. One my lil sister  Dristi , who requested me long back to write something specially on ST Mam's birthday ..but  I could not write as time issue.. and for my silent reader. who requested me to write specially on this topic.Here You go buddies..


scene starts with the last season. when Ram took over one office and first day he got hurt and thought none pther than his lady love.

Priya you look best with your sweet smile, shy look, not with this hitler attire. Ram was talking himself while watching Priya's pic in his mobile.

May I come in . He heard one voice with the knocking sound at the door .

Keeping the phone on the table he asked to come in ,.

Main gum jayu tujhme aur tu mujhme yu kho jao

Mai n ban jayu sargam aapne hothon se mujhe gayo

Bade achhe laggte hai ..

ye sapne , umeedein , aashayein

    Aur tum.

Aapse kuch baat kehni thi , Priya spoke out.

Ram did not say anything . Priya went close to his table, was going to say why actually she was there .but seeing his wound and lil blood.She could not utter a single, rather She constantly was seeing the wound with the thought of nourishing him.

Ram could sense what exactly She is thinking ,as their relation is so special that they never need any word to convey their feelings.but their ego much more that their feelings, emotion.

Priya reached so close to his table..

Aap kuch kehna chahti thi? Ram's words broke her chain of thought. She looked at him.Ram's looks behavior was like that She is unknown to him, most important ,She is just his employee. It hurts her but still this time She cant let her ego win over her emotions. Feelings for her love of life. Within a moment se reached in front of him and tried to touch his wounds..but Ram did not allow her. He moved her hands before touching..

I dont like my employee will nurse me specially who is the sole reason of this.

First I did not hurt ypu.hope you know that i cant, with a drop tear Priya replied..and aap sayad bhul gaye hai..sare duniya k liye aap mere boss ho.but iss char deewar k andar Aap mere Pati hai..and I promised you. Jaab bhi aapko kisiki jarurat padegi.koi aapka sath de aa na de main humesha aapke sath rahungi.

For few seconds Ram looked at her, Ram took his mobile , sliding her picture in it, says..I guess still I did not give u divorce or did not send the notice...the divorce word shocked Priya still She was looking at him for the full sentence..

So for the full world still we r husband and wife. And looked at her.. and i guess still my last breath i will not give It.

Priya smiled a lil bit with his confession. Though he was trying to show his ego but .. his feelings expressed more.

That's it , i did not forget our status . that's why I came to take care of my husband, and wiped his blood with her pallu. Ram looked at her eyes.. She was responding with the same, six months I was taking care of myself.. so I can now and future also. Ram moved his chair from Priya.She did not utter a single words as she knows action speaks louder than words and its so clear how much Ram took care of himself, the ever charming smile of him is missing.Priya took the first-aid box and did the necessary bandage on his wounds.. though Ram was not at comfortable but he did not protest too.

Suddenly they heard the door opening sound .

Sir these are the termination letter u asked for.Ram looked at Priya and then at Rishi .

Cancel these all . I will give them punishment but in my way.. They have to work for extra hours. And specially who is behind all these She or he has to work for Sunday to. With a winning smile Ram looked at Priya .

Priya was murmuring+something with irritation but Ram could not hear anything.. Rishi left the cabin without saying anything.

As soon as Rishi left , Priya dialed suhani's no
Hello suhani. Kush ko kehna pani bharne k liye. I will be late today
Why maa. Any problem.suhani replied from other side.
No dear. Its just my new boss is khadoos,glaring at ram priya answered her back.
Ram looked at PRIYA with shock expression .
And more thing. If I will be late don't wait for me. U and khush take dinner and sleep OK.
Maa aapko kitna time lagega
Suhani enquired with care.
Don't know baby. I said na boss is khadoos. Dinsour type. And smiled a lil bit.
Ram without a blink looking at priya.and remembering their past .that time they were happy. Not in love .still with each other to fight.
Maa .I am just feeling .aap aapke boss k description kaam. Ram papa description jyada de rehe ho .suhani tried to tease a lil bit.
Priya with lil bit surprised. No no .why I will think about ur ram papa. He has no time for me .then why I will. Chal rakhti hu. Lots to do. Otherwise .mujhe aaj office hi rehna padega.
Priya cut the call
And looked at ram
Hmmm I will do every possible way to keep u here full night. Khadoos. Dinosaurs. Now let's see.
Just then .rishi entered with one doc
Risshi he came for ur check up.
Who called him. With whom permission .did I tell anyone. Risshi don't try to..

