The Billionaire's Lost Love : TaaRey 2S -Completed-

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He cuddle his 6 months old daughter in his arms, dropping a kiss on her head, he walked out of the room, outside he met his mother.

"Rey, why don't you get married again? If not for yourself but for little Pia. She needs mother-" His mother spoke to him, the same thing which she had been telling from past one week. He narrowed his eyes at his mother and gave the same reply he give every time.

"My baby girl doesn't need anyone. I can take care of here very well. Taani is her mother and I won't give that right to anyone else." Rey spoke with firmness in his voice, letting him mother know how serious he is about this matter.

"But taani is dead now! She is not coming back. You need to move on-" His mother cried painfully. Its been 2 months to her daughter-in-laws death, and she could see how her son is dying every moment without her.

"Mom! She is not dead. She is still alive and I'll find her at any cost." Rey stated before he walked away from there. When they got the news of her accident, they didn't found her body at the accident spot, police announced that her body was burnt along with the car and declared her dead. But he refused to believe any theory. He just knew she is alive and out there, he just needs to search her. And thats what he was doing from past 2 months. His detectives & men were on high alert, searching for her in every place possible.

 "I'll find your mumma very soon." He stare down at his baby girl who was looking at him with her big innocence filled eyes, he smiled. She was replica of her mother, a reason for him to live after taani.


"Sir, there is a lady who wants to meet you." His assistant, Steve said to him from the other side of the call.

"Steve, Its sunday and I'm with my daughter, you know that i don't meet anyone-" Rey trailed off disinterestedly. Sundays are reserved for his daughter, due to his busy schedule, he doesn't get much time to spend with Pia, so he makes sure he spend sunday with her, taking care of her, pampering her.

"I know, sir, but the lady said its important."

"Steve, no-"

"Sir, its about Mrs. Singhania." Steve interrupted, Rey's body froze at the mention of his wife.

"What? What about her, steve?" Rey questioned with urgency in his voice.

"The lady knows something about Mrs. Singhania and her accident. She wants to meet you urgently-" Steve replied from the other side of the call.

"Okay, I'm coming." Rey answered shortly before he cut the call.  Just then his mother entered the room with his lunch. Rey look at his mother.

"Mom, can you watch over her till i come back. I have some really important work-" Rey started off,  His mother nodded positively. Rey thanked her and ran out of the room, wanting to reach office as soon as possible.


After a week.

Rey walked inside the conference room where he found a lady sitting along with his assistant steve. He walked and sat on his chair, then addressed the woman.

"Hell, Mr. Singhania. I'm maria-" The lady introduced herself, Rey gave a curt nod in return. He wasn't in mood of greetings. He just wanted to know about his wife, who was missing since her accident. People believe she died in that accident, but he knew she wasn't dead. She was alive and his beating heart was proof of that.

"You wanted to tell me something about my wife?" Rey asked, trying his hardest to keep his calm.

"She is alive." Maria told him, she watched how his eyes sparked up as her words sinked in.

Rey stare at her, waited for her to continue while his heart just wanted to run to his love and embrace her in his arms.

"She was in coma from past 2 months thus we couldn't contact you since we weren't aware of her identity." Maria informed him with small smile.

"Where is she? And why couldn't my men trace her, they had searched every hospital in the city-"

"I found her near the woods, she was badly injured, so admitted her in my husband's hospital. I didn't knew anything about her so i filled her name angel in hospital forms, and may be thats the reason you couldn't find her-" Maria explained, Rey nodded, feeling too short of words. He didn't had words to thank maria, for saving his wife and taking care of her.

"Maria, can you take me to her? Please-" Rey pleaded, at that moment, he was not the reyaansh singhania, the ruthless business. He was his taani's Rey.

"Thats why i'm here, Mr. Singhania." Maria smiled as she spoke. Rey smiled, after ages, he smiled genuinely from his heart. Without wasting time, they got up and left for hospital. Rey was smiling, he was finally going to get his lost love back.


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"She is inside, go." Maria said to him, they were standing outside her hospital room. Rey nodded, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath, calming his ragging breathing. He was excited to see her, again. His heart was yearning to take her in his embrace and showered all his love on her.

