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Tujhe yaad kar liya hai, aayat ki tarah
Kayam tu ho gayi hai, ibaadat ki tarah

The love they feel is kind and sweet,
It's fragile and sensible as them.
They're not perfect,
Their bodies aren't perfect,

But together,

Their bodies tie in perfection,
Because one is defective in places
Where the other one is perfect, and vice-versa
so that they can fit perfectly

Rishabh Kundra and Madhubala Rishabh Kundra
RK and Madhu
Two imperfect beings, perfect for each other

Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

Raju and Gudiya
Raja and Madhu
Raja and Rani
Raja Kushwaha and Madhubala Raja Kushwaha

They have traversed a myriad facets on a tortuous path against odds and attained to love.

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He is widely known as Superstar RK. An Arrogant, bratty, self-obsessed, talented actor of the era. He has a strong persona, a smart and very sharp tongue. He is stubborn but a child resides in his heart. His life centered around his father, Mohan Kundra...whose suicide affected him so much and turned his life upside down. He couldn't bear the existence of another man in place of his father, as his mother's husband, and drifted away from both of them. Several traitors of his life, changed the sweet 12-year old Rishu to today's Ruthless Superstar RK. He trusts no one other than his own self. He is a self-made man who pretends to give a damn to the entire world. He has a nasty temper, but behind this cold-man, resides a heart of gold...who can do and give almost anything to the person who is honest with him. To take revenge from a girl who messed with him, who put him behind bars for drinking and driving and for hitting an innocent man, he marries her in return of the treatment of his father who is beaten by his own men to death. He wanted to make her go through hell, but she shocked him at every point of time. She performed all her duties as a wife without fail. This made this Superstar RK surprised. He almost melted from his initial aim of destroying her. He became a protector of Madhubala Rishabh Kundra, his WIFE, and his obsession. He had never seen a girl with equal attitude as his, stubborn and stern just like him and yet so compassionate and loving. She not only made him a better person, but also made him reconcile with his lost mother. Madhu happens to be RK's center of life, the point which always brings him back no matter where he is. In whatever state he is, he always finds solace in her company. RK always seeks her company whenever he needs her, whenever he is in pain, his thoughts are eating him inside out, that is when he needs her the most...his remedy. His passion, His Ishq, His Junoon.

Madhubala Malik, aka Madhubala Rishabh Kundra was born on the sets of a Bollywood movie, although she was raised amidst people relating to the film industry, she had no aspirations to become a part of the glamorous film world. Madhubala is happy and content with everything in her life till fate introduces her to Superstar Rishabh Kundra. Madhubala is a down to earth girl who wears her heart on her sleeve. She is a simple girl with simple dreams, middle class aspirations, values and desires. Her upbringing has taught her to stand up for what she believes in and be self dependant. This headstrong and outspoken nature often lands her in trouble. She is the only woman who had dared to frown upon Rishabh Kundra, and question his doings. She agrees to marry the superstar in order to save her father's life. She refuses being pushed around and stands her ground. Her caring and loving nature wins over everything else as she sees that there is much more depth to him than what gives away. Madhubala is the typical kind of girl with an atypical personality. Different shades to her personality make her truly unique. Heartbreak leads her into the path of revenge. Her only motivation becomes giving the Superstar a dose of his own medicine, to make him realize the consequences of toying around with another person's feelings. But this only lead to the realization that she simply is not cut out to be one who would be out for revenge. Her kindhearted nature always seems to win over everything else. Although she fails in taking revenge in return of her broken heart, she does manage to bring a drastic change in RK's belief of his possession of bad luck. Throughout a series of twists and turns, Madhubala's life is intertwined with Rishabh's, and she remains his pillar of strength, his devotee, his no.1 Fan and his Biwi'. She steps into the world of Glitz and Glamour to help her husband out in his time of need, whilst trying her best to be a dutiful and doting wife she tries her best to succeed in portraying the role of the dutiful Daughter-In-law. She might be the girl who wears her heart on her sleeve, she might seem like the weakling people enjoy pushing around. But she is the girl who refuses to go down without putting up a good fight!

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Madhubala Shamsher Mallick, a strong, resolute girl with a balanced mind who always demanded equal justice for all had to guts to break into Natraj Studios to the sets of RK's film. RK, Superstar of the Era was shooting a romantic sequence wherein he was suppose to play the piano near the side of the river and his heroine was to enter the scene through the bridge.

As the shot commenced, RK started his dialogue delivery and then when the heroine was about to enter, Madhubala entered the set through the bridge. RK was surprised to see an unknown face and walked upto her.

She introduced her name as Madhubala Shamsher Mallick, the girl who filed a case of "hit-and-run" against the Superstar. RK posed himself as ecstatic to meet the girl who was so brave enough to have challenged HIM. He rebuked in front of the entire cast and crew of his film. Madhubala was apalled at his nastiness of tongue and his temper.

But she retaliated every spoken word of his with an attitude as brave as a HUNGRY LIONESS. He threatened to destroy Madhubala and her family if she didn't withdraw the case against him or accept the compensation money. She was resolute on taking him to the court and even imprison him under the law.