No sir .one female employee from here .she asked me to come. Saying  u r old enough and got hurt .having sugar and Bp so what medicine u should take.
Rishi was going to say something. Before that u may leave now risshi. Ram said
Priya silently was watching everything.
May I check u now sir. Doc asked.
Yes yes why not. Actually who called u.she is not my employee .she is my wife. So extra care.
Just show up
Ended with this sentence which is only audible to priya .it hurts her so much that she left the room asap. And ram got that too

All were busy to complete their work as boss gave them one month to complete the current project whose time limit was   three months.
Only PRIYA who was sitting idle.
Hey priya mam .why r u sitting like this .may I help u to solve ,one of her colleague asked.
No shalini. Thank you. I just not feel like to do work now.
But Mam. U have to solve this asap. Otherwise sir will not allow to go home.
WO aise bhi will not allow me 
Priya replied. 
Means mam. No nothing. I will start in a while .u do first
And PRIYA called the peon and gave one file with the instruction of sending to ram's cabin.

Peon handover it to ram. But forgot to mention who sent.ram picked up the file from table and was going through .suddenly one piece of paper caught his attention .
Hope already u took ur lunch and not oily. Take this medicine .one now and another one kept in yr drawer .I guess this is not show up as I am not in ur cabin .not giving anyone lil hints  of this care.
Within a moment another peon came to PRIYA with the message that their boss calling her urgent basis.

Priya asap reached his cabin, without knock she entered. Did u call me. Any problem is it paining lot. Priya was firing her question , one after another .. Ram just looked at her .. but did not say anything, just stood from his table and moving towards her.. Priya was moving backwards..and hit the door. Already Ram reached so close to her , spreading his both hands beside her .. as he was trying to caught her in the cage by his arms.

What u want Sir.. Priya was stammering ..

Why did u send the medicine.. who told u..

I guess u need .. so I sent..

I don't want any medicine.

Then happy suffering Mr.Kapoor. and let me go.

I don't wanna suffer too. Priya looked at him with puzzle look.

What happen?Ram asked.

Let me go.. aapki chot aapko Mubarak. Do what ever u want,

Ram moving his tongue in mouth..

Hmmm.. I want permanent cure not this temporary.. still Priya was trying to relief herself..

Matlab.. and let me go..

U wanna show ur care, love na.. then prove it now.

What after so many years u need prove..

Of course I need and ..right now..

Both looked at each other..

What u want Ram,

Not in word darling I want in action..

Just tell me what u want...

Kiss me right now..

What ..?

Exactly . u heard the right.

Priya without any protest ..tip toed..its surprising for Ram too. Without any further words..Priya agreed to do so.. and when their situation not at all good..

Still , Ram closed his eyes.. to feel the moment..but PRiya softly pecked at his wound..

Mil gayi aapki medicine..and permanent cure..

What is this Priya..

I am caring as because u got hurt. I sent medicine to cure this permanent solution bhi to isse hi milna chahiye na..and smiled

Priya . this Is not.

It is let me go. Otherwise my Khadoos boss will not allow me to leave office today..

Ram moved from her.. yes. U can go now..he faced back.. still continuing.. waise bhi ..u have to stay here today.. as u have to help ur boss to understand the whole project.

Khadoos is just appropriate for u. saying so Priya left the cabin.

At evening time .almost everyone left the office.but still PRiya was there ..

There is no work for PRiya ..but she has to wait as her Boss did not give her permission to leave.

Around 8, she knocked at his door.