He pushed the door open and entered inside, taking slow baby steps, he moved inside. His gaze fall over the bed, where he found her sleeping peacefully. is lips broke into a small smile, tears of happiness brimmed in his eyes, he couldn't believe she was here, finally, before his eyes. 

He walked over the bed, and gazed down at her angelic face. The glow was missing from her face, her skin was pale and she looked weak which broke his heart. But he was happy to see her, she is the love of his life, the only woman whom he love. His first & last love.

"You know, when they said you are no more, i never believed them, because i knew, my taani won't leave me. She promised me to be with me forever, then how can she leave me in middle. My taani wasn't the one who break promises." Rey spoke tenderly, he sat on the stool beside the bed. Taking her hand in his, he intertwined his fingers with her. Relief washed over his heart, his restless heart found it peace in her presence.

"I love you, princess." He whispered with tears in his eyes, he leaned and kissed her forehead gently. He smiled when her eyes fluttered open.

"I love you too-" Her voice croaked, he smiled, he smiled like there is no tomorrow. He was hearing her voice after two long months. Rey gave her a glass of water, and helped her in drinking it, she took few sips and thanked him before giving him a small smile which took his breath away.

"Hows my little baby girl, Rey? I felt terrible for not being there for her-" She cried softly, feeling pain of not being there for her child when she needed her mother most.

"Sh. Not a word more. Pia is very good, she missed you but it wasn't your fault. It was all fate. Don't think too much about past. Now you are back to take care of her." Rey said to her, a lone tear escaped her eyes, which he wiped away.

"You know that i hate to see tears in your eyes, don't cry. Please." Rey said to her, taani look at the man she love, she felt blessed to have him. He always know how to make her feel better.

"I want to see Pia. Take me to her, lease." Taani pleaded to him, her heart was yearning to see her child. She knew Pia must have grow up little, she wanted to cuddle her baby in her arms and apologized to her, for not being there for her, for leaving her alone.

"I will, but first let me talk to your doctor. If you are perfectly fit to go home, then i'll take you home today itself-" Rey replied, taani nodded positively in response. They sat there in same position, looking into each other's eyes. 

"Can you i get a hug? Please?" Taani asked cutely, his lips curved into a smile at heer innocent demand. Without wasting a moment, he wrapped his arms around her and hugged her but making sure not to hurt her. She closed her eyes, loving the feel of being in his arms again.

Rey dropped a kiss on her head, his love was in his arms, he found his lost love.


"My baby!" Taani cocooned the little baby in her arms. It was night time, they had return back home from hospital after her discharge.

"I'm sorry, baby, mummal eft you alone for so long. But i promise, i won't ever leave alone again." Taani kissed her forehead, nothing was better than the feel of being with family. Today, she got her lost family back.

"Taani, take some rest now. Doctor said you are still weak, you need to take care of yourself." Rey said to her, he noticed how tired she was, yet playing with Pia who was happy to be in mother's embrace. Pia yawned, indicating her parents that she is sleepy now.

"Let me put her to sleep first. I missed my baby so much." Taani mumbled, she stroked her head lovingly, soon little pia slipped into sweet slumber in her mother's embrace. Taani kissed her head and made her lay down in her baby cradle which was placed next to their bed.

Rey wrapped his arms around her and hugged her tightly once she joined him back in bed.

"Its good to be back." Taani mumbled, she rested her head on his chest.

"I missed you so much-" Rey whispered softly, taani look at him, at that moment, no one could say he was the 'ruthless' reyaansh singhania, he was her rey, who was scared to lose her.

"I won't leave you again." She promised, she brought her lips close to him and kissed him softly. Rey tighten his grip around him and kissed her back, taking his own sweet time to relish her sweetness.

Then, breaking the kiss, they laid there in each other's embrace. She closed her eyes and let sleep took over her senses. She was relieved, she was back home. 

"I love you, taani." He whispered, admiring her angelic face. She look serene while sleeping. He closed his eyes, her smiling face was the last thing in his mind before he slipped into best sleep of his life. 

His heart was at peace, knowing she is where she belong, In his arms..


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Lovely work dear 
This subtle billionaire is like every girl's dream Wink
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Amazing 2s loved it
 emotional but beautiful story
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It was beautiful.
Loved it
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