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An idea for an OS just came so penning it down, pardon the mistakes as it's written as is...Let's just have a little fun here...if you guys like it then I can do a little epilogue on it...please do comment!

When my eyes fluttered open, it was light. I was lying on bed with three panicked faces staring down at me. My head ached fiercely and my throat was dry.
"Ah...mera sar dard se fata ja raha hai! Ma, Kya tum dheere se nahi bol sakti" Priya pleaded while trying to grasp why she was feeling this way
" Dekho mujhe keh rahi hai dheere bolne ko...Aur kal jo humari izzat mitti mein milaney chali thi uska Kya" Shipra spoke in a melodramatic tone " woh toh humari kismat achhi hai ki asse damadji miley jo shaadi ke baad seedha tumhe lekar humare paas aa gaye aashirwad lene"
"Whaaat! Shaadi...damaad...aashirwad... Maa!...yeh sab Kya keh rahi ho?" Opening her eyes wider, Priya blinked several times to adjust to the bright light piercing her eyes while she took in her attire that she had slept in. She was dressed in a bright red lehenga choli...her neck, ears and arms were accessorized heavily with jewelry and she even had mehendi on her hands and feet which surprisingly had come out quite dark and beautiful.

" wait a minute...wait a minute" holding both sides of her temples to stop the exploding sensation, Priya quickly reached for some tablets in her bedside drawer and gulped them down in one go. Leaning back into the headrest of her bed, she attempted to clear her head and gather the events that led up to this.


Reverse gear

She clearly remembered getting ready with so much zest and enthusiasm for their marriage ceremony at the nearby temple. They had decided to do the religious rituals of a marriage at her request before going to registrar's office to sign legal documents.
        Looking back, I have always enjoyed living every moment to the fullest. An English teacher,a dutiful daughter, a dependable sister and a romantic at heart...that!...that asset Right there was the cause of my foolish behavior! Reading all the romantic novels with a keen interest was one thing but Lately reading all those princess stories to my seven year cute neighbor, I  had somehow completely lost my grip on the cruel reality of the worldly world, imagining that one day a prince will come and tap on my shoulder and say " excuse me, Kya tum mujhse shaadi karogi!" Perhaps, that's why when Ashwin came and tapped on my shoulder and not in those exact words that I had imagined, asked me for directions, I took that as a sign!
       For the past four months that we had been dating, I had yet to see any signs of princely behavior. Sure he is good looking, if you consider popping out eyes and fidgety and gawky stature any where in good looks, actually he reminded me of a frog ( one of those that are shown in cartoon movies) well groomed but still a frog. Everyday I kept on hoping that he would suddenly turn into the handsome prince...but standing there in the MANDIR, as he approached the mandap, it finally hit me...there was no frog turning into a prince...this frog will always be a frog! So I ran, as fast as my feet could carry me with all the bells and whistles.
          As the monstrosity of my actions started hitting me, I don't know when and how I ended up at the nearby restaurant and bar lounge. Contrary to my previously held belief, hunger does not in fact, sharpen the mind. It makes your belly growl and your senses dull. Perhaps, it was my growling stomach that got me there, I hadn't eaten since last night so in an attempt to get a bite to eat and plan my actions ahead I ended up at " Moni da dabba" ( it was no fancy restaurant and bar) but it served the best dal makhani and tandoori roti and I started hogging it up like I had been starving for ages. While people around me, stared at my me, my bridal attire, my jingling chudi's but I didn't pay any heed to them " baadh mein jaaye yeh duniya, Bahut Jee liya duniya ke hisaab se" while my mental state was yo- yoing from being brave, carefree to total melt down, I heard " Kya saare daabe Ka khana tum akeli khaane waali ho!"

I looked up to find a rather handsome man smirking at me. I had to blink several times to make sure my desperate mind was not concocting another prince but his attire certainly screamed "prince"...well, he was dressed in a very heavy beige and red combination Sherwani with heavy pearl necklaces around his neck. While I was still grasping my senses for a reaction, he signaled if he could take the chair in front of me. He took a seat while taking off his pagdi that he was now holding like a motorbike helmet, setting it down on the table besides him, he waved to the waiter to bring drinks and more food. 
Making himself more comfortable in his chair, " tum bhaagi ho.. ya woh?"
Feeling annoyed at his personal interrogation, I was thinking of how I could get rid of this annoyance when he continued " in my case...woh bhaag gayi...kehti hai yeh zindagi bhar ki commitment uss se nahi hogi"
" tumhi kaho ki aisa koi karta hai kya? Handsome Hun! Khandani Hun! Aur accha kamata bhi Hun...dheere dheere pyaar bhi ho jaata...commitment ka bhi koi issue nahi!"
He was talking to me like he was talking to his best friend, I felt sorry for him but not sorry enough as my own problems were taking precedence in my mind. I wanted to tell him to get lost and to leave me alone but talk about not getting hints, instead he handed me a shot glass and raising it in a toast, gulped it down in one go " To new beginnings and letting bygones be bygones" acknowledging his profound words, I also joined him in raising a toast "To new beginnings!"
Talk about irony, between the two of us we were both in the same predicament ( well, sure I had put myself in this situation) 
" so what's your story?" He interrogated again
I looked at him him Are you serious? Why would I wanna share my personal life story with a complete stranger kind of look
He kept waiting for my response then probably got the hint
" chalo theek hai I will start first...Hi! I am Ram...Ram Kapoor...naam toh suna hoga!" He spoke,Giving a confident smile.
"NAHIN ...Kya tum koi model ya movie actor ho...lagte toh nahin ho!" Priya stated to annoy him 


