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Posted: 5 years ago
While SoSy was an instant addiction, this is a slow drug. Can't wait to read the morning update. It's really heartbreaking to see a man deeply in love with his wife being cruelly separated from her, but such is life. I feel it's easier for her to fall in love because  she harbours intense feelings of hatred and disgust for that man and  has fallen out of love. He, on the other hand, still loves nupur and hates every moment he has to live without her.
I'm loving the UP dialect, having lived there for many years. 
Posted: 5 years ago
Will that be ok for a person to deal with his/her spouse's love for their ex partner who is dead/no more?like suvecha to neel's love for nupur?
Posted: 5 years ago
Lo LOL , we said Aadhya the Cupid, Nihar the Cupid... Asma went on to say Tai the cupid LOL ...
Now we have an entirely different script...
Just imagine Nihar drawing the containers with bow and arrow on the story board comic strip and titling it as Container Cupid much like Naren Noodle... LOL .

This is great fun... She takes the trouble of going to collect the dabbas all the way to Noida tha too for the containers that she was not in the first place not comfortable thinking it was not good enough Big smile to give it to Neel.

Oh my the Nakhras , the seeing and acting as if not seeing... Pretending to be cool...the fear of getting rejected...there's something so enticing about courtship following it's course... It makes a mockery out of your ability to think logically ... Googling to find out the car PAYAL PURCHASED ...LOL LOL .

My god , the last bit of Suv barging inside Neel's house throwing caution to the wind had me rolling n the floor literally...Edited by Errantnomad - 5 years ago
Posted: 5 years ago
Originally posted by PriteeMisra

Good one Kajal
Aab aaj to panditji ka drop Karne jana banta hai.

Barobar LOL Embarrassed
Posted: 5 years ago
Good Morning / evening all.
Nisha, me (I) khoop (a lot) utsukta (anxiety) ne vaat (waiting) pahte (seeing).Edited by PriteeMisra - 5 years ago
Posted: 5 years ago
Originally posted by PriteeMisra

Good Meri ig / evening all.
Nisha, me (I) khoop (a lot) utsukta (anxiety) ne vaat (waiting) pahte (seeing).

Misrajee, aap nupur misra ki  side ki hain, Suvi ki side ki kaise ho gayin, all this Marathi and all , unless nupur and Suvi are one because they dig the same man...he he he...mera dusht mind! 

Posted: 5 years ago
Shruti, yahan pe cheet bhi Meri pat bhi Meri.
By birth UP ka Brahmin but born and bought up in Maharashtra. So janam aur karm bhoomi maharashtra.
Neel ko jaab jo pasand Ho woh roop lelenge.
Posted: 5 years ago
The choice of "No"

He was still in his work clothes, confused? Rattled?
He hadnt expected to see her most definitely

"Andar to aayiye aap" he said

"U didnt bring Aadhya?" Nihar asked as if she was the same age as him and he missed her a lot

"Woh aaj apne play school friend ke ghar hai"

"Kyon?" Asked Nihar

"Aapka koi best friend rahega to aap jaogey na?" she asked

He was mighty confused with the broken Hindi, he was used to perfect Hindi at home, and English with friends

He looked at his Dad
"She is Aadhya's best friend" Neel explained

His face fell he went and sat on the couch and wore his head set and played on his PS3 hand held

"You could have called I could have brought it to work tomorrow" Neel said

She sat on the edge of the couch "Nai mere ko laga main office se jaate time le legi" she said

"U should eat and go" he said

"Nai... mujhe usko pick karne ka hai" she stood up

She wondered who was cooking though...she heard pots and pans being clattered in the sink and someone trying to remove the cooker whistle

She wondered if it was Payal

"Main le leti hai dabbe" she offered walking towards the kitchen, he nodded and followed

She walked the longish corridor with bedrooms on both sides, and headed to the dining room and then the kitchen
And was startled to see the oldish lady cooking

She turned in shock towards Neel

"Help karne ko aaya hai?" she asked

He nodded "Isko roz ghar ke khaane ki aadat ho chuki hai, take out mein kuch maza nahi aaya, to isliye hum inse apni favorite cheezen roz banwaake kha rahe hain" he said pleasantly

"Pao bhaaji bhi?" she asked inadvertently

Neel could only stare as that was a completely unexpected question

"Abhi taq inko kaha nahi" Suvechha he said, something unspoken passed between their gaze

She felt huge relief that it was not Payal, but she didnt tell him

The lady turned off the sizzling stove and turned to Suvechha

"Namaste beta" she said

"Hello aunty, mera dabba inko diya maine, kaafi time ho gaya" she said sheepishly

"Mainnu pata nahi... aape dhoond le?" she offered smiling

Suvechha looked every where, Neel opened the frig

"Sorry inhoney dahi jamayi hui hai" he said with shock...

"Oh.. phir theek hai main baad mein aakar le jaoon?"

"Roti kha le beta" the lady said

"Nai meri beti hai usko laana hai mujhe"

"Tey phir chhethi kar, le aa"

"Nai main NOIDA more ke paas rehti hai" she said

The lady looked at Neel curiously

"Yeh Mumbai ki hain aunty" Neel explained

"Tabhi Punjabiyon waali Hindi nahi hai" she declared

The lady brought out plates, bowls and spoons and forks and set it out

Neel explained to her how Gurpreet helped find this helper

The food was FANTASTIC
Baingan bharta, and chana dal and soft as butter phulkas pineaple raita and jeera rice

Nihar ate like a pro she noticed
"Sahi hai?" she asked

He nodded with his mouth full

It wasnt spicy at all, too bland for her, she couldnt eat too much of it

He talked about the after school programs Nihar was taking, to keep everything "above board"

"Cricket ka shauq hai inko, India mein har 10 saal ke bache ka wohi shaq hai"

"daddd" Nihar whined

Suvechha smiled

"Video games, cricket, chess, aur tennis" he said

"Itna saara game?" Suvi asked

"SAAREY" Nihar corrected her

Neel looked at Suvechha

She turned red, based on her Hindi being sucky declaration and being kissed

Neel ate quietly from then on

She ate hurriedly

"Main apna dabba baad mein leti hai" she said

The aunty gave her besan laddoos to take home to her daughter

Neel asked how she would go

"Rickshaw" she said for auto

He walked with her, requesting teh aunty to stay on for half hour extra

He asked Nihar, he wanted to go to Aadhya's house

Suvi smiled amused  "Woh bhi aapko roj poochti rehti hai" she said

"Can she come to my house on Saturday?" Nihar asked

Neel waited for her to respond

She looked up at him

"Mere haan karne par aap bhej dengi?" he asked

She lowered her gaze

"Suvechha aisa koi vaada na karen jo aap (he paused), you shouldnt" he warned softly

"Main try karegi beta" she said going on her knees

"Sunday?" he asked

Suvechha nodded "I will try my best" "Aunty lives far"

"No you dont... u live near NOIDA" Nihar said

"Good night" she whispered

Nihar stood out in the patio with the lady cook

Neel walked with her to a corner to find an auto
"Hes very cute" she said

"Thanks" Neel agreed

"Aunty achha khaana bana leti hain" she said

"I agree" he said

"Aap ko baat karne ka mood nahi hai?" she asked

"Kyon? baat karne se aitraaz sirf aap kar sakti hain?" he asked bringing the weird discomfort between them all over again.
He reminded her of her disapproval to text/chat any more

He waved an auto down... she looked up at into his eyes after sitting down inside

"Pahunchkar text... matlab inform karegi aapko?" she asked

"Jee" he nodded somberly

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