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Hey to all 

I am back again with a story on Ram Priya. It's an one shot i have written sometime ago and it was posted on ST birthday thread too by Naseem. But may be all the member's couldn't able to read so here yet again i am posting it. So enjoy reading it. 

A gal was running fast towards a house with a bag in her hand and as she entered in the house she threw the bag on couch and run towards her room window as she came her friend Shreya signal her from her room window to come there. The gal was about to leave from her house to visit her friends when her mom voice made her stop.

Her mom called her this made her to stop at once and as she turned her mom was glaring at her. Smriti was staring at her daughter and signal her through her eyes where she is going. She told her about Shreya calling her. Smriti said to her first go and change your school uniform and then go to your friend house made her to turn back to her room again for changing.

In the neighborhood house a lady was giving instruction to servants when a tall and handsome man entered and shout on top of his voice mom I am back' seeing her son after so many days a tear of happiness appear in eyes of his mom and he ran to take her in hug and said stop being dramatic mom clean these tears mom I came back from trip not from some war.

 His mom said she is happy to see him after long so she is happy while Shreya come out from her room and went to her brother who has taken her into another hug. Shreya was about to say something but he cut her off and handover her gift he bought for her. In excitement she hugged him tight saying thank u bhaiya.

Meanwhile in Priya house Smriti was muttering picking up her bag and arranging the thing again that this gal will not change always in a hurry' meanwhile she came went towards fridge and took out a box and kept in her bag and listening all her mother blabbering and told her that now she has changed so going to Shreya house and run outside. While Smriti was again talking to herself about her daughter she turned sixteen but still behave like a small kid sometimes'.

She rang the bell of her friend house which was opened by an elderly lady. She asked Priya to come inside and told without her asking that Shreya is waiting for her in her room. She thanked the lady and ran fast to her friends room but Priya instead of entering in the room collide with someone made her yelp in ouch' and when she looked at whom she collided a guy was holding her with his intense eyes staring at her.

The lady came fast towards them which made both of them to apart and asked her if she is ok. Priya nods and as about to go to the room Shreya come and dragged Priya with her while her eyes was at the guy who was talking to the elderly lady. The guy asked to lady who was that gal Maa she told her son that Priya is best friend of Shreya and they study in same school and also a neighbor of them.

As both the gals entered in the room Shreya ask Priya to close her eyes. Shreya opened her closet and took out a gift wrapped box and kept on Priya hand and ask her to open her eyes. Shreya signal her that she should unwrap the gift when Priya opened her gift she was excited by seeing a precious watch in it. Shreya was happy seeing her friend smiling face and bought her hand this made Priya to handover a box to her which made Shreya excited.

Both were sitting on bed and eating the handmade cake Priya mom made for Shreya. She told Priya that she missed this cake so much but Priya was not listening and her thought went to the guy whom she collided few mins ago. Shreya called her but she didn't react and she has to shake Priya and ask wat she is thinking. Priya said nothing imp just thinking about watch u gave me. Shreya said did u like it my brother Ram bhaiya bought this made Priya is quest mood. So Shreya clarify the same guy whom u collide. He went on trip with his college friends and I asked him if he will buy anything for me so he should buy two same things.

So he bought two watches one for me and another for you. This made Priya happy and she again thinking about Ram and a blush appear on her face remembering how he was staring at her.

When Priya return back to her house Smriti asked her whether Shreya liked the cake or not made Priya nods in positive. Her mom ask Priya to call her younger brother for dinner muttering again who don't know wat doing till now in room. This made Priya said that wat he will do Mom will be playing video games only.

Priya shout her brother name Rohan which made him appear at once at dinner table where his dad and mom along with his elder sis were waiting for him. After dinner Priya watching Tv while her mom cleaning the dishes in kitchen when Smriti came in living room she asked looking at Priya wrist from where she got this watch while arranging the things again in kitchen Priya told Ram bought this.

Priya mom raised her eyebrows by seeing her mom expression she said that Ram is elder brother of Shreya and he bought the watch for both of them. Smriti said did Ram itself gifted you Priya nods in negative and said Shreya give this to her this made her mom smile and she went to her room and Priya to her room.