Waise dekhne mein koi movie actor se kaam bhi nahin tha...two dark chocolate brown eyes, just the right tone of skin color, wisps of jet black hair perfectly covering his broad forehead and those lips...I have never seen a guy with such attractive lips before, all this time that he has been trying to get my attention, I couldn't help but notice how every time he smiles, it starts from his lips, spreads across the crevices of his mouth then reaches all the way into his eyes like water ripples spreading across the quiet lake!

Ram retorted without letting her say anything more " I will take that as a compliment ... accha chodo...I know that you are in no mood to talk" " par ek baath kahun...dard share karne se hi kum hota hai...I mean by the looks of it we are both in the same boat...circumstances kuch bhi hon par ghar walon se donon hi Pitney wale han" 

A few drinks and few paranthas later

We had shared our plight and stupidities. He had pulled out his phone to introduce me to each and every character who played any role in his story( by showing their pics) and  a while later I did the same of course, making my overbearing mother as the source of all my impulsive decisions. Ram and I were two strangers who were no longer strangers, bound by similar past, same insecurities and same uncertainties...same loving families, too many expectations and responsibilities and making absolute wrong choices while choosing our life partners and having realized our mistake, not having guts to face our families. He was worried about facing his beloved dadi as she was for sure gonna have him marry her best friend's daughter Channo from some village near Amritsar and I was curling up thinking about the disappointment I had been to my dad.

Snapping his fingers in excitement " IDEA!!!"
" No fret when Ram kapoor is here!" Bowing in front of me he stated
" Kyun na hum dono shaadi kar len?"
Smacking him on the side of his head, " ya tum apne aap ko Bahut chalak sumjhte ho, ya fir bahut hi desperate ho" " mein kyun karungi tum se shaadi?"
He scratched his head while straightening up "yeh baat bhi sahi hai, tum mujhe jaanti hi kitna ho...par yaar dekho, agar humari arranged marriage ho rahi hoti toh humne ek doosre ko jitna jaana hai itni der mein humein itna bhi na pata hota"
Priya " woh kyun?"
Ram " kyun ki arranged marriage ki situation mein sirf ek accha ladka hi ek acchi ladki se milta hai ... Arrey yaar, aise ghurro matt! Let me explain!... Jab bhi ghar wale ek ladka aur ladki ko milwate hain toh yehi kehte hai aur kitnon ko mauka milta hai apne Dil Ka haal khulker sunane ka...they probably go along with the flow and never get a chance to share their past with their  life partner. I am not saying that having a past makes anyone accha ya burra but socho yaar, that you never get to discuss that for the fear of being judged!" " don't you think that we will have a better understanding of each other since we will start our relationship based on trust..."
Ram's tone had changed drastically from a hint of masti to a sincere low yet impactful one.

He kept looking into my eyes then changing his expression, laughingly dismissed my serious and confused expression " Maine toh aise hi sochne ke liye yeh sab bol diya, please itna serious matt ho...I am not a despo jo tum mujhe soch rahi ho."


Well! This is an interesting twist in my life's tale! Things might seem fairytale like but life as I now know,is no fairy tale. For all I know, he might be a part of some big plot that someone has been scheming to make my life more miserable ( like those Hindi serials that mom watches, where everyone is plotting against this innocent maiden) or perhaps he is some con artist( I have read about them too) where he is the head of some affluent gang and I am about to become a part something scandalous ...but he is too cute and sincere sounding for all that! I have been myself with pretense! He is smart and funny and quite handsome...SIGH!!!!
I too laughingly dismissed his proposal.
We continued to celebrate our plight and perhaps our last rites to make our own decisions as the evening continued with more food and more drinks...then just drinks!

Present time

"SH****! how did I get here?" 
I frantically questioned my mother to fill in the gaps
"Arrey Priya, tujhe Kya ho gaya hai, itna chilla kyun rahi ho" Shipra squealed in reply
Feeling for my attire and well being, I looked around the room to find him standing,leaning slightly against a cupboard with his arms folded and crossed over his broad chest. That amused smile, his dark brown eyes and his disheveled silky hair, flexed muscles...he could have been mistaken for a DemiGod!

