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I was stunned..litterally my heart stopped beating when the old, broken, scratched,torned materials came out of that beautiful almari which I wanted to open at any cost. I was stunned when that left and thown materials made me remember of my earlyer nest and my childhood memorys in an wink of an eye that I forgot after entering this lavish and luxerius house..DEV BHAIYA MADE IT. HIS MONEY,HIS CONTRIBUTION , HIS DEDICATION But he never forgot His root, His Belongings,
His mother, his family.. How easily I forgot.
I saw tears in his eyes while picking up his mother's belongings..
He shouted "Nobody will touch this almari ever." I saw tears again, his quivering lips, clenching jaw.. Those anger and tears were of a son who loves his mother to the moon and back..
I saw tears again when he shouted again, at me "You will get a almari like this one the next very day." I saw tears again, his quivering lips, clenching jaw..But This anger and tears were of a brother who loves his sister like anything and always ready to do anything for her,even to give his life. He picked up those old and torn materials slowly. He picked everything his mothers old slipper, dairy, shawl but he forgot a photo that I took with me secretly..
I stared at that photo for a long time. A bubbly cute girl, Dev bhaiya and Maa. Dev bhaiya was feeding that girl a cake and that girl had a big smile on her face..That bubbly girl was me and that smile was gifted by Dev bhaiya to me.
I remember myself crying all day just because all of my friends celebrated their birthday and cut cakes..
He wiped my tears and held my hand swearing that We will cut cake on my birthday that too a designed strawbery one.
I was a small girl and never cared about that how my brother will arrange money.
Later I came to know my brother had not even touched foods only for saving money for my birthday cake. His best friend buntty told me.
I hugged my brother and cried. Cried because I was guilty, cause I loved my brother more than anything. I just could not bear that my brother kept on starving.
I loved him like anything but now what Why am not I happy? Why am not I celebrating like Riya and Nicky? Am I jealous? No how can I be jealous and rude to the person who tried to give me all the happyness of the world? When none understood me, he did.. My protector, my saviour, what not he did for me?
My chocolates, candys, toys... my playmate., was betrayed.
I wiped my tears,those same tears which were down my eyes when he fed me cake. My brother wiped it. There was him, always him for me..there was a brother for a sister and that luckyest sister was me..
I went, went slowly, my face guilty, it was 1:00 am of night, i knocked his the door was opened he was sitting at the edge of the bed.
"Sorry!" my words firm..i tried hard not to cry..
"Don't cry!" said he. was I crying? He stretched his arm to wipe my tear..a tear on the tip of his finger.
He smiled as i jumped on him... The same warmth, same love, nothing was lacking..
"you forgave me?" I asked, my face guilty again, my heart pounding. "yes! Anything for my sister."

hope u liked it.T.B.C
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Ohh dear... It was so beautiful
Siblings rockk!!

I loved it <3
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Posted: 2016-03-01T10:18:44Z
Originally posted by Artist_Forever

Ohh dear... It was so beautiful
Siblings rockk!!

I loved it <3

Thanks a lot MahisheeHeart I am glad that you liked it. Yes siblings are the most beautiful gift of God and its awesome when their is shaheer :-D
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Posted: 2016-03-01T10:31:06Z
Wow...amazing mou..loved it.. Clap
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Posted: 2016-03-01T10:38:29Z
Originally posted by Violet_orchid

Wow...amazing mou..loved it..Clap

Thank u so much Anky Heart i am so glad that u loved it..means a lot :-D
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Posted: 2016-03-01T10:57:29Z
Wow mou Embarrassed Clap
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Posted: 2016-03-01T11:07:29Z
Originally posted by Mahiima16

Wow mou Embarrassed Clap

Thanks my urvashi Embarrassed Heart
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Posted: 2016-03-01T11:16:30Z
Originally posted by Sonatia

Originally posted by Mahiima16

Wow mou Embarrassed Clap

Thanks my urvashi Embarrassed Heart

Your welcome Priya Arjun :-* Heart
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