RAYA NEW TWO SHOTS : Main Rahoon ya Naa Rahoon Part 1

Posted: 2016-02-16T11:57:14Z

Hello ppl After So many days i am writing something Actually i have written this long back but No time For posting i have dedicate this Os to That person Who actually Nagged me to listen this song So here is 1st Part of this Two Shots  

Character taken from obviously Serial Bade Acche  Lagte Hai Ram and Priya 

Song : Arman malik "Main Rahoon Ya Naa Rahoon "

Sorry for Grammatical Errors and spelling mistakes  

Part 1 

She is sitting on arm chair in balcony eyes closed Ginger tea in hand She wore Saree after months with her favorite open back blouse covered only with dories which she bought to tease her husband who hated this blouse because he thinks its waste so much time to open those  Dories   

its been so many days she came here to take time for herself She don't have time now a days his husband is sleeping now So She took some time from her busy life

Her day Start with ram and Ends with Him...yes Ram her husband her love of life...She loves everything About Him...His hazel Eyes...his perfect cheek bones His everything Its not matter to her that her Ram ...well you read yourself who is Ram


9 month Ago

 Where the hell were you...i am waiting from last 2 hour priya shout on Ram...

"i was busy in work and i ddnt make this plan i have so many work priya can u understand this simple thing " he shout back

Tears brimming in her eyes

"Now What Cry ohh god you girls Now stop crying and tell me why you want to meet me i told you i ll busy for someday dont disturb me"

She wipes her tears,bites her lower lip and scarily walks to him Kisses him his cheeks and whispers Happy birthday Ram" and runs away

He takes a sigh of relief when she disappear from his sight he collapse on floor  his hands automatically goes to his cheeks where she kissed  Wish he could Kiss her tears away..but he can't he have to live with it he have to turns her love in hatred...

they are in relationship from Last 10 years and 2 days ago he decided that today he ll ask her for marriage untill today's morning he received Call from His Doctor and his world shattered just like his dreams which he wanted to fullfill with priya he have Money power everything But he dont have future yes His Life took a  U-turn ..His doctor said to him that he is suffering from "Benjamin Button" (A disease where your body take a reverse and soon you ll act like A five year old child) when suddenly his visions back to the childhood memories Now when he knows What is getting back him to his childhood how can he think about his Adulthood ...

he sat in car tune the radio turns his car towards the Beach one hand on Staring wheel one is wiping tears time by time flowing when he listen the song playing on Radio

Main rahoon ya na rahoon

Tum mujhme kahi baaqi rehna

Mujhe neend aaye jo akhiri

Tum khaabo mein aate rehna

Bas itna hai tumse kehna

Bas itna hai tumse kehna

Bas itna hai tumse kehna

Bas itna hai tumse kehna

Main rahoon ya na rahoon

Tum mujhmein Kahi baaki rehna

Flashback End

Her chain of thoughts breaks when Suddenly the rain Starts

She jumps from her chair to run inside but her Saree pallu stuck in chair She stands on her place Suddenly her thoughts back to the lyrics of her and her husband's favorite  song

Kisi roz baarish jo aaye

Samaj lena boondo mein main hu

Suddenly Sun rays comes from behind the Clouds its so strong she covers her face from her hands this also takes her thoughts to that Song 



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Posted: 2016-02-16T15:32:37Z
Beautiful story .
Waiting for next one.
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Posted: 2016-02-16T20:32:31Z
Different concept..
Maldives ram ko teek Karo and let them live a normal life. 
It's very hard to digest even in stories their sorrows. 
Emotionally still strongly attached with Sakshi & Priya. 
Thanks Aman for pm and continue soon and give a happy ending. 
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Posted: 2016-02-16T21:01:49Z
very nice... quite different concept. .. Continue soon...
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Posted: 2016-02-16T23:38:30Z
Awesome concept
But Ram will not be alone as Priya is with him to support and they will fight it together 

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Posted: 2016-02-17T05:33:41Z
totally a different concept. waiting for second part. how beautifully written RaYa s emotions!!! just superb.
pl continue
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2016-02-17T07:52:05Z
Its always a treat to read ur story. .. and same goes fr this one as well

New concept n storyline... looking frwrd fr next part

Continue soon
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Posted: 2016-02-17T08:27:15Z
Lovely n waiting for next part
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