#3| TaaRey Drabble : Married To A Stranger

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Hello Guys! Welcome to the Third thread of the story. Thanks for all your support which has always motivated me to write more.

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Ch 26 : Her Stubbornness {Scroll Down}

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Ch 26 : Her Stubbornness

He walked inside the terrace after searching for his wife in whole mansion, he finally found her sitting in corner, on terrace. He approached her, but she ignored him, feeling little scared. His earlier behavior had frighten her. 

Hurt, thats whats he felt when he saw her backing away from him. His guilt ridden heart cursed him for his behavior toward her. There was no call for it, yet he took out his frustration on her. She was not at fault. She wasn't even aware of the situation then how could he react like that and hurt her. He was hating himself right now. 

He knelt down on the floor before her and called out for her softly.


She turned her head away from him, not giving into his sugar coated voice.

"Taani! look at me, sweetheart." He spoke with tenderness in his voice. Taani buried her face in her palms, refused to look at him, making him sigh at her stubbornness. It was surprising though, he had never seen her stubbornness, specially when she is with him.

"I know my behavior had hurt you, and I'm truly sorry for that. I was tensed about something and took out my frustration you. Forgive me, please." Rey apologized but still she didn't look at him. Her heart melted at his sweet apology but she refused to give into the demands of her heart that was forcing her to embrace him.

"Lets go and have ice cream." Rey suggested, hoping this would melt her.

"Go away. I don't wanna talk to you-" Taani mumbled and turned her head away. Rey look at her with pleading eyes.

"Why, baby? I know i did a mistake but atleast give me a chance to make it upto you-"

"Go away. I don't talk to meanie people. You shouted at me, you scared me. I'm not gonna talk to you ever again." Taani said without looking at him. Rey sighed in frustration, and look at her who was shivering in cold.

"Taani, you are being stubborn now." 

"Thanks for telling. Now you can leave." Taani retorted back. She knew she was dragging the matter but she couldn't help. Rey cupped her face, making her look into his eyes but she turned her face away.

"Fine, woman! You are forcing me for this-" Rey grumbled, he grabbed back of her neck and pulled her toward him, surprising her. She gasp as his lips came crashing down at hers. She clutched his shoulders in tight grip as he begun kissing her aggressively. She moaned into his mouth, he tighten his grip around her waist, he pulled her impossibly close to him.

She forgot everything, his touch spelled a cast over her, she lost herself in him. Her hands wander in his thick silky locks, their lips moulded into a sloppy wild kiss.

"Thats cheating! You are supposed to do some cheesy stuff to get my forgiveness not this-" Taani complained as she broke the kiss and pushed him away. Rey gave her an amused look.

"But, baby, thats how married couple solve their issues. In hot steamy way-" Rey winked at her as he answered.

"Thats not true, I have seen, in movies they show hero doing so many cheesy things to manaofy heroine-" Taani pointed out, making him laugh at her innocent explanation.

"I'll do all the cheesy stuff for you, but forgive me for my earlier behavior please-" Rey wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her in his arms.

"Okay. I forgive you." Taani whispered, His lips curved into a wide smile. He thanked her and hugged her tightly, mentally reminding himself to make it up to her for making her cry.


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Congratulations for thread 3
Love this ff. Off to read it
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A Big Congo for Thread Three
much awaited updt
Rey's unique way to manofying Taani
Taani was super angry but rey finally manofy her
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congrats for new thread
coming on update
it was awesome
i loved their cute ruthna manana
superbly written
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Congress for 3rd thread awsm update
Rey Manofy taani aww amazing
Next update soon
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congo for nw thread
nccc update
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