Pain and Suppressed emotions- Dev

Posted: 2016-02-29T10:03:21Z
Hello all. Me Shruthi. Currently active in SKR forum. Will try to post here also. I loved the way Dev's character was introduced. 
There is a lot of anger, suppressed emotions in this so called successful man. A hard life maybe social apathy towards his widowed mother everything has created a real complex character in this young man. 
Anything connected to his mother, his emotions simply flows. He is unable to hold himself. Whether pain, whether anger everything is out of control for him when it comes to his mother. 

And this impatience he shows in his other interactions also. Very restless. Yes he might be a topper, a gold medallist. But in Dev I found a young man who is emotionally very unstable and thinks his only role is to become a good son. 

Actually no. He has other roles, a good brother, maybe a good lover, then a good husband and also a good father. Will Dev grow up to own all this multifaceted roles. And how will his growth be. Because he needs someone sensitive to understand him, the root of those emotions and gently pull them out, putting permanent balm. Because forgetting doesnt help.
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Posted: 2016-02-29T10:15:12Z
Hello Shruthi.
So good to see you here.

As usual love to read your posts on the episode.

About the much depth is there in his character.

A perfect son any mother would desire for.

The anger yet the touching it is.

Hats off to Shaher for a perfect portrayal of Dev...his eyes speak volumes.
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Posted: 2016-02-29T10:32:07Z
Hi Every one. I am Lakshmi. A hardcore Shaheer Fan. Hi Sruti. Your review is nice. I liked the Charecter of Dev so much. It really has appeal,that is missing in contemporary TV Shows. The theme may be done already but the treatment is worth watching.I am glad Shaheer selected such a complex Charecter too different from his previous ones.Shaheer has ease.He is spontaneous. His performance never look rehearsed.He is a natural actor with great screen presence.In the first episode itself he displayed wide range of emotions,the best scene Ofcourse is the almeira scene.Dev is emotional,impulsive,sensitive,strict,vulnerable and above all devoted to his mother.Shaheer looked awesome as Dev and effortless in his performance.I look forward to the forthcoming episodes that unveil the journey of Dev .I feel on top of the world. Mera Arjun Wapas Aagaya.
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Posted: 2016-02-29T10:36:17Z
Seconding ur thoughts..seriously he need someone who understand him. No doubt that his mother do the same but we cann't share everything with our parents. He need a person who pull out his imperfections. In front of whom he dont need to be perfect. 
Just share is flaws. 
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Posted: 2016-02-29T10:38:33Z
Hi Shruti. I have read a few of your posts in SKR so I'm kind of familiar with your writing. 
Yes Deb as a character is a pleasant surprise for the Indian television viewers because usually they are used to watch main leads who is nothing but a glorified prop with his total contribution to the show being that of romancing or locking horns occasionally with the female lead and nothing else. 
Dev is such a textured character and Shaheer is portraying all the colors of this very pivotal character for the show with so much fine skill and genuine intensity. 
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Posted: 2016-02-29T10:47:02Z
Now coming to Dev who's a study in concealed emotions. He carries lots of old wounds. He loves adores and worships his mother. It's almost to the point of obsession. He's a soft affectionate side that comes out in front of his annoying brat of a sister. He's outwardly controlled and perfectly gentlemen but his anger and impulsive side comes out when his mother is concerned. 
I really liked his scenes with his childhood friend because it gives us a nice description and insight into Devs psychic and why he is the way he is. 
More shades of the character will unfold in the upcoming episodes. Glad Shaheer waited for such a role to come to him
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Posted: 2016-02-29T13:12:15Z
I am also here. I really loved the start of show. Dev is well groomed as a son and business man, but he has more things to explore. 
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Posted: 2016-02-29T21:36:43Z
@Lakshmi story might be what we all know. But then from the first promo Dev appealed to me. Add to that it is Shaheer who is doing it. I had liked Shaheer both in Navya and MB. And yesterday he sealed it
@Aalina exactly. To pour out his emotions he needs a person who wont judge him, but understand him and will be willing to share that pain so that he can emerge stronger
@Anna very rarely do we see in Indian soap where a male lead is introduced and his shades are explored, that too his emotional, sensitive shades. Not only mother as you rightly said with his friend and with his sister. That almirah scene actually broke me where he talks about that book where monthly budget spend was noted. That dialogue that a medical bill does not take Rs 100, but dreams associated with it. Showed a young man who has not forgotten the path he came.
@aayushi nice to see you here
@sritha thank you for commenting.
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