Priya was pacing in balcony feeling serene atmosphere of outside but a sudden movement of door opening made her alert when she look again outside she saw a man was standing in balcony in neighborhood when the guy come in light Priya notice the guy is Ram a blush came over her cheek by Ram only in his track pants her eyes move over his naked chest which was devoid of shirt. She was all the time drooling over him where he was unaware of it continuing talking on his phone.

Ram while talking on phone felt someone was watching him as he turn he saw Priya was staring him which made him smile and made Priya to come out from her dream. She ran inside feeling shy as she has been caught by Ram whom she was staring a min ago. Ram too left muttering stupid gal'.

Morning rays made Priya to wake up from her sugary sleep but she didn't want this but her mom voice made her to change her mind and she get ready fast took her lunch from her mom and went outside to catch her school bus but she missed it and was cursing herself for waking up late. Priya was about to sit in rikshaw but Shreya made her stop and asked her to come with her in car. She adjusted herself in back seat was surprised to see Ram on driver seat.

Ram was smirking seeing Priya surprised face he asks if she done staring so she can close the door of the car and can start their journey for school. Priya was still feeling shy under his intense gaze who was watching her through mirror. Shreya told her that Ram bhaiya was going to college so in his way he will drop them to school. During their whole journey RaYa were stealing glances but a horn made them jerk apart from their eye locking session.

Ram dropped them to school and went towards his college he was all time in college thinking about Priya the way she was glancing him and in school Priya condition was also same dreaming about Ram. As school got over Priya rush towards bus when Shreya put brake on her by saying why she is in hurry. They will go together in her car. Both the friends adjusted on back seat and driver took way towards their house. As they reach Shreya saw her brother was coming out from car. She wave at him by seeing them he went towards them.

Priya whose back was turn towards Ram didn't notice when he came and standing behind Priya inhaling her sweet fragrance she got alerted by feeling of warm breath on her neck. She turn back to face him and got unbalance when Ram caught her from waist where Priya caught his shirt for balance. Shreya was mere specter there and watching that all has been transpired between her best friend and her elder brother.

This time shreya voice jerk them apart when RaYa realize they were acting sheepishly while a naughty expression on her face telling I know all going between you two'. Priya rush towards her house saying that she has to complete notes and will meet Shreya afterwards where Ram too left from the place. One day Priya was busy in completing her notes when her best friend comes out from nowhere and suddenly asked if Priya like her brother the quest made her startled but she confessed don't know she like him or not . Shreya said you surely do and one day you will realize too.

Days were passing like this RaYa were not able to think beyond each other. At school during classes Priya was always busy writing Ram name in her notebooks when teacher was teaching and in her free period too always dreaming about him only she is so immense in his thoughts that every time her friends has jerk her apart from his thoughts. Ram condition was same he all time thinking about Priya only and whenever he closes his eyes for distraction her innocent face appear and he would again lost in her eyes.

Things were not same in RaYa house too they were changing. This change didn't go unnoticed by Smritji too. The gal who was not interested in any household wok earlier now always tries to help her mom in kitchen, she now hang out dry clothes outside before her mom say anything, now go to mkt to buy household items with Smiritji. But truth was that Priya does all this work only to get a little glimpse of Ram who used to get back from college during this time.

Same things were happening in kapoors house too. Now a day's Ram came early from college spend a lots of time in his room didn't went with friends for their night out or party. He was too kind of getting attracted towards Priya. Ram couldn't able to understand wat is happening to him he was getting attracted towards Priya who was four years younger to him and his sister best friend. Krishnaji too noticed the change in Ram.

But still Ram was not able to overcome his feelings and at nite it became a routine for RaYa to stare each other standing from their windows. They didn't say anything but their eyes convey the volume of their heart which was not a mere crush or attraction. It was feeling of love which they too can't understand now. This newly feeling for each other RaYa didn't confessed nor shared with Shreya too who is best friend of Priya and very dear to Ram. She was also getting suspicious about their changed behavior but couldn't say anything as she want that at one time they both will share this with her.

Two years has been passed things are changed between Ram Priya and their families also. In all festive occasions they would always be together. Both the families have celebrated birthday and anniversary parties too. One of the birthdays party they had blast was of Priya when she turned seventeen and in between the celebration only Ram confessed his love to Priya which she also reciprocated it.