Madhubala and Rishabh met in this unusual way, injuring each other with words like arrows. There was a certain spark in their togetherness, a spark that shook their insides and the on-lookers would be glued to watch them fight, come close and what not.

There was a certain chemistry in their togetherness which hit their audiences during the first meet. The Natraj Studios must have boasted of the unusual story that was shaping in its arms. The studio was proud to be witnessing two hearts coming close to each.. Slowly and steadily. A love so pure and serene was climbing the heights of passion.

This studio was to witness some very close moments between Rishabh and Madhu in the very near future... Their wedding, their first night-out, their Karvachauth... And some tit-bit sweet-bitter moments of love. The lion and lioness met, fell in love and went away together...

They say
"Marriages are made in heaven"

But here, marriage was made by a tyrant ruler... who captured a beautiful butterfly in his castle. A butterfly who was ordered not to flutter her wings again. She was confined to the palace of this tyrant prince who claimed to be CRUEL, HEARTLESS and PITYLESS.

Madhubala Shamsher Mallick, a common girl-next-door did the only 'khata' of her life by filing a case against the SUPERSTAR of the ERA, Rishabh Kundra a.k.a RK. She sent him to jail for 4 WHOLE NIGHTS. Never did she know that this simple demand for justice would make her life take a topsy-turvy turn. He made a MASTER-PLAN to ruin her. He made Mukund(The victim of RK's brutality)'s mother go to Mallicks for the "Rishta" of Mukund and Madhubala and on the night of their engagement, he crashed the party under the mask of "pachchtawa"
He made someone click snaps of Madhu and himself together. News of "Madhubala dating RK" spread across the city like a wildfire and Madhu's marriage was broken. Soon, RK brutally assaulted Madhubala's foster father Shamsher Mallick to death; Destroyed Trishna's dream to become a Bollywood Heroine and brought the Mallicks on the road. He offered to pay for Mallick's treatment on the CONDITION that Madhu married him.

For the sake of her family and her father, she signed on the agreement on marrying the tyrant of her life, Rishabh Kundra. On the night of Mallick's operation, Madhubala Mallick became Madhubala Rishabh Kundra. He called her to the studio. He was drunk heavily. RK placed the condition that he would only pay the money after she married him.

She was asked to dress up in wedding attire. RK broke a wooden chair and created the "hawan-kund" by burning those wooden blocks.

The fire was ignited with the help of the alcohol he was consuming.

It was an UNUSUAL wedding of only 4 pheras since it wasn't agreeable to RK to walk BEHIND someone for the rest of the 3 pheras. He was the leader and would always remain one. He threw the 'mangal-sutra' on her neck and brought her home.

At home, he introduced Madhubala to everyone as another of his servants whose name was a SPECIAL one. He named her "BIWI" and considered her no better than a servant that served him day and night.

Bauchchaar ikk padi hai... Barsate abhi hai baaki.
Khul ke naachne ko bekal mann ka mayura hai...
Milan abhi aadha adhura hai...
Milan abhi ADHA-ADHOORA hai...

For the first time in the history of Indian Television, the viewers witnessed this ANNOKHI shaadi. No doubt we have had LOVE-HATE shaadi's in the PAST but this 4 phera waali shaadi garnered MARVELLOUS TRPs along with eye-balls. "Raato-raat" Madhubala and Rishabh became the heartthrobs of the nation's youth. They became Rishbala 'officially' and since then the NAME and FAME of Rishbala is going on INCREASING manifold.

Madhubala-Ek Ishq Ek Junoon offered the soul and essence of its story through this unusual wedding, the concepts of 'ishq' and 'junoon' were established in the hearts of Rishbalians who began to be glued to the TV sets watching the repeat telecasts again and again.

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Star Main agar Kahoon (Madhu's dream sequence) : Madhu dreams of Trishna dancing with the superstar RK.. as the scene slowly shifts.. she sees herself dancing with the superstar instead of Trishna.. and thus begins the story of two unlikely people...

Star Aa Zara Kareeb Se : The superstar is hell bent on making Madhu's life miserable. He forcefully makes her dance with him on a sensual number. Little did both of them know that the dance they shared that night would bring them even more closer, even though they loathed eachother at the time.

Star Raat Akeli Hai : RK dreams of dancing with Madhu.. this was one scene in which RK's feelings which even he was uncertain of towards his biwi were clearly to be seen. but sadly turns out that he was actually dancing with Dipali!

Star Main Pareshaan : Yet another dream sequence. Madhu visits RK in his movie set, and sees him dancing away with the heroine while she slowly slips into a place where there is only her and the superstar. Madhu realises her feelings towards her husband. And she finally admits that she has fallen in love with Rishabh Kundra.

StarBaahon Ke Darmiyaan : RK plans on giving his wife a memorable Karvachaut after feeling guilty of what he put her through. He decorates the studio for her, and does all the Karvachaut customs with her, in order to make it up to her. Truly, RishBala at their best!

Star Kaante nahi Katte : RishBala challenged eachother to see who would be the first to express what they felt for eachother infront of the entire world.. The indirect I Love You's' had all of our hearts hammering I bet.