Please come in..


Sir may I go now. I guess u need rest too. While Ram was seeing something his ipad.

 no still not, looking at his watch Ram replied her.

But I am hungry...

Wow tumhe bhuk bhi lagti hai..nice.

Again another knocked..peon came with permission.

Sir aapka khana canteen me arrange kardiya hai..

Jo maine kaha thaw o hi na..

Khud k bhuk k bare me hi sochte hai..baki k bare to kabhi nehi..wo patni hi kyu na ho.Priya nurmured..

Ok thank you..u can go now.Ram asked his peon to leave.

So Mrs. u have to go canteen with me..

Its really high time Mr.Kapoor I said I am hungry and I want to go home..

Just come with me, literally Ram dragged her towards the canteen

There was no one.foods were arranged in one table.

Ram took Priya..and Priya was shocked to see that..all foods are arranged according to her taste..

She looked at Ram.why all those foods for me..

Actually.its pay time for u, Ram replied.u left me, left me among those who does not care about me.after 7 months I took over one company knowing Mrs.Priya Ram Kapoor working here.and

First day.U hurt me also..

Aap mujhe khane k liye bulaya hai ya tana marne k liye.

Ok forget about least after 7 months I am going to get the company of anyone in my dinner. Wo bhi whose I craved most..last few words were so soft that it remains inaudible to Priya.

They completed their dinner with silence. They don't need any words to say about their feelings .sometimes silence speaks a lot where words can't.
Kya main aab ghar jaa sakti hu .priya asked completing her dinner. 
Yes of course but I will drop u
No not needed I can manage
U did bandage. Sent med. I did not say u anything
Yes why should u
.I was doing my duty as wife
Yes that's my point .now let Me allow to do my duty as husband
Koi bhi pati aapni patni ko itni rat akele nehi chodte hai
So chalo mere sath. And took her towards his car. Its actually that one which PRIYA used early
Seeing  that PRIYA asked .where is urs. Its not...

Yes its not mine. My wife used to use this one. She left me .so I use every of her things .just to feel her presence in my life

They set at car.

Ram asked.
Car is yours now. Do what ever you want. Priya replied.
But it belongs to you ram answered

You also belong to Me only still I can't do what I want so let it be
Priya concluded.

Main tenu samjhawan ki
Na tere bina lagda jee
Main tenu samjhawan ki
Na tere bina lagda jee
Tu ki jaane pyaar mera
Main karoon intezar tera
Tu dil tui-yon jaan meri

Main tenu samjhava ki
Na tere bina lagda jee
Tu ki jaane pyaar mera
Main karoon intezar tera
Tu dil tui yon jaan meri
Main tenu samjhawa ki
Na tere bina lagda jee

Priya spoke out,Every time perfect song from our first night just we are in wrong mood
Priya looked away

Mere dil ne chun laiyaa ne
Tere dil diyaan raahan
Tu jo mere naal tu rehta
Turpe meriyaan saaha
Jeena mera.. hoye
Hun hai tera, ki main karaan
Tu kar aitbaar mera
Main karoon intezar tera
Tu dil tui-yon jaan meri
Main tenu samjhawan kee
Na tere bina lagda jee


Ve changa nahion keeta beeba
Ve changa nahion keeta beeba
Dil mera tod ke
Ve bada pachhtaiyaan akhaan
Ve bada pachhtaiyaan akhaan
Naal tere jod ke

Corporate style should be like this .ram passed his comments looking one of the branded car. But what priya saw that one lady was standing with western outfit again priya looked at ram and the site. Still ram was drooling over the car.
Hmmm. Seven months taste changed. Priya also not behind to pass her comments.
Did u say something ram asked
No .can u move now
I am getting late .otherwise I have to face lots of questions
Hmm.modern age mother has to face question being late WO bhi reason
Spending time with father.
Finally PRIYA reached without saying bye she entered home
Priya Angel aaj aap to super late ho.
Priya did not pay attention rather she followed the sound
Tenu chadd ke kitthe jawan
Tu mera parchhanvaa
Tere mukhde vich hi main taan
Rab nu apne pawaan
Meri duaa.. haaye
Sajda tera kardi sadaa
Tu sun iqraar mera
Main karoon intezar tera
Tu dil tui-yon jaan meri

Main tainu samjhawan ki
Na tere bina lagda jee

Next morning Priya woke up early. And asap ready to go office.on the otherside

Ram reached office almost one hour before than the office hours.