  Priya has completed her schooling and she will be soon joining the same college where Ram is studying and on verge of completing his P.G. In these two years their parents now became good friend too. Ram father Udayji and Priya father Satyamji has started going for morning walk together along with this they always exchange business advice during game of chess in kapoor's house. Krishnaji and Smritji now started trying new recipes they would exchanged over cup of tea.

Rohan younger sibling of Priya became a fan of Ram who became his playmate during their video game sessions in Sharma house. He was a hero for Rohan and wants to become like his Ram bhaiya but keeping this aside he loves to play pranks on Shreya whenever she came over Priya house. RaYa were coming closer as they confessed the love and always spend precious time with each other. RaYa parent's noticed the way Ram care for Priya and they can understand the feeling of love between them.

Tomorrow is Priya birthday and she know Ram has organized some surprise for her like he did on her seventeenth birthday. She lost in the memory lane of previous year where Ram arranged a small get together between families on her special day which was unknown to her. All things were organized according to her taste and likings which Shreya shared with Ram.

He told entire family member to reach at the party venue and he will pick Priya from house and they will reach soon at the venue. Ram entered the house with attending a call and instruct to maid to call Priya as they are getting late. Maid went to Priya room and told wat Ram said to her. From insdie only she replied to convey the message to Ram that she is coming in five mins. Same thing maid told Ram.

When Ram got busy again in attending the call Priya was on the stairs and her footsteps made him turn around to see the most beautiful view in front of him who was descending the stairs with payal around her ankle which was sounding musical to his ears. He was mesmerized by seeing her in white anarkali suit and his foot automatic made way towards her who was looking down in shyness. Ram move her chin up and looked in her eyes but her strands was disturbing his view.

Ram move more closely to her put one hand on her waist and with other tuck the tresses behind her ear and softly whisper near her ears beautiful' made her lost in his husky voice. Priya was blushing very hard when Ram kiss on her forehead. Ram was too lost in her eyes but a horn of car made him jerk apart when he noticed that they are getting late. Ram took Priya hand and made way towards the car in which driver was waiting for them. As they settled in the car driver took them to the party venue. In whole journey Priya was looking outside admiring the view while Ram was only looking towards her.

When car stopped at the venue and Priya was about to reach Ram by taking her hand made her look back to him when Priya questioned him through her eyes he said a surprise is waiting for you and he tied a black clothe on her eyes. Ram made his way out of the car and took Priya hand with him and move towards the area where surprise was waiting for her.

When they reach the area Ram removed the cloth from Priya eyes she was so happy seeing both the families members some of her close relative and her good friends from school. Everyone gathers around Priya and wished her Happy birthday' she was admiring each and every arrangement which was acc to her taste. Birthday cake was brought down by the helpers and Priya face was light up seeing her fav8 chocolate vanilla cake and her gaze went towards Ram who signals her to blow the candles through his eyes.

Each person made her eat the cake and she did the same. After getting the fill from everyone Priya went towards Ram and made him eat the cake from her hand which he too reciprocated by saying Happy birthday Priya. He comes near her move her strand and whispered mai tumhara bahar lawn ki taraf wait kar rahoo hoo jaldi aana'.

As she about to move her mom asked where she is going to which Priya said she is coming in few mins but Smiritji didn't let her move and asked how did she liked the arrangements. Priya told her that she loved all the arrangements. Smritji ne kaha kyu acha nhi lagaega as Ram ne sab arrange kiya hai especially tumhare liye. This made Priya more happy to know that Ram care for her so much and said to her mother she should now really thank Ram for this and went from their towards lawn.

When she reached their Ram put his palm on her eyes which Priya objected. But Ram said thoda wait karoo sabar ka phal mitha hota hai abhi ek aur surprise tumahra wait kar raha hai. She helplessly walk with Ram where he took and when he remove his hand from her eyes she was just lost in the view. Whole garden was decorated with lights and balloons scattered everywhere. Ram signal to someone when Priya was busy admiring the decoration. With his signal slowly-slowly lights are being switched off and the only illumination of lights were coming from above when she move her eyes above in sky it was written I love you Priya' she was overwhelmed by seeing it and run back and hide herself in Ram arms.

He cups her face in his hand and said I love you Priya' while looking into her eyes. She too reciprocated by saying mai bhi apse bahut payar karti hoo Ram'. With this confession Ram took Priya in tight hug. They were still lost in each other eyes when Ram eyes move from her eyes to lips asking from permission to kiss them from Priya. She gave permission to Ram through her eyes. Ram cups Priya face and kissed her. They break the hug.

