Episode one - Dynamic Dev .

Posted: 2016-03-01T05:22:19Z
Hi guys ! I m Sam and as you all new to the forum and show . HugThese are just my thoughts on the first episode of the show . 
The first episode did have a good starting though mixed up totally but still could grasp viewers to know the storyline . The first episode really highlighted the mother son relation and it gave more importance to that and introducing the cast . 
Dev ! Omg ! He is so attracting . LOL The way the show started with son and mother 's awesome bonding . A very deep one . Dev seems like a very emotional person who is a mother worshipper . 
The conservation they had in the car clearly showed the bond they shared . 
Dev is such a Ma ka Ladla . Aww . Day Dreaming
And they both seemed so concerned about their family . And when they said Bache and showed two older  girls , I was like , OMG ! Shaheer has this big daughters ! Dead Thank god for their Bhaiyaa ! The word saved me from heart attack . LOL
The both sisters are so sweet but that Neha . She looks so mean and rude . Her attitude ! Ugh . Ouch I hate her so much . Ouch She is such an irritating character . Jealous little girl . Angry
And Mami looks evil too . The way she was looking around and her way of reacting . She looked as if she wasn't pleased with Dev's success . Angry
I love mama . He is so sweet and funny too "Aree Bhagwan , bada ghar dekhe pagal toh nahi ho gayi ! " ROFL
And that cupboard , why does it make feel it has more secrets . Geek
Dev was looking so cute ! Aww . The part where he shows his mother the kitchen . He is damn committed and responsible guy . 

Dev friend looks nice too . "Tere toh hamesha se hi boring sapne thiye " LOL

Dev and Sonakshi little phone fight ! I never knew they were gonna start their love story like this . With a phone . But I like Sonakshi 's character . She keeps talking to Dev in Bengali . ROFL

Mami is a total bad evil person . How the hell did she even get the keys to his cupboard ! And his sister is another villain here ., Angry bechare ! How excited must have they been to see what's inside that secret cupboard . Only were they disappointed . Mami 's disappointed expression was a worth a dollar ! ROFL
I loved the dialogues . Emotional . Funny and heart touching too ! 
"Ap ko yaha aane meh kitna Waqt laga?" 

"Bis pachis minute " ROFL

"Mere Ma ko pachis sal la ge " CryClap

The end part really showed the emotional side of Dev . He is really messed up with his emotions . But I like the way he talks about his mother's struggles . Perfect Ladla son . 

Ps he looks so cute ! Who gave this idea of clean shaven short haired Shaheer ? I m gonna kiss that person . Shaheer looks so damn handsome ! God who will waste time looking at the rest of the cast . LOL

*do share your views too* 

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Posted: 2016-03-01T05:45:51Z
Hiii Sam..Smile Glad to see you here..Big smile
Yes,loved the first episode...mother-son duo jst did a fab job Clap
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Posted: 2016-03-01T05:49:40Z
Hi Sam! A rocking post
I would like to add Bunty part. He is a true childhood friend who has seen his struggles

And I feel Neha will change with time and after her marriage she will realise the importance and value of a brother... And an elder oneBig smile

In the start was shown a mysterious man
I think he was their previous landlord who had troubled them and probably insulted his mother too.

This Dev sonakshi pair will be fun to match as they are totally opposite of each other! Waiting for the story to proceedEmbarrassed
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Posted: 2016-03-01T05:57:16Z
Hello Sam...what a lovely post.
Shaheer is a treat to watch.
His expressions...the depth in his voice everything is just perfect.

I liked the first episode...quite emotional one.

And a nice bonding between mother and son.

And Neha I just didn't like her...so irritating.
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Posted: 2016-03-01T06:22:24Z
Hi Sam I am Ritu. Awesome post dear.
Shaheer performance was a treat to watch and especially bond between mother and son.
The sister was definitely very irritating dekho inka bhi drama kab tak chalta hai.LOL
But I cant say any thing about Sonakshi's character. I am still not bonded with the character. I don't know but I felt it was forced yesterday. May be I am wrong but this is how I feel.
All in all good episode!! 
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Posted: 2016-03-01T07:51:05Z
Sam, good to see you here and with an awesome post!
Finally caught up with the episode. Loved it right from Dev's intro, i loved his punch to bose, "makan nahi ghar khareedne aaya hoon". Next i loved his bonding with his mother. His mother has suffered a lot in his upbringing and he like a ladla beta wants to reapay her, wantes to erase her painful memories, wants to free her off her pain. An ideal son indeed.
His sis's character confused me. But all in all i don't like her and not that mami either who looks like the vamp here.
His cousins looked cute and also that mama who seems to be growing into a comic relief.
I don't like sonakshi's character. Somehow she doesn't fit the bill of a fun-loving girl. She looks more of a serious type to me. And her repetition of medicines and vitamin names etc looked forced. Lets see how they unfold it.
And in the final scene, shaheer nailed it. I was actually moved to tears. "Aapko kitna samay laga yahan tak aane mein?"pachis minute" "Aur meri maa ko pachees saal lag gaye! Cry
On a whole, the dialogues were strong and relatable! And shaheer is obviously the star of the show! Clap StarEdited by ramya06 - 2016-03-01T08:46:30Z
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Posted: 2016-03-01T08:39:03Z
Dev is just awesomeDay Dreaming
Loved mother and son bondingHeart
Shaheer's acting and expressions are amazing. His look is just fabulousStar
I missed his acting so muchCry I am glad that he is acting againBig smile
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Posted: 2016-03-01T08:42:59Z
Hi nice review...
Mother-son bond is nice..
Neha s not that bad n she s rude n she can be mislead easily and mami s gvg me negative vibes.
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