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Posted: 5 years ago
Do that again!

He cupped her face gently, and pressed his lips on her moist ones, she smelled and tasted like toothpaste
He opened his mouth gently and grabbed her lower lip, and groaned aloud, like he had been waiting to savor it for months
She allowed her lips to capture his upper lip, and let go after a few moments, panicking

"Do that thing again" he whispered

She tentatively felt his upper lip with her lower lip, he cursed and felt her lower lip with his tongue, he was bristly and cologne-y at the same time
She felt a gentle tug of her lower lip and then an achy moan from him
he was almost six feet tall she was barely 5'3" she couldnt, do her toes much, and hold the lip connection
She had placed both palms on his dark pink shirt, forming wet impressions
He then began to explore the cavernous mouth, he sent his tongue in first to conduct a survey
She moaned weakly and leaned on him, letting her hands fall to her sides

"Pakden mujhe aap" he begged
Like in some trance, she did as she was told, he tipped her over, and so she could rest on her heel again, and kissed her all over again, boldly, a lil rough
She was completely in his arms, crushed to his chest, his arms wrapped protectively around her form

He finally freed his lips from her intoxicating ones and buried his face in her neck

They both trembled like Fall leaves about to be shed from a tree 
He talked a lot usually, but he couldnt say anything...
He gently straightened her, and "Neel" she whispered 

"Uh--hmmm" he ack, his voice quivering, their lips were dry.

It took a while to compose themselves

She inhaled as much of his scent as she could
She had inhaled his scent in a conference room, his plush office and at his home, but now, up close and personal

His socks was wet, since he had taken his loafers off by the door

He bend down and kissed her cheek

"Chai?" she asked

"Nahi" he shook his head

They stared at each other stunned

"Aai I just earned three magic wands" Aadhya called out, Suvi peeked from the bathroom and saw 5 stubby fingers be produced

"THREE" Aadhya" she coached

She went to the living room, and then to the tiny dining area, and opened the frig and pulled out a bottle of Frooti

Tai paused the TV and stared

He showed up from the bedroom with socks balled up in his hands, two wet patches on his shirt, upfront

Suvi had poured Frooti in a tumbler, and then poured again, in another one and took to Aadhya as an after thought, bumping into him in the bedroom doorway

"Frooti" she offered

He smiled and took it

He sipped while she pretended to know what she was doing in the kitchen, not used to having her boss gawk, boss who just kissed her brain into being stunned

"Khaane mein kya bana rahi hain aaj?" he enquired

"Kuch khabar nai" she exclaimed helplessly
Setting the bowl of dry rice on the counter

"Fever to nahi hai" he declared
She blushed, when she realized he had held her fully... so he knew

She dropped the lid of the rice bin, it clattered noisily to the floor
"Nai" she mumbled

"to phir hum chalen??" he asked

She turned toward him, "Kidhar?" she asked afraid

"Ghar" he said

It took her a while to understand the Hindi, he meant HIMSELF

"Oh" she nodded, as her heart hammered

"Raat ko text karen hum?" he asked

"Hum" she mumbled... nodding
He just wore his shoes, tucked his socks in his pocket and then took his shoes off and went in and said his good bye to Aadhya

She followed him out

She said something animatedly in Marathi showing off her ipad screen

He kneeled and ack it... all he could understand was "Nihar, car game, push, and magic wand"

He smiled and nodded

Stood up and let himself out, Tai looked miffed at being ignored

Posted: 5 years ago
Your plea reminded me of my 8 year old

He will come tearing into the house, banging my screen door and wooden door and say, "Mommy can u hold teh door open, I have to pee"
I will be like "GO AHEAD, why shud I hold the front door open, go to the bathroom and do your job"

He will be like "Hold the front door open because when I am done I want to run out, and it takes time to open the door"

"I am at the office, please, samjho, mujhe ek aur update chahiye"

I laughed a lot this morning


Hope all is well

To people on the outside single parenthood seems just like everything else, but when the parent is sick or delayed at work or traveling, there is absolutely no one

Those that you trust as friends often do not step up to help

Waqt sab kuch sikha deta hai lekin

To the single parents AND to the affected kids

Posted: 5 years ago
Something about using formal, shudh lucknawi  Hindi during lovemaking is killing man...phoo...phooo - poker aap mujhe! So so sexy.  first thing in the morning and I am hyperventilatin. No issues, no mess, no drama, just taking what he thinks he MUST!!! Oh goodness, how is she going to sleep ever agai . Dinner vinner to bhool jaaye, she needs to mull over it, feel it, experience it in her head all over again! 
Posted: 5 years ago
This is unbelievable. Got an update in the first try. Thank you so much Nisha darling. I don't mind acting like an impatient 8 year old if I get what I wanted. Your son knows how to get his way. 
A big hug to all the single parents I know - the strongest, bravest and very dear to me
Posted: 5 years ago
I agree Sudhi!
May you be guileless, reckless and innocent forever like my 8 year old

Its a rare gift.
Posted: 5 years ago
Omg omg omg
Yeh kya hua!!!!
Ab main trance mein chali gayi padhte padhte
Can they just be like that??????
Posted: 5 years ago
At times I wonder what do 5 years old speak to each other, like on a play date what do they speak apart from playing with their toys, I really want to get into their head and smother them. One day I found my little brother and sister playing they had 8-9 pillows stacked up around them and sitting in between and when I asked what's that all about they say we are captains of this ship and we are sailing right now you can't get onboard LOL LOL
Posted: 5 years ago
I am so happy to read this update.
Thank you Nisha.

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