#2 {Dark} Drabble : Claimed By The Devil

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Hello Guys! Welcome to the Third thread of the story. Thanks for all your support which has always motivated me to write more.


I n d e x

Chapter 13 {Scroll Down}

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Hello Guys! This chapter is all about Rey's feelings & his past. Dedicated to all the Rey lovers. Hope you all like it. Enjoy Reading :)


Chapter 13

Rey ran his finger through his messy hair, inhaling a deep breath he looked around, he was in his mother's old house which was his mother's last memory, where he find peace. He was sitting outside the house in garden.

A call from his step brother, and all the bitter memories of his past were before his eyes. The painful memories he wanted to forget, but couldn't. The memories that changed him, turned him what he was today. A ruthless devil. The time he was vowed to never feel weak before anything, he vowed to never be the person his mother was, sweet & kind which led her to nothing but destruction that too by her own husband.

A 10 years old Reyaansh, watched helplessly as his father dragged his mother inside their bedroom, to punish her since she had disobeyed him. He closed his eyes tightly when next moment, all he could hear, was painful cries of his mother. He wanted to go there and helped his mother, save her from the monster called his father. But he was helpless, held by her aunt in tight painful grip. He cried to go to his mother but his father's sister scolded him.

"Sh. Reyaansh, you are a singhania and singhania men doesn't not cry. Your mother has committed a mistake and she needs to be punished." His aunt told him, then she dragged him to his room and locked him, not caring how the events are affecting his innocent heart.

When children used to go out and play,  He stayed aloof, sometimes locked up in his room or sometimes he used to sit in backyard with his mother and tend her wounds given by his father, making her smile at him. He never understand why his mother is still sweet to the man who hurt her everyday. He could never understand that, but his innocent heart grow a strong disliking toward his father.

"Dance, Nainaji. Entertain my guests." Raghubir singhania said and pushed his wife forward, before the group of men that were his clients and friends. Naina cried in helplessness. feeling disgusted by her husband's demand. Not able to bear the torture anymore, she tried running away but Raghubir caught her hand and slapped her hard on the face causing her to fall down on the floor.

14 years old Reyaansh, who was seeing all this from upstairs, was seething in anger seeing his father treating his mother like she was some commodity. He ran downstairs and stood before his father. He glared up at him.

"Don't you ever dare to touch my mother again, you will regret." He warned his father, but as powerless a 14 year was before his father, he was same, Raghubir couldn't tolerate his insult and next moment, Rey felt an stinging pain in his cheek.

"This is all your fault. You have failed as a mother to give him good values." He roared in anger. then holding naina's hand, he dragged her in their room, and that day, Rey hated himself when his father abused his mother for his mistake. That was the last day, he called raghubir 'dad'. It was mr. singhania or 'woh admi' for him.

He was dying everyday in the house, in the age when kids were pampered by their parents, they play, enjoy but it was different this him. Everyday he used to watch his father physically abusing his mother, Raghubir never cared his son is watching him cruel act and how all these are affecting him. The innocence of a child was ruined, he started to stay aloof, not talking to anyone except his mother. He even tried taking help from cops for his mother, but Raghubir was powerful man, none come to help him & his mother.

Then, the time came he hated the most, forcefully, his father sent him london for his studies. And that day, Rey vowed to become more powerful than his father. He studied hard, and did part time job to collect time and start his own business at age of 16. Slowly yet steadily, he was becoming stable in business, making his own space in business world.

He made two friends in london, Arnav & khushi, He was climbing the ladder of success while in india, his father continued to torture his mother. Rey's disliking for his father, had turned into hatred. There was no other left in him expect hatred. He hide the innocent reyaansh from childhood days behind the mast of RS, a ruthless devil who stopped at nothing but victory.

He was 19, a successful young business man of london, it was time to return back india, but when he reached home, a bigger shock was waiting for him.

to be continued..


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Congreats for 2nd thread awsm update ..
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Nice update. ...continue soon 
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Amazing update 
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Nice update feeling sad for rey
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nice update...                                              rey past is so horrible and painful...       he saw a lot of bad things in his past... that's why he is so rude towards life and people...                                               hope so tani returned the happiness in his life...                                                      update soon and thanks a lot for pm...
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Congratulations for 2nd thread
Chapter was nics
Rey's past was so painful
I guess biggest shocked is about his mother
Egarly waiting for the next part
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