But still Priya was in Ram arms he took her hand and kissed on her palm and wished Happy birthday Priya I love you so much' but then said sorry to her. Priya mai tumhare liye gift to lana hi bhul gaya. Priya smiled and said to koi baat nhi Ram apne aaj mujhe sabse acha gift diya hai pehle to apne sabko mere birthday ke liye invite kiya and phir mujhese apne pyar ka izhar kiya jo mai kab se sunna chahati thi yeh tofha mere liye hamesha yaadgar rahega and with this Ram took her again in a bear hug.

Priya came out from her beautiful dream when some ring the door bell of their house. When servant opened the door Rohan was standing there and he ran towards his Priya di and handover her a note and said Ram bhaiya has given this for you.

When she was about to open the note to read it Rohan tried to peek to see wat is written on it but Priya hide it and glared him and said thank u rohan ab tumnhara kaam khatam ho gaya mai yeh padh loongi tum joo yaha se. Rohan went from their blabbering hahaha jaa rahoo ab padh loo ki kya likha hai Ram bhaiya ne' this made Priya smile on her brother cute antics. Priya again opened the note where in Ram hand writing was written Meet me on terrace sharply at 12'o clock' she know why Ram wants to meet her as he surely had arranged something especial for her and want to wish her first.

When everyone slept Ram wake up and went towards the way for terrace with stealthy steps but Shreya saw her elder brother going somewhere and went to him. When Ram about to step on stairs Shreya put her hand behind on his back which made him startled. He turns around but had sigh of relief seeing his younger sister there. Ram asks why she didn't sleep and wat she is doing in this hour of night. Shreya said yeh sawal to mujhe apse pochna chiaye ki app kaha jaa rahe with raise eyebrows.

Ram was thinking wat he should tell his little sister who turned detective suddenly. He told her he is going on terrace to have fresh air and told ab tujhe apne sawal ka jawab mil gaya na ab bata tu yaha kya kar rahi hai, to which she said mai to paani peen eke liye uthi thi to dekha app kahi chori chupe ja rahe to pocch loo kaha jaa rahe hai. Ab pata chal gaya na mai kaha jaa rahoo with irritation Ram said. Tu ab jaa and mujhe bhi jane de. Shreya said maine kab roka joo mai bhi jaa rahi hoo.

Priya too reach at terrace when everyone slept in her house and with stealthy foots entered on terrace without creating any noise. As she entered their was darkness everywhere she was scared little and was calling Ram name but he was nowhere to found. Suddenly lights were switched on of terrace which brought a happy smile on Priya face. Rose petals were scattered everywhere Ram came from behind and did little petal shower over her which she was enjoying to core. After sometime Ram put his hand forward which Priya took and he with her went towards a table which was placed in the center with her fav8 cake on it.

Ram made Priya to cut the cake and took a piece of cake feed her while saying Happy birthday Priya' she too feed him saying thank you Ram and kissed on his cheek which made him smile. Ram took her in tight hug saying mai tumse bahut payar karta hoo tumse kabhi door nhi jana chahata. Priya who was still in his arms kissed on his chest above his heart and said I love you too Ram. He bends little towards Priya face and kissed her on her plump lips passionately. They broke the kiss as they need the air to breathe.

Ram took Priya hand in his and both went towards the edge of the terrace where they can see sky clearly. Both settled down beside each other with Priya head on Ram shoulders and his hand around her waist. Both were lost in feeling the serene calmness the night was giving them forgetting the world around them.

The end

Like always i will be waiting for the feedback. Do hit the like button and comment.

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Very nice... Lovely
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Posted: 2016-02-07T11:48:38Z
Awww it was such a soothing os thank u
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Posted: 2016-02-07T15:13:28Z
Very Beautiful os.
Thanks for pm and
Keep writing more.
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Posted: 2016-02-07T17:57:25Z
Superb OS..
Thanks for PM
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Posted: 2016-02-07T18:35:31Z
I think i Had read it on aman's blog!!
It's really superrbb!
Do write more!
Thank u for pm!
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Posted: 2016-02-07T23:11:20Z
Very cute and romantic! Write and share more please Clap
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Posted: 2016-02-08T02:37:06Z
It's lovely
Loved it
Thanks for pm :)
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