General Complaints/ Requests for Closure/ Trashing Threads

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:General Complaints:
This thread is to ONLY be used for any general complaints, requests or inquiries that you may have for the Development Team [ hinz, Koeli_Appy and MsChandlerBng] of the Fan Fictions Forum.

To increase efficiency..

--> Members may only request to have 3 maximum threads reopened at a time within a week.Reopening threads requires the DT member to post in the thread itself,limiting the amount of time that the DT has to attend to every singlemember that has posted in the general complaints thread.

--> Members may only request to have 10 maximum comments deleted from a thread in a month.There have often been requests where members have felt it appropriateto send 200 + links of comments they no longer want in particularthreads. That is impractical and we will refuse to do that for you.

-->Any requests to have threads reopened must only be connected to thisforum. The Fan Fictions Development only has rights to threads posted in this forum.

--> Please provide the Fan Fictions Development Team sufficient amount of time to respond back to you [48 - 72 hours minimum].Any Private Messages sent to the Global Moderators in regards torequests posted here will go unanswered by the Global Moderators uponrequest of the FF DT. Unless, the FF DT specifically asks you toapproach any of the GMs, please avoid doing so.

Anysuggestions for contests, games or any sort of thread you'd like toexist at this forum can be posted in this thread along with questionsrelated to threads of that nature already posted.

Finally, ifyou've spotted any violation of the rules (plagiarism, blog links, etc),please post the link of the story in this thread with a detailedexplanation along with the original story. Any comments made in thethread of the accused after the DT has been approached to step in, may result in disciplinary action against you.This is also not recommended as that leads to the accused memberremoving the plagiarized content before the Development Team can get toit.

-Fan Fictions Development Team.
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Posted: 4 years ago
Please reopen below threads:
Posted: 4 years ago
All threads have been reopened. Please make sure to comment in them! Thanks.

Posted: 4 years ago
Please discard this thread...
Posted: 4 years ago
Please reopen below thread
Posted: 4 years ago
thanks for reopening thread quick.

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