Star Bindiya Chamkegi : RishBala are stranded in a village and decide to play Rajesh Khanna and Mumtaz for the night! Heheh.. It was mostly Madhu teasing RK. This led to some very special and memorable RishBalicious moments.

StarRang Deeni (Holi) : Probably the most loved RishBala dance sequence of all time! Certainly is my favorite J after the unwedding, RK is still unaware of his feelings towards the woman he hurt. He refuses to admit what he feels towards Madhu. He arrives at the chawl to wish her a happy holi, and they share a passionate dance.

Star Marjaawan : Madhu is determined to give RK a taste of his own medicine, whereas RK decides to take  his biwi out on a date. They share a passionate dance at the restaurant which makes Sultan jealous.

StarHum Mar Jayenge : RishBala are about to be married, and both of them are head over heels for eachother. RK challenges Madhu to tell everyone how much she loves him. And she accepts. And at their Mehendi ceremony, they share a very touching and passionate dance.

StarTum Jo Mil Gaye Ho : RK decides that they need a role reversal on their suhaagraat. Heheh so he tries to woo Madhu by being her for the night. Madhu too grooves to this number by pretending to be RK.. I'm sure that it is a dance sequence which will forever keep on getting youtube views!  

Star Lag jaa gale : RK is mad at Madhu because she went  to meet Sultan without acknowledging him . RK is deeply hurt and Madhu sings the classic number to make it up to him.

StarTitli : RishBala are in SRK's party, and SRK requests for them to dance. And they dance or Titli from Chennai Express. J

StarUdi : RK's heroine doesn't show up at the launch of the movie. So Madhu steps in as the new heroine.

StarAaja Rasiya : Eventhough this was a scene which was shot for RishBala's movie Ishq aur Junoon', I'm sure it counts as a RishBala dance sequence. :D

StarKurbaan Hua : At the success party of their film Ishq aur Junoon', RK feels a tad jealous by the attention his wife is receiving. we all know that RK always has a different way of expressing his feelings, and thanks to that, we got yet another amazing RishBala dance sequence! :D

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The Wedding Sequence of Rishabh Kundra and Madhubala was definitely one of the "it" moments of the show. They had been the apple of every fan's eye since the very inception of this couple, and then the Revenge Drama had left the fans shattered. The FIRST anniversary of the show brought the wedding of the much in love people- Rishabh Kundra and Madhubala. Madhubala forgave RK for all heart-breaks he gave her, when he publicly proposed her and apologized for all his mistakes. While Madhu went on to forgive him, her family still hated RK and couldn't get down to forgive him and accept them together. Madhu returned to the RK Mansion and the preparations for the Big Fat Indian Wedding started on in full swing. The festivities started off with the Sangeet and Mehendi Ceremony.

HeartHum Mar Jayenge - RishBala Sangeet/MehendiHeart

The day started off with RK challenging Madhubala to exclaim her love for him in front of everyone. Madhu gracefully accepted the challenge. In the ceremony, Madhu got her hands hennaed with the name of Rishabh Kundra on one palm and RK on the other. To complete her challenge, Madhu sang the song "Hum Mar Jayenge" from Aashiqui 2. Both of them shook their legs on the beats of the song. The night on a big high. Madhubala had her hands hennaed and she couldn't change her dress, that is when RK helped her with this...closing his eyes since they were not yet officially married.

Day DreamingRishBala Naughty Haldi CeremonyDay Dreaming

RK-Madhubala returned from a Girl's NGO and RK challenged her that he will apply her haldi. Madhu said that he cannot apply it, since after this they won't be able to see each other. The challenge is taken. All through the ceremony, RK tries to put Haldi on Madhu but she wittily avoids him... At the end of the ceremony, RK enters their room. Madhu tries to hide her face, but he somehow manages to put Haldi on her ears.

StarThe D-DayStar

RK dresses up for his marriage and goes down to do the Puja while Madhu is in dilemma, she wants to tell him that she once thought of taking revenge on him. RK leaves for the temple while Sultan comes in to ask Madhubala to not plunge into this marriage. Madhu tells him that RK has changed. She confesses that once she wanted revenge, but not anymore. RK overhears all this and is shattered. He shuts himself inside his room. Madhu yells Sultan to go away. RK takes her to their new home and tells that he had planned all this for their suhaag-raat...never knew she was faking. Madhu apologizes. RK takes her to the mandap and reveals that he took revenge from her, for 4 slaps. But he wants to apologize. So he does, in front of the whole media. 

Madhu agrees for marriage. They do all the rituals and take the 7 vows walking around the Holy Fire. Once the rituals are over, they take everyone's blessings and Madhubala does griha-pravesh.

BlushingThe Suhaag-Raat at the Studio.Blushing

RK takes Madhu to the Studio and dances for her. Then, Madhu and RK together spend some time dancing to the beats of the Song. They both spend some quality time and then go to sleep in the studio itself. Next morning, they go back to RK mansion...embarrassed being caught.

That is how, the beautiful RK-Madhubala Wedding Was!

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