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Posted: 5 years ago
Go ahead blame your friends Neel, easiest way to escape. Ack it my boy you wanted to do this, your friends just egged you on a bit. Now you can't escape, for good or for worse, of course she has a whole different set of issues before she can acknowledge her feelings for him and self talk, talk as much as you want, Lekin Neel turbulent, challenging but happier times are ahead. 
Posted: 5 years ago
Originally posted by Nisha0604

Originally posted by charlie1950

Not sure why both girls ( in sosyland and id ) have low esteem
to begin with
Both well educated and independent 
Some how boys r always well off
Can't they b equal 

Suvi have her own apprehensions with good reason 
Neel is worried too 
Now how can they come out of it if they don't talk 
which at times could be difficult but it's the start 

Because pain and angst make great stories
Ultra confident bitchy female leads dont seem vulnerable to me
Sosy was a story of the Top 1%
II wasnt wealthy but was a billionaire as far as support network goes
Sister, parents, friends, Sam, Ranjan they were al her best friends

R&B was lonely and often misunderstood

Love stories are dreamy and "fantastic" when the guy is wealthy

Not all of us can land a a billionaire, aging SRK or Salman with their wrinkly muscles, bald head covered with sewn hair and Maybachs can we?Tongue

The rest of us fantasize about decent well to do men

There is no particular reason

It might be my failing as a story teller I dont know I dont do this for a living

I am not sure how to write a broke, sexy, manly chivalrous homeless man as a protagonist

Maybe I belong in the 18th Century when men had the upper hand, who knowsLOL
I love 18th century based stories as I didn't find them crass rather found those love stories dear
 I never complained abt ur story telling rather I find u brilliant in ur narration
 I have met a lot of ultra confident women but found then kind and compassionate not bitchy
Not everyone dreams of marrying millionaire at least I never did 
If I want millions I would like to earn it myself
I just don't understand why women have to weep so much that's all
Both heroines of ur stories r educated and working and beautiful but lacking confident and self esteem that's what I couldn't get .the stories itself r beautiful and it's always up to writer how she wants to write.
I just wrote what I felt that's all.Smile

Posted: 5 years ago
Why is he blaming himself
It is so sad to see him like this
Intentional nahi tha ysar!!!

Kalpana...I get it totally

I am just unable to stop laughing
Posted: 5 years ago
Neel, what if you want to kiss her again? Doesn't that tell you something ?
Why blame someone else for how your testosterone acted?
They weren't right there making you observe suvi.
Do guys share such things ? Don't know.
Just imagining them teasing Neel when actually Neel and suvi are together how will she feel.
Posted: 5 years ago
Neel are you sure it's only carnal instincts!?
You don't feel anything else ?
Nisha yeh padh ke aissa lagta hai donno dur go jayenge. I don't want this torture jaldi Mila do.
Suvi ko kiss ache lagi Neel ko kaisse Lage hothn,Edited by PriteeMisra - 5 years ago
Posted: 5 years ago

They didnt see each othera ll Monday morning, or afternoon
He saw her cross the road when he turned out of the parking garage in the basement on towards Barakhamba

There were too many people and too much traffic
She wore a white chikan suit with a flowing purple dupatta
The kohl lined eyes, crinkled fighting exhaust fumes

She held her flying dupatta down, and clutched her laptop bag, as she snaked between cars to get to the other side in order to get to the Metro station

A guy behind him honked, he pressed on the gas pedal on his silver Toyota Camry while he stood parked to indicate he cant move an inch

She turned when the noise jolted her
And their gaze met, he waved a Hi!
She looked like the car in front moved, he let go of her eyes and crawled forward

He couldnt go to her house to sort it out because he had to go get Nihar from after school activity

He fixed them both, leftovers from the party, Nihar made a face, and refused to eat the rock hard clumpy jeera rice, and the now sour karhi

"Can I just have a jam sandwich?"