After few hours Priya reached office.already She is late ..

Mam where were u. Sir asked about u min 10 times.. and so angry too , One of her colleague asked... but looking at Priya She stopped her interrogation

Priya was looking at her expression , just then Peon came and said .. Mam Sir aapko bula rehe hai ,

Priya followed the path towards his cabin.May I come in Sir. First time Priya asked permission as formal employee.

And got the reply too. What is this.. ye bhi koi time hai Office aane ki.. bhai  shadi k bare me baat karne aayo to bhi late.kuch bhi kaam bolo to late. RAM was so engrossed in his file..thet without facing her he said all.

Ha ha very funny, at least delivery k time pe to late nehi huyi hu. Like father..

Jab tak tana nehi maro.. kuch hajam nehi hota hai na.. saying so Ram looked at her .. and stayed with open mouth.

What can u tell me the reason why u were searching me ..

Ram left his sit asap.. and went to close the door.

Why r u closing the door  Priya asked him loudly..

Why u came with this Saree.. u know its my fav and wo bhi  with this looks.. Sir , behave ur self I am just ur employee now tell me the reason .

Ram went back to his sit. And made her busy in some works which were not so imp ..not even .She was bound to do that ..

 After one hour, Ram asked her to leave..

Priya went outside , surprised were waiting for her .. the cabin was fully decorated just to celebrate her birthday ..

 Even Priya forgot with the excitement of seeing Ram after so many days.. but her friends , colleagues did not forget.,

Each and everyone wished her .. Priya was so overwhelmed with the gesture .. but somehow she is really so sad with the thought. Ram forgot about her birthday.. though She forgot herself still how could Ram.when she was with him since one hour.

She took her sit and promised everyone that She will give them treat with her hand made paratha..

But there is something on herdesk. Its cake's packet..

Shalini whose sit is just immediate of her . She passed her comments .. it's a lil gift from me Mam..

Priya opened the packet and found her fav flabour with the note I LOVE U Darling ..

Shalini peeped.. but she got the shock.. how is it possible. Mam.. I bought chocolate cake for u..and written for the best Sister I have .. Sorry Mam.. wo..

Its ok Shalini.. don't be hyper,and its my fav flavor..

Its so nice of u mam.but .. Where's the cake I bought and who kept it here ,

Priya was also thinking the same..

Hey jiten Da, listen who kept this Cake ? Shalini asked one of the peon.

I Did it Mam,

Priya was equally shocked like Shalini.. , seeing their Face jiten also confused..actually Sir asked me to keep this on Priya Mam's desk.

In this period, many one saw the cake and the message also .. all were giving the shocking expression. With the I LOVE U Word..

What's happening here ,, . its not a market of fish.. or party place .. do ur work..

Ram came and shouted.. but all were seeing him and then Priya.. where as Priya was looking avoid so many gazes..

I asked to take your own sits..can u hear me. Again Ram shouted.

All took their sits.but still they were passing comments.. Ram looked at Priya and wished her

Happy Birthday ..

Priya looked at him.. and mimed a thank u..

Ram looked at everyone's expression ..and moved back to his cabin.. but again faced everyone and said. I LOVE My wife very much.take over one company just to give her as birthday gift on her birthday where she is working. So what a big deal to send her a cake with a small message ..

Priya's eyes were filled already..

Only they can feel. How much pain, they are going through.. and her man.. trying to give her every happiness . even when she left him alone in a very awkward situation.

Ram left the place .. and asked Priya to come his cabin.. there is no longer any boundary that Ram cant call her in his cabin openly. Officially He declared Priya is the owner of this company.