Shaking my head to get back my senses, I attempted to look at him to get some answers
He started to walk up to my bedside " Mom! ...I mean auntiji...meri itni khush kismeti kahan ki mein aapka damaad keh laun ...winking at Priya " aapki beti ney toh wahan mandap par mujhe reject kar diya...kehne lagi ki mein apne ghar walon ke bina shaadi nahin karungi" " abh aap hi bataiye ki meri izzat Ka toh falooda ho gaya..mein kisi ko kaise Bataun ki meri hone wali biwi ne mujhe aise reject kar diya, leaning on Shipra's shoulder Ram sulked dramatically.
      "Priyaa...!!" Yeh mein Kya sunn rahi hun!" Patting Ram on his back
" Besharam ladki itna bada kadum utha Hi liya tha toh shaadi toh kar leni chahiye thi...bechaare damaadji...Mr. Ram..aap fikar matt kariye mein isse sumjhati hun"
Priya just glared at him  and fumingly said" Maa tum thodi der ke liye humein akela chodd sakti ho...mujhe Mr. Ram se kuch baat karni hai!"
         Reluctantly Shipra walked out of the room and Priya immediately pounced on him with Questions "How did I get here? ...I mean I know how but how did you find out that I live here? 
Mere saath kuch aisa waisa toh nahi kiya...I am telling you I won't spare you..I am yellow belt in karate.." Before she continued further Ram quickly shushed her by placing a finger on her lips..."array..array...ek minute...bus chup! Bilkul chup! ...ulta chor kothwaal ko daante...mujhe hi pata hai ki maine kaise apni izzat bacchai hai tumse..wahan subke samane meri izzat lootney par tuli hui thi" as Priya looked at him disbelievingly, Ram showed her some scratch marks on his chest and neck..." Nahi...main aisa kabhi nahi kar sakti" Priya claimed covering her mouth with shock
" tumhi batao...did I have these when we met" Ram questioned her...
Shaking her head affirmatively in " No" Priya looked down 
" I am sorry... I am really sorry"  after a little pause added " and thank you for getting me home safely" 
Ram teasingly added " aisi situation mein you should have to marry me ...A...tumne meri izzat lootney ki khosish ki" " B...humne Saari raat akele saath mein bitaayi...puraane zamane ke hisaab se mein kisi ko muh dikhane ke kabil nahi raha...unless...unless you marry me! " turning his face away dramatically Ram giggled...
" chalo theek hai ...raat gayi baat gayi...tumhe maaf kiya! Truth be told I rather enjoyed you molesting me too", he added winking " friends ...what say?" Forwarding his hand for a handshake.
Placing her hand in his they shook hands, he started to get up bidding her adieu but suddenly felt a gentle tug forcing him to stay seated. Now it was his turn to look at her, Priya " let's get married!!" 
He just looked at her in complete shock while Priya continued " I am serious! I am willing to take this chance with you...only if you want to go ahead with it too" 
" besides... I want to follow old customs..agar izzat looti hai toh haath thamna toh banta hai" she laughingly added " I am not agreeing to marry you out of pity or saving my face with my family... Something just tells me that we should..." "Maybe it's destiny" they both muttered at the same time
Regaining his senses, Ram confirmed " Are you sure?!!!" " Do you really want to marry me?!!" His heart was dancing in joy, for a guy who didn't believe in love at first sight all his life, he had fallen hard and fast yesterday evening when he had first laid his eyes on her. Their evening together had only made his heart grow more fonder of his luck was actually on his side, after the disastrous afternoon yesterday he was actually going to marry, and that too to a 
Girl he was in love facing his daadi suddenly didn't seem quite so challenging!


Call me crazy or whatever you want...I mean who decides to marry a complete stranger just like that. I can't explain it but something just feels right when I am with him...he makes everything seem so much better or less harsher than it is. I have had the best of time with him, we didn't judge each other but were there for each other...isn't that what true relationships are based on. There are so many ifs, and buts in my sane head but I am willing to take this chance of marrying him...for once I am gonna stop thinking so much...just take a plunge to find out what destiny has in store for me...MAY GOD HELP ME, PLEASE!!

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Superrbb update..
Loved it a lot..
Plz do write an epilogue!!
It's just awesome..
2 strangers in same circumstances decides to marry..
Plz pm me frm next tym:-)
and plz plz continue asap!!!
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Posted: 2016-02-05T19:50:08Z
Very beautiful os 2 stranger falling in love wow
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Posted: 2016-02-06T02:57:52Z
suuupppeeerrrbbb...p...p...p...perfect. loved it so much.
loved rams dialogues. ijjat bachao abhiyaan by ram. fantastic yaar. pl do write more.
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2016-02-06T03:30:15Z
Destiny has something planned for Ram Priya which brought them together and tied in a scared bond of marriage to which one has run away and other's would be partner denied. They will surely be lovable couple ahead in their life of marriage. 
Dear you always come up with awesome idea on RaYa. Do continue writing.
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Posted: 2016-02-06T11:10:14Z
very beautiful
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Posted: 2016-02-06T11:13:46Z
awesome update...
plz contd soon
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Posted: 2016-02-07T00:07:37Z
Originally posted by Prabina057

Superrbb update..
Loved it a lot..
Plz do write an epilogue!!
It's just awesome..
2 strangers in same circumstances decides to marry..
Plz pm me frm next tym:-)
and plz plz continue asap!!!

Thanks for commenting. I will PM when epilogue is ready and posted...appreciate your feedback!
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