"What was Mom's rules about eating bread for dinner?" he quizzed

"No bread after breakfast" he moaned

"Thats right..." Neel spoke confidently

"I really dont like left overs Daddy" he began to cry

Neel set the serving ladle down and gathered him up

"The house doesnt smell like food when I come home from school" he sobbed uncontrollably

"I agree" Neel choked up

"And this house is weird... there is no" he struggled to come up with what all it was missing

"Its not going to make you feel so bad when u get done with 5th standard" Neel cooed
They sat on the family room couch

"I am thrilled you got a 10/10 on your Math test" he said kissing the top of his head

"It was too easy"

"U are like Mom... she knew her numbers... MONEYYY!" Neel spoke comically
Nihar giggled

"How about I call your friend Maneet next door and ask his Mom if she can share some dal chawal? or ask for a take out place that will cook like your Mom?"

"Only she can" he said angrily

Neel nodded, and dialed Gurpreet's number

She was happy to bring over dinner she said
She said she would email him a list of places SHE liked, she offered to even bring samples from each one starting tomorrow

He thanked her, her husband Gagan brought dinner over around 9:30 Nihar ate like a starved person
Gagan brought home made ice cream again, and insisted they come over to dinner until they can set everything up

He assured him, he will have someone helping Neel ASAP

Neel had dropped the ball on that one

He had cleaning help, Gagan had the house keys, the clothes were washed, the house was swept and mopped the dishes done, grocery was done too
But food, continued to offer a big reason grieve Nupur's absence

Gurpreet came by later to check on Nihar

He was asleep by then

Neel walked the drive way and the tiny patch of lawn

Burglaries and break ins were rampant in NOIDA, he was afraid to leave Nihar alone in the house
Never at this time
He couldnt walk outside the gates

The house was brand new it looked like, despite its fancy glass fixtures, it was almost fortified
He made way more than he could ever spend

His parents were well off as well
He was dirt poor since Nupur was gone

Like the soul fled the body

He dialed Suvechha

She answered

"Hello" she said deeply

"Baat karengi aap?" he asked

"Did u have a question?" she asked preoccupied

"We need to talk Suvechha" he said firmly

"I am sorry... mujhe jaldi thi isliye main chali gayi" she spoke in third person

"I didnt mean to kiss you like that I am sorry" he said boldly

She exhaled

"Thats OK... it does not matter"

"I want you to know its not an expectation of employment. I dont do this routinely" he spoke agitated

"Main bhi nahi... Neel" she said sadly

"I wasnt even drunk" he said gruffly

"When u are drunk, u kiss women?" she asked tad bit amused

"No... that came out wrong as well" he said angrily

"I wasnt drunk..." she offered him some compassion

"Thanks for showing Nihar all that concern"  he expressed warmly

"Mujhe uski bahut yaad aati hai" she said honestly

"I kissed you because you looked pretty" he said firmly

She blushed a deep red, and her insides spun

"U are my boss"

"I know that Suvechha... hence the apology"

There was a loong pause
"Can we go back to exchanging daily happenings like we did?" he asked softly

... mera nishchay, English mein jo conviction kehte hain woh nahi hai Neel" she said almost holding back on the quiver in her voice

"You have enough" he his turn to return the compassion

"Pata nahi aapko maloom chala ke nai, I married a married man Neel" she spoke firmly, unemotionally

He was startled by her honesty

Rendered speechless in fact

"Agar usne raat ko neend mein apni bete ko nai pukaara tha, mere ko khabarich nai hota" she spoke, as if she was sharing sordid Bollywood gossip

"Suvechha I am sorry" he said  softly

"Main bhi sorry nai hoon Neel.. aapko nai honey ka" she approved of his indifference. "what was left over (after the relationship with Rutwik ended ) is precious to me (she meant Aadhya).

She did not pry, asking him if he knew of it already
Like it did not matter to her

"I care for Nihar... but dosti galat hoyega" she spoke clearly
His Amma was calling him...

"Good night, Neel" she said

I love the way you say my name he wanted to tell her

But he wont now...

Posted: 5 years ago
How do you manage to come up with this?
Its feels so right when you write it.

This was an amazing update. So reassuring. 

I hope they find a true friend and confidant in each other apart from stuff they share.

It should be a relation where you can bare your true feelings.

Suvi just did. 
Posted: 5 years ago
Kuch toh baat huyi
Neel buddhu..."I wasnt drunk "
Suvi...bechari what all is going on in her mind !!
I am hoping really ki they bwging text exchanges asap.

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