Priya also went behind him, enetering his cabin. She hugged him from behind.. I miss u Mr.Kapoor.

Every single sec its painful without... I cant live this any more.. Ram wiped his own tears..faced her and took her in his tight hug.. I cant stay without u Priya ..I just cant.. saasein lena mushkil hota hai..

I don't need any Company Ram.I need u. ur presence is the most worthy gift for u.

Ram pecked her forhead.I need u Priya.. come back to me. Or nehi to bolo. I will buy one house..and shift with u there .I don't need anything more..just I don't need..

Bohut sehliya. Pehle Nuts k liye..then sid k liye ..aabhi aapne hi khoon k liye.. I just cant more..

Priya again hugged him.. I don't need anything too. I just need u Mr. Kapoor. I LOVE U RAM.I miss u.

Ram took her face in his palms..looked at her eyes.. I LOVE U Too Priya and going to give her a soft peck..

Saale..yehi pe birthday mana raha hai.. patni k sath ..and main pagal ko tarah tujhe samjha raha hu.. k Priya se baat karle..

Ullu samjha hai kya mujhe..

Vikram hai .use kya samjhna .. Neha accompanied him

Waise Fatty ..kitne dino se..ya kitne mahino se ye sab chal raha hai..

Ram and Priya both got separated from each other.. looked ath them and each other..

Hi NEha Hi Vikram..Priya spoke out.

Tum dono kab aaye and aise ahanak kyu. Ram asked..

Kyun nehi aana chahiye tha kya ..NEha asked..

No no neha.. suddenly aise office me..

Kyu be mote..mujhe chakma dekar Priya se romance..chalu hai..and meresamne badi badi batein.. haa.Vikram teased..

Ram pulled Priya in his hug from side ,sath mahino baat Priya ko dekhte hi ,I fall in love with her all over again.. and looked at her.. , then I realized..main to hu hi duffer,,.jisko hi Pyar karta hu.. gussa ussie karta hu..

But kya karu..umeed bhi to usise hai na..

Hmm..Happy realization fatty..chal chod..what about treat for us..

Ram was goung to say ..just then all his employees came..and  asked.. Sir . we are also in na.

First Priya Mam ki ownership k liye ..and her birthday treat also..

Yes yes of course all are welcome.aftr all I got back my life,,so for this happy moment I  can do what ever u asked for..

And again took Priya in his side hug




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Posted: 2016-03-02T13:17:50Z
Thank u.sanju di for this os n plsss keep writing n really awesome os
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Posted: 2016-03-03T02:17:17Z
Awwe so cute n beautiful story...
Do write more...
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Posted: 2016-03-03T03:32:32Z
A brilliant way to show the love between a couple.
They may be leaving apart but the love hasn't devoid within each other
For his only beloved wife Ram has taken over an company and Priya was too overwhelmed by his sweet gesture of love and respect he gave in front of all employees on her birthday but usually like always Neha Vik add some moments to tease RaYa. Thank u for the pm.
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Posted: 2016-03-03T07:02:27Z
Hey sanju, hope u doing good n enjoying with your nephew.
Thx for the pm.

I loved reading, wondering if CvS have created such brilliant scene then we could have drool madly. But thanks to IF writers, or I must say Rays writers who chose to fill in the gap and make those untouched, left out scenes wonderful n rayalicious. Throughout I am happy to cherish raya. Thanks to you for penning down their unconditional n eternal love. Their fights yet their longingness , the brightness untold unexpressable care , emotional bond. Thank you

Mast hai keep trying such so sweet n worthy moments of raya.
Loved it baby.
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Posted: 2016-03-03T09:51:28Z
super os di 
thanks for pm
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Posted: 2016-03-04T10:48:15Z
Awesome and heart touchy os...

best os on this track... y can't dey end like this...
keep writing... superb...
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Posted: 2016-03-04T19:45:58Z
Very nice...enjoyed reading itClap
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