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Posted: 5 years ago
Originally posted by Ashu25

Chali gayi author sahiba
bhugto ab sab

Posted: 5 years ago
Iss tai ka kuch karne ka yaar
Window se phekne ka she tried that intentionally 
with adhya too
Neel comes across strong .he totally ignored her last time
perhaps he could set her right too

Well done suvi for your word firings to the bhootnis 
Feel for u wen u cried for the whole situation 
Keep going strong Neel will keep u safe in his arms

Of course suvi pandit ji won't apologize for the best thing happening to him so get over it and go with the flow 
Posted: 5 years ago
Ok! It's not working out between Tai and Suv and it's getting worse. This is not a daily battle that one wants to keep clashing. There are other battles to be fought. Today Suv had to shoo off Adhya and in general there's no comfort for Suv to leave her kid under Tai's care , wait, let me rephrase supervision for more than an hour. When aai got Tai in , it was with the belief that they would be of support to each other.That has not happenned.

Ulta, what has happenned is that someone has become a noose around your neck whose only purpose IN LIFE is to plot your downfall to feel powerful. When someone shows no care, offers no support, reciprocates no gratitude, infact doesn't even know the meaning of it, on top of it is extremely vicious and vengeful, then there's no redemption.

Ultimatums have been given by Suv, she has even told her on her face that she is a liar and a thief, and
She has even told her take a flight , or she would be abandoned on the road the day she finds she has to sell herself.

Those people that Tai keeps giving money to have already abandoned Tai ... She knows it and now with Neel in picture... She is extremely insecure about her stay with Suv. She knows she will be on the road without Suv. While on one side Tai's condition evokes sympathy , that sympathy cannot be at the cost of your mental peace.

Time for action to see what can be reasonably done under the circumstances after informing Tai . Either Tai is super shana to go pester someone else or she gets placed somewhere else.

ENOUGH SUV Embarrassed , folks this ENOUGH reminds me of someone else EmbarrassedEdited by Errantnomad - 5 years ago
Posted: 5 years ago
Just loved suvi
It was good to see her voice out her frustration
And tai will think before speaking from now on I think

Suvi got someone for her support

Well food is playing here Cupid for both of them
Posted: 5 years ago
Waiting for the next meeting...Embarrassed
And aadhya nihar meeing too...Smile
Posted: 5 years ago
"Not her choice, YOURS"

She "dressed" up in a colorful flowing cotton skirt and a sleeveless white cotton blouse, she had bought from Janpath during her lunch hour rendezvous
Dressed a reluctant Aadhya, and they left in an hour after speaking with Neel over text

Tai watched her leave, she didnt say goodbye, just made sure she locked up all her stuff

She wanted to lock the bedroom that had an AC but left it open, holding her anger down
She didnt even tell the maid, she made a note to herself to tell her if she saw her downstairs
It was going to be a quiet relaxed Saturday, Tai had ruined it all

Varsha had never lived with Tai, even AAI had not, so she wondered who would understand her plight

She prayed, Tai would steal whatever she could lay her hands on and leave before she returns

They got to NOIDA after 1:45
It was burning hot outside, both mother and daughter turned red as a tomato in the auto

Neel opened the door

Their first F2F since the kiss

Suvechha had completely forgotten that this morning

He couldnt help his roving eyes, as they slid down her blouse, the eyelet pattern holes giving him delectable peeks into her buttery soft upper body

"Auto mila aapko? easily?" he asked

She woke up from her trance and said, she got the 5th one she waved down

Aadhya ran in to find Nihar, too afraid to venture too far down the corridor, she returned and said "Aai dont go anywhere OK?" in marathi

Suvi nodded "Woh aise jaayegi to chalega?' she asked

"Ofcourse" he nodded

"Aunty ko subah bulaya mere waaste?" she asked

"Waise lunch hum log bhi khaate hain" he teased

She paused and looked at him "U have a good sense of humor" she said softly

"Thank u for saying that" he said in an even softer voice, trying but failing to stop himself from looking at her lips

Aadhya returned with a overjoyed Nihar

"He has his own room Aai" Aadhya said stunned
The one time Aadhya was here she had been sitting on the couch

"Thats nice" Suvi said

"She thinks my tennis racquet is fly catcher" Nihar suppressed laughter

"thats what she must have seen in her Pooh Bear shows" Neel explained

"Kaise hai aap Nihar" Suvi enquired

"Dad said you were coming for dinner"

"I was too hungry" Suvi said

Aunty heard the commotion and brought out home made lemonade and dahi vadey

"Tai ko bhi laati aap?" Neel offered

"Nahi... woh kahi jaati nahi. Bus... ghar par" Suvi said politely

His Amma called
"Amma lunch par guest aaye hain" he told her
"Gagan aur Gurpreet beta?" Amma asked

"Nahi Amma... someone that works with me"

The kids chased each other in the living room

"Bache bhi aaye hain?" Amma asked

"Yes Amma, she has a 5 year old" "5 right?" Neel checked

Suvi nodded

"Kya naam hai?" Amma pried gently

"Suvechha Dhabolkar"

"U seem to lean towards Marathis hamey lag raha hai" Amma teased

"Nostalgia! What can i say?" Neel laughed out

"Is she pretty?" Amma asked

"Amma she is married" Neel lied... back in his bedroom

"Sorry hum to mazaak kar rahe the bhai... mazaak par haq sirf aapka nahi hai" Amma scolded

"I was too..." he wanted to but did not say Suvi was single, just yet

"A friend is visiting Delhi"

"Not again Amma" Neel ordered

"U bring married women home, I have to show you single women exist" Amma laughed

"Amma abhi baat nahi kariye is maamle mein" he said

"Chaliye theek hai, aap hamey call karen beta" she urged

Suvi was in Nihar's room, glowing with pride looking at the Naren Noodle comic strip

She felt some with her hand

"Mujhe apna job isko dena hoyega lagta hai" she chuckled

"He hates being home alone shaayad aapse le le aapki naukri" Neel said walking over to her

She leaned on Neel's study desk

The kids were on the terrace they could hear them

"Aap mujhe hint de rahe hai... job khallas kya mera?"

"Mera job nahi... meri job" he mocked
Standing an inch from her

She felt a warm quivering  weak feeling

"Tava pizza khaane ko aayi hai mai... Hindi seekhne ko nai" she said firmly

There were pictures of Nupur everywhere, in expensive frames and collages

"Kitne country mein gaye hai aap log?"

Neel scanned the walls

"She was a restless creature, she planned every trip Suvechha... 30? countries? maybe?"

"Kaun sa favorite tha?"

"Unka ya mera?"

Suvi wanted to say "TUMHARA FAVORITE, NEEL" she didnt like to lie... so she squirmed, struggling to say "Nupur"

For the first time Suvi felt a brief flash of ownership on Neel

Posted: 5 years ago
Naiiceee this !!!
So madam is feeling a little comfortable around him
And WITCH can stay out. 
Amma ...please come and see inke will get total picture.
Neel ji...aaj kya special dikhane wale ho aap??
Posted: 5 years ago
Morning update!!!!  Party
Really hope Tai the Witch takes off...

Suvi is so sweet and sad---already feeling possessive about Neel.  It is only going to get worse.Day Dreaming

Neel---you should really tell your mother that you are a grown man-and can find your ladies.  We know you don't lack the courage!